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  • Meaning Of Jihad In Islam

    The word jihad literally means to ‘struggle’ or ‘strive’ thus meaning, “doing one’s best proactively to achieve a desired goal,” (Class notes). The Prophet Muhammad uses the term jihad to encompass different context such as “Recognizing the Creator and loving Him the most,” (Qur’an 9:23-24), “Freeing people from tyranny and oppression,” (Qur’an 4:75) and “Having courage and steadfastness to convey the message of Islam,” (Qur’an 41:33). As discussed above, Islam “does not permit nor does it show any kind of tolerance to terrorism” (Class notes) as the word ‘Islam’ have the connotations of peace and it literally means “submission or surrender and the world ‘Muslim’ means one who has surrendered,” (Class notes). On the other hand, a ‘terrorist’ is defined as someone who generates terror in people, causes disorder and initiates chaos in society…

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  • Holy War Vs Jihad

    The difference between Holy war and Jihad is little known to the common community. The truth is revealed when you really try to compare the two. With a little open mindedness, you will be able to see that there 's a lot more difference then you would have originally assumed. To the unaware, Jihad may mean “holy war” but this is far from the truth. In all reality, the translation is literally means “struggle” or “striving” in Arabic. It can refer to the inner struggle for a Muslim or believer…

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  • Islam: The Four Common Types Of Jihad

    Jihad is a very fluid term within Islam. The term can be interpreted in many ways. The word “Jihad” is Arabic in origin and means “exerting the best efforts” or overcoming a “struggle” in order to reach a common goal. Jihad does not necessarily imply violence and does not mean “holy war” but has been interpreted as doing so. Islam is meant to be a religion of peace and respect for all life. There is a constant argue as to what Jihad really means and it is a widely misunderstood term with many…

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  • Jihad Essay

    The military conquests or wars of expansion were motivated by the numerous efforts to abolish paganism among the Arabic peoples and include Arabia into a region under the control of Medina’s political power. The Muslim community was united by their devotion to God and commitment to political consolidation in these efforts. In addition, the wars of expansion were also fueled by commitment of the community to the concept of jihad. While the initial concept of jihad did not include aggressive…

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  • Meaning Of Jihad

    UNDERSTANDING JIHAD IN THE CONTEXT OF HINDU-MUSLIM CONFLICTS In order to understand the concept of “Jihad”, let us first understand the culture it comes from, i.e., Islam. As the Quran states, “The word Islam means, “surrender” to the will of God (Allah in Arabic). Since there is only one God and mankind is one species, the religion that God has ordained for human beings is one.’’ Islam also preaches that God in His mercy had sent messengers to convey His message, to different…

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  • Mansur Sahib Speech Analysis

    If he is not questioned in this world, he will be definitely questioned in the other world that, "you were selected the head of that many number of people, but your selection was not for name or display, rather you were handed over the responsivity of training and watching of those people. Therefore, officials should strongly keep in mind that junior mujahedin should be monitored. Teach them the ethics of jihad and of dealing with people. They should be praised for doing good and reprimanded…

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  • Osama Bin Laden's Unholy War

    These are essential keys in understanding where Bin Laden is coming from. Bin Laden has called for a global jihad, and has also explained his attacks were part of a defensive jihad against America. Jihad is the most prominent and essential key to understanding the reasoning behind terrorist attacks in the name of Islam. Jihad’s meaning and interpretation will play the major recurring issue in understanding throughout the book. Jihads literal meaning is “to struggle”. If one were to ask several…

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  • Al-Qa Ia Structure

    four sections: the General Section, the Main Unit, the Training Unit, and the Special Operations Unit. It oversees all aspects of operational and military activity, including the mental and physical preparation for combat and training. It also is responsible for developing military technical kills, combat skills, and procedures for the creation of an army based on its interpretation of the Qur’an. The sharia or political committee helps to spread political awareness among individuals. It teaches…

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  • Media Misinterpretations On Terrorism

    information is what the audience bases its evaluations and judgements on. Priming of media was used by the Bush administration in the time after sept 11 2001. In the “The mass media and terrorism” David Altheide describes how media corporations artfully created an image of the world has changed by using fear and uncertainty to believe it was necessary to liberate those countries that were supposedly involved in the attacks of 9/11. He goes on to give an example of a blue-collar worker who…

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  • Dr. Abdullah Yusuf Azzam

    War. During this time Usama bin Laden worked for Azzam bringing in donor money and organizing the development of training camps and logistical services of fighters to and from the training camps. Usama bin Laden used his father’s company to help build the camps and organize flights and passports for the fighters. Azzam also made a new justification in Jihad, stating that the rules of engagement had changed due to new technologies. The most important contribution to earning his name as the “the…

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