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  • Rise Of Al Qaeda

    In a world where ISIS and other terrorist attacks are a norm, it seems as though the works of the terrorist organization which called themselves “Al Qaeda” were centuries ago. Yet, Al Qaeda, having attacked large parts of the world around the turn of the century, has been a major terrorist group within the lifetime of many. Al Qaeda was a force to be reckoned with all the way from the start till its very end. Al Qaeda got its start very quickly. Al Qaeda grew out of the Afghani and Pakistani offices Mekhtab al Khidemat, or “Services Office”. Around the year 1989, Al Qaeda, or translated “The Base”, got its start having its main intent to be an international terrorist group whose main purpose was to oppose the governments and people who…

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  • The Al-Qaeda Organization

    To gain a greater understanding of the Al-Qaeda organization as it is known today it is important to take the time to look back of its past and understand how and why it was created. The war between Afghanistan and the Soviet Union that lasted from December 1979 – February 1989 is when Al-Qaeda makes its name as a terrorist organization as well as a growing information network. The Soviet–Afghan War stated in a similar fashion to the US was in Vietnam and is sometimes mentioned as the Soviet…

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  • The Al Qaeda Effect

    The Al Qaeda Effect In the aftermath of the September 11th terrorist attacks on the United States, the Middle Eastern terrorist group known as Al Qaeda has gained tremendous power throughout many Middle Eastern countries through subsidiaries of their group such as ISIS, Al Shabab, AQIM, and Jabhat al-Nusra. Having acquired this power has allowed them to continue their reign of terror. 1. According to counterterrorism officials, which extremist group poses the greatest threat to Western…

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  • Al Qaeda Ideology

    Al Qaeda is a terror group with a deep religious ideology, which it uses to justify their actions. Al Qaeda has a Salafi-Jihadi ideology, a dogma that has found its beginnings with Jamal al Din al Afghani. Four main terms that formulate this ideology are Salifism, Jihad, Hijra, and Jahiliyya. Al Qaeda engages in what is called a lesser jihad, meaning creating a better community, expanding it or defending it through terror attacks or war. Greater Jihad includes betterment of the community and the…

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  • Al Qaeda Formation

    Al Qaeda Formation The name Al Qaeda was common in the Soviet-Afghanistan war training camps and it is translated to mean the base in the English language. This organization developed during the Bureau, becoming an organization of faith-fueled warriors rigorously working on an ideological program to protect the world’s evils to Israel and an America that was Jew-dominated. Osama used his managerial skills to establish this group as a business and obtained many of the finances from legitimate…

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  • Al Qaeda Informative Speech

    ,.m-The best hidden player award goes too.. Al Qaeda, oh man they've been hiding for so long that I'm sure they don’t even know that Osama Bin Laden is dead. Al Qaeda wins this award because they haven't been active for 5 years. That’s how long they've been hiding in their caves. Osama Bin Laden, the founder and the head of Isamist group Al Qaeda was killed in Pakistan on May 2, 2011 by the one and only United states Navy Seals. The U.S People thought Osama was living in a cave, but in…

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  • Symbolic Violence And Al-Qaeda

    Al-Qaeda used direct and symbolic violence to create the reaction that they wanted in the American people from their 9/11 attack. Direct violence is used to physically eliminate parts of the opposition and to destroy resources used by the institution. This type of violence does not regard the symbolic results of their violence, but when paired with symbolic violence it can be very dangerous. Symbolic violence is staged for a movement, in this case Al-Qaeda, to gain attention. They directed their…

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  • Al Qaeda Research Paper

    what 9/11 is, but do we know all the information about it? At this point you might be tired of learning about this topic every single year, well I am going to tell you about the information that may not come to mind, like how Al-Qaeda formed and what’s it about. Al-Qaeda is a islamic terrorist group in Afghanistan in 1988, that was founded by, Osama Bin Laden along with Abdullah Azzam. The origin of Al-Qaeda was rooted on a background of the decline of socialism and communism, in the western…

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  • Al Qaeda Recruitment Process

    Recruitment Al Qaeda core beliefs are avenging the wrongs of the Jews and Christians against Muslims over the past decades. The Muslims want to revamp the world to replace the states with one true Islamic leadership. Al Qaeda wants to drive out all Americans from Saudi Arabia. Al Qaeda has transformed and adapts their recruitment methods since 9/11 to implement new and invasive method to recruit members to the organization. The United States made every effort to dismantle and to be…

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  • Causes Of Al-Qaeda Terrorism

    Al-Qaeda Terrorism against America Everyone will forever remember when America was attacked by Al-Qaeda terrorist hijackers. The day when pain and panic took over the US, about 3,000 innocent people died including New York residents, people in Tower 2, firefighters, police officers, the passengers in the planes, and paramedics (“How Many”). September 11, 2001 the day the Pentagon Building was crashed into and World Trade Center Twin Towers collapsed. The Al-Qaeda group, hijacked planes flying to…

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