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  • Allah Of Islam Research Paper

    very teachings of Islam. Its also quite silly to compare the wrapper on a piece of sweet to something so significant. Every woman is beautiful, precious and valuable weather “Hijabi”, or “Non-Hijabi”. The idea that the covering makes a woman more preferable is unreasonable and quite smug if you ask me. For example, A woman with the Hijab on could be less religious than one without a Hijab. (Who knows? Who are we to judge?) This analogy also hints that the hijab is worn for men. The hijab is beyond any mans preference!. I mean, Hijab isn’t for MEN. I have not chosen to cover my head for MEN. I have chosen to cover myself for the sake of Allah SWT and Allah SWT only. When Muslim women are asked why they wear the Hijab the simple answer should be "because god asked me to". I believe that the Hijab is about Tawakkul - تَوَكُّل‎ ; submitting to Allah SWT and trusting his way. Wearing…

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  • Surah 2 Verse 30-34

    Surah 2 verse 30-34 is piece of religious text from the youngest of three major religions, Islam. The text that this piece comes from is the holy book of Islam, The Qur’an. A surah is identified as a chapter in the Qur’an, and they are ordered by largest to smallest in length. At the beginning of each surah, there is a line that reads “IN THE NAME OF ALLAH, THE MOST GRACIOUS, THE DISPENSER OF GRACE” to emphasize Allah is the all empowering. Along with the most gracious and the dispenser of…

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  • Quran Research Paper

    QURAN IS A MIRACLE Quran is the Holy Book which was revealed by Allah through the prophet (P.B.U.H), Allah supported the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) with many miracles and also He supported His last revealed book, THE HOLY QURAN with many miracles that prove that Quran is the literal word of Allah. It was revealed by Him and it was not authored by any human being. This Book deals with everything, doctrine, law and many more other things but its basic theme is the relationship between Allah and…

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  • The Ibadah: The Purpose Of Religion In Islam

    around the world since in the time of primitive or civilize. However, the only religion that Allah except is Islam that was being delivered by our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). In Surah Az-Zariyat Allah said that the sole purpose of our creation, the end of our lives, is to worship Allah and serve Him alone. This establishes beyond doubt that we must be fully aware of the meaning of “ibadah”. Otherwise, we will not be able to fulfil the purpose for which we have been created. 1.2…

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  • Importance Of Prayer In Islam

    whose connections with an individual are due to blood ties and are therefore imperishable in the eyes of the Divine. In this sense, prayer is seen as the unseverable bond between the individual and his or her Lord. Commenting on this, another renowned Qur’ānic exegete, Al-Qurtubī said: The word šalāt derives from the word šilat, one of the names of fire as when it is said, “The wood is burned by fire.” Al-Qurtubī attributed six different meanings to the word šalāt in his commentary of the Holy…

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  • Islamic Art Essay

    “Art is man’s nature; and nature is god’s art” ( Bailey 357). Art is created in all cultures, but specifically in Islamic art the nature of Allah is explained through patterns, themes, etc. This is one approach that the Islamic people took in order to explain, understand, and worship their god. Islamic art does not simply serve the purpose of being decorative, but it is also used for worship by exhibiting honor for Allah, their god. Islamic art is not only for the benefit of Islam, it also…

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  • Tawaj: The Philosophy Of Haj Rituals

    performing certain religious rites in accordance with the method prescribed by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) [1]. In essence, Hajj is man's evolution toward Allah. It is a social worship which creates a relation between God and His creatures and has different effects on the Islamic society. The performance of Hajj simultaneously signifies many things; it is a show of history, the Islamic doctrine and that of the Islamic unity and brotherhood [2]. Hajj reinforces the religion, i.e. it makes millions…

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  • African American Informative Speech

    In memory of the Father Allah aka, Clarence 13X Smith; all praise due to Allah the beneficent the merciful and to the culture of the Gods and Earths Nation, the Suns of almighty God Allah and his 5%. The FOA represents-Fruit of Allah, which significantly means “Fighting in the name of Allah,” and the FOA has been since the beginning of time, especially through his Sons, Prophets and Messengers. However, never has it been so intense the struggle and battle for his people, than the fight for…

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  • The Importance Of Islam In Islam

    Islam is one of the fastest growing religions and extends over many different regions. The Arabic term “Islam” means submission to Allah, which is the Arabic word for God. This is the basis of the Islamic faith, and it drives Muslims to strive to live a life that is in complete submission to Allah. Islam was founded by Muhammad (AD 570-632) in modern day Saudi Arabia. Muslims believe that Muhammad received a message from the angel Gabriel and was commanded to write down the words of Allah. These…

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  • Religious Belief Systems

    authority, which was recited by the prophet Mohammad. Since Mohammad was illiterate, he could not have distorted the Koran, the Word of Allah. Whereas, Muslims believe that since the Bible was written by man, it has been distorted by their influence on it when written Buddhism is a polytheistic religion, even though it does not have one supreme god or gods in general. Buddhism believes the ultimate afterlife is becoming one with the universe. If one does not make it to this level, Buddhist…

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