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  • Al Qaeda Ideology

    Al Qaeda is a terror group with a deep religious ideology, which it uses to justify their actions. Al Qaeda has a Salafi-Jihadi ideology, a dogma that has found its beginnings with Jamal al Din al Afghani. Four main terms that formulate this ideology are Salifism, Jihad, Hijra, and Jahiliyya. Al Qaeda engages in what is called a lesser jihad, meaning creating a better community, expanding it or defending it through terror attacks or war. Greater Jihad includes betterment of the community and the self. This ideology helped influence the leader of Al Qaeda thus we will take a brief look into his path to Al Qaeda leadership. Osama Bin Laden began attending meetings at the University where Islam extremists went to speak. These speakers caught the attention of Bin Laden so he continued to frequent these meetings more often. The foundation of Al Qaeda ideology and the leadership of Osama Bin Laden led to many terrorist attacks across the world causing many casualties and striking fear into the hearts of many. Key Words: Ideology, Salifism,…

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  • Al Qaeda Formation

    Al Qaeda Formation The name Al Qaeda was common in the Soviet-Afghanistan war training camps and it is translated to mean the base in the English language. This organization developed during the Bureau, becoming an organization of faith-fueled warriors rigorously working on an ideological program to protect the world’s evils to Israel and an America that was Jew-dominated. Osama used his managerial skills to establish this group as a business and obtained many of the finances from legitimate…

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  • Causes Of Al-Qaeda Terrorism

    Al-Qaeda Terrorism against America Everyone will forever remember when America was attacked by Al-Qaeda terrorist hijackers. The day when pain and panic took over the US, about 3,000 innocent people died including New York residents, people in Tower 2, firefighters, police officers, the passengers in the planes, and paramedics (“How Many”). September 11, 2001 the day the Pentagon Building was crashed into and World Trade Center Twin Towers collapsed. The Al-Qaeda group, hijacked planes flying to…

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  • Symbolic Violence And Al-Qaeda

    Al-Qaeda used direct and symbolic violence to create the reaction that they wanted in the American people from their 9/11 attack. Direct violence is used to physically eliminate parts of the opposition and to destroy resources used by the institution. This type of violence does not regard the symbolic results of their violence, but when paired with symbolic violence it can be very dangerous. Symbolic violence is staged for a movement, in this case Al-Qaeda, to gain attention. They directed their…

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  • Case Study Of Al-Qaeda

    Constituency Al-Qaeda and its jihadist members use more social media than you would have ever guessed. Though these jihadist websites Al-Qaeda encourages the faithful and also threatens their enemy on the same web page. Al-Qaeda has its own production company known as As-Sahab. Similar to a Hollywood studio. The production company has a good understanding of what content will attract an audience and how to shape the Al-Qaeda message (citation needed research page). You won’t be able to find…

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  • Evolution Of Al-Qaeda Essay

    Discuss the creation and evolution of al-Qaeda (25 pts.) The Creation of al-Qaeda officially begun during the Cold war around 1979 when Afghanistan was invaded by the Soviet Union. This became an issue for the United States, and the goal was to come up with a plan that involved pushing the Soviet union of out Afghanistan. The outcome of this event leads to the development of an organization for the international Muslim regiment that was formed to rebel against the invasion and eventually get…

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  • Al Qaeda

    Al-Qaeda is a largely organized terrorist group whose terroristic activities continue to occur all over the world affecting all nations that have experienced and suffered through one or more of their horrific attacks. Osama bin Laden was the one who started this group with the goal of joining the Muslims and Arabs with a common belief and the same ideas. He began this group of terrorists with the purpose of alleviating the Soviet Union from invading. His thought process of conquering leadership…

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  • Differences Between Al-Qaeda And ISIS

    Al-Qaeda and ISIS are two Islamist multi-national organizations which aims to spread all over the region in order to unify the Muslim world, they believe they represent religion, and use the later to justify their actions. These two Islamic groups have fought war against what they called the non-Islamic population and the west. As much as the two organizations have big similarities from how they both share the Wahhabi ideology, loathe the religious establishment of al-Azhar, involved in…

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  • Al Qaeda Essay

    Al Qaeda With the war on terrorism becoming more and more violent, US officials are looking for a way to stop the violence that Al Qaeda is inflicting on the United States of America. Al Qaeda isn’t a new problem to the United States. Al Qaeda is defined as “a radical Sunni Muslim organization dedicated to the elimination of a Western presence in Arab countries and militantly opposed to Western foreign policy: founded by Osama bin Laden in 1988” ( “In approximately 1989, bin…

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  • Why Did Al Qaeda Hate America

    The attacks the terrorist group Al Qaeda carried out on 9/11 were unlawful, uncalled for and in my opinion their attacks were not punished enough, I also believe that stricter immigration laws could prevent attacks like this from happening. The terrorist group Al Qaeda hijacked four planes on the morning of september 11, 20011. The planes being United Airlines flight 175, American Airlines flight 77, and United Airlines flight 93, and American Airlines flight 11. These planes would go down in…

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