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  • Jim Henson Image Of Greatness

    imagination and creativity. Jim Henson is an Image of Greatness because he influenced a lot of young childrens lives and taught them friendship, good morals and fellowship. He taught this through puppets and showing young children and many future generations to come that you can let your imagination run wild. Henson was born on September 24th, 1936, in Greenville, Mississippi. During the time of his birth the following things happened; BBC was created and aired for the first time in London,…

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  • The Dark Crystal Film Analysis

    Predecessor to the 80’s cult classic, The Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal was legendary puppeteer Jim Henson’s first attempt at creating a fantasy motion picture filmed entirely with intricate animatronics and puppets. The film is complete with heroes, villains and the other main elements of fantastical narratives as described by Russian scholar and folklorist Vladimir Propp in his breakthrough work, Morphology of the Folktale, which states that there is a sequence of 31 functions — certain actions…

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  • Sesame Street Theme Songs

    “Sunny day, sweepin’ the clouds away, on my way to where the air is sweet, can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?” These catchy lyrics can only be identified as the iconic children's show, “Sesame Street”’s theme song. Over the years, the program has come a long way from its creation, first episodes, and cast and special guests. Despite these changes, Sesame Street remains a household favorite and will continue to be for years to come. As the eventful decade of the 1960’s…

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  • How 1960s TV Affected America

    debuts”). The popular television show was developed by Joon Ganz Cooney, who wanted to create a fun TV program for young preschoolers. It was her goal to have something for underprivileged kids to get ready for kindergarten (“Sesame Street debuts”). Research shows that “Sesame Street is set in a fictional New York neighborhood and included ethnically diverse characters and positive social messages” (“Sesame Street debuts”). For example, Sesame Street consisted of segments using animation,…

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  • Until Something Happens Analysis

    Bryson Miguel’s “Until Something Happens” is a postmodernist, deconstructionist short story that depicts the entropic nature of language and implies that, despite efforts to apply order and meaning to our words, we are only as effectively understood as someone else effectively understands. Miguel’s story also suggests that the true significance of our stories and life experiences are often ambiguous. There is no single and objective meaning to discover, but rather the subjective act of…

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  • Love Of Seven Doll Analysis

    The author, the title and the content of Love of seven dolls are completely irresistible. The book opens with a young girl called mouche standing at the banks of Seine where she is planning to throw herself. Like any other reader there is need to read ahead to understand why she would want to commit suicide. Eventually, one understands that it is the war that caused her all her problems. She had lost both her parents in the war. She had dreamt of the stage, and in return worked hard and saved…

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  • Essay On Big Bird Going To China

    Imagine being 4 years old, watching your favorite character perform on your favorite show. Confident that you were knowledgeable of everything he was going to do next. Then you get a surprise, Big Bird is going to China. Your level of excitement is uncontainable. You have only seen him on Sesame Street, with Oscar the Grouch, Grover, Burt and Ernie. He was leaving his nest; he was not just traveling to another place, but to an entirely different country. I had to question, “How was he going to…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Cookie Monster

    The Cookie Monster A long time ago, during the year 2015, I had been dieting, exercising, and cutting down how much I ate so I could lose weight. This had been going on for quite a few months and I had not eaten a whole lot off sweets or any other kind of junk food. One day, however, I began to truly crave some sweets. At the time, I was very hungry, my stomach was grumbling and carrying on loudly about wanting to be fed. Our pantry had hardly anything we can eat because people were too lazy to…

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  • Why Did Jim Henson Grow In Africa

    Jim Henson is the greatest puppeteer of all time, creating movies and television shows such as Sesame Street, The Muppets Show, and Fraggle Rock. Henson is known for the manipulating inanimate objects to speak and move for his own personal cause, this case entertainment. There is, however, an even greater puppeteer then the late Jim Henson. Great Britain (and other European powers) conquered the continent of Africa during the early 1900’s to strip the land of its natural resources and…

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  • Matthew Henson Biography

    Matthew Henson: Explorer and Adventurer The NPR radio station estimates the number of people who died trying to reach the North Pole at 800 (“Profile: Matthew Henson”). 800 people repeatedly tried to fight the odds and be the first people to ever reach that corner of the world. The first successful men to accomplish such a feat were U.S. Navy lieutenant Robert Edward Peary and his colored assistant, Matthew Henson. Though on the same team, Henson happened to be pulling a dog sled ahead of…

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