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  • Terrorism: The Taliban

    Terrorism is the threat or use of violence against a population or group of people to spread fear for the purpose of a political motive or agenda. The Taliban is possibly one of the most renowned terrorist groups in Afghanistan, and despite the containment methods used against them, they continue to grow and prevail in rural southern areas of Afghanistan and parts of Kabul. The Taliban is unique because they not only adhere by means of strict Islamic fundamentalism, but Pashtun laws and culture. The Taliban’s ability to rally the Afghan population, their radical ideologies, and aggressive tactics continue to make them a terrorist threat to the western world today. The Taliban took over in 1996 and is currently waging war in Afghanistan.…

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  • The Taliban And Counter-Terrorism

    Briefing Note #2 Megan Wilton Penn State Harrisburg The Taliban is an Afghani and Pakistani terrorist group. They are a large organization, with a religious base. I chose this group because I have read several stories and books involving the Taliban and their victims, also I have an interest in the Islamic culture, religion, and mind-set. Issue In this paper, the Taliban and their relation to religion, will be analyzed. It is important to study and understand different terror groups, especially…

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  • Swot Analysis Of Taliban

    replaced by the emergence of strong military commanders who dominated the local population in the name of their defending the country from foreign intrusion. This lead to the emergence of Taliban in 1994 who took advantage of their local knowledge and networks. The Taliban gave the impression of a localised insurgency who among many other things, had local motives of disarming and…

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  • Taliban Research Papers

    The Taliban started to regroup and take power again. They began by starting small attacks on motorcycles. They would set small bombs in the ground and ambush the foreign troops. They would start going bigger and the TTP would start to attack across the border. Later after they decided they had become powerful enough to start attacking bigger. Jalaluddin Haqqani became in charge of controlling the southeastern region. The Taliban would control the south. The Taliban worked out the problems with…

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  • The Harmful Effects Of The Taliban

    affect the life of millions in a quick snap? Well, the Taliban did just that. The Taliban has affected the life of millions across Afghanistan throughout their reign from 1997 to 2001. The Taliban is a terrorist group established in Afghanistan. During their time of control, they had advanced slowly into taking over Afghanistan, with violence. The Taliban continued to grow and spread and began to take over countries like Pakistan. The Taliban overtime has become more advanced in technology and…

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  • Taliban Case Study

    Al Qaida ,who were in hiding, protected by The Taliban. They also successfully removed the Taliban from power in Afghanistan. The US and other international forces came together and started nation building in Afghanistan, which led to the establishment of a corrupt government leaving public to revolt and seek help from the Taliban. Even though the government has improved some of the problems like girl education and medical conditions, they have largely failed to bring stability in the country…

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  • Afghanistan Under Taliban Rule Essay

    Afghanistan Under Taliban Rule: Implications on Women’s Rights and U.S. Foreign Policy Background Throughout history the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has faced numerous invasions, a series of civil wars and enormous bloodshed. In 1978 the People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan seized power in a coup against President Mohamed Daoud in what is known as the Saur Revolution . This revolution is said to be the catalyst for upheaval and armed resistance that would follow for the next 20 years.…

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  • The Northern Alliance: The Fight Against The Taliban

    The Northern Alliance was an armed alliance formed to oppose the Taliban. The Taliban are local Islamic fighters in Afghanistan. The Northern Alliance was established in 1992 by President Najibullah. The Alliance was also known as the National Islamic United Front for the Salvation of Afghanistan. It consisted of several groups, such as the National Islamic State movement and the Islamic Unity Party. The Northern Alliance fought against the Taliban government. Taliban alliance troops kept the…

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  • Who Is The Taliban In 'Under The Persimmon Tree'?

    hard time and the group called the Taliban and this certain group had impact both of their life. Half of Najmah family is gone all she has is her brother Nur and all Nusrat wants to do is go back home to the U.S and live the normal life and have her freedom back. The fictional portrayal of the Taliban impacted Najmah and and Nusrat in the text very much. The novel depicted the Taliban as a group of men who just wants land and power but in reality they are murderous people and takes away…

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  • Malala Dare The Taliban Take Away My Basic Right To An Education

    A courageous woman named Malala Yousafzai once said, “When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful,”. A voice is sometimes more powerful than a gun. When the terrorist group, the Taliban, attempted to take over Malala’s hometown of Mingora, Malala was the only person who had enough bravery to defy them. The terrorist group succeeded in silencing Pakistanis by pushing them to their limits with threats and violence. The Taliban was set on prohibiting education for girls.…

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