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  • The Karate Kid Analysis

    The Unforeseen Journey of a Karate Master Joseph Campbell, an american mythologist, discovered the many common patterns that ran through the hero’s myths and stories around the world. The many years that Joseph Campbell had researched this topic, he noticed that most and almost every hero's story contained a common pattern , even in diverse cultures. A story that showed this pattern was the movie The Karate Kid. The movie The Karate Kid cataloged the journey of Shao Dre who is learning the basics of karate as well as gaining the dignity that karate embraces. Dre picks up this through the training of his instructor, Mr Han, who taught him the exceptional uses of karate as well as the damages it result in. As the movie progresses, Dre passes through many tests that changes his physically as well as mentally. The Karate Kid embraces the ideas/stages of the hero’s journey from “the ordinary world,” to the “mentor”, to the “test and ordeals”, and to the “supreme ordeal.” Dre, who was at home in the city of Detroit, was forced into the “Ordinary World” of China. In Dre’s journey, Dre and his mother found…

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  • African American Informative Speech

    Perry-young Allah). In 1950, he enlisted in the United States Army to fight in the Korean War. He is shipped off in 1952 and while in Korea, he trains in the Korean art of self-defense called Tack yon, which can be compared to a combination of judo-grabs and throws, karate chops, kicks and blows and kung fu deadly strikes (Which is twining?). General Choi, a Master of (Japanese) Karate, various Korean martial arts and the Father of modern day Taekwondo united and modified “Tack’ yon” and…

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  • Analysis Of Erich Fromm's To Have Or To Be

    to the basics, it removes the material aspect of the game. Learning karate transcends from a race to the next colour, to an intimate experience of the self. This is something I experienced when I got my black belt three years ago. I feel like at that point, learning Kata was not a step towards getting my next belt; it was learning kata for the sake of learning it. Rather than extrinsically enjoying learning, which involves enjoying the end goal of an action, it became intrinsic enjoyment, which…

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  • Personal Narrative: Waking Up

    was blowing up balloons for my brother’s birthday party. When I sat up of my squeaky bed, I went to my parent’s room to wake my mom up. I thought to wake her up because she was very tired because, of my little brother that had waken up at least 3 times at night. Then I had taken a shower, even though I was going to get all sticky and sweaty later on that day. I got out feeling refreshing and re-energized. Before I went to bed that night I had ironed my black, rough karate gear. I first had put…

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  • Personal Narrative: What It Meant To Be A Father

    looks like Kayla”, and bounds off in that direction. “JOSHUA!” That one word echoing across the parking lot, propelled by a mother’s voice, was not to be denied, and was recognized by her offspring immediately. Joshua never really came to a complete stop, performing more of an abrupt about face that left his sandals confused, and glued to the spot waiting for comprehension of what was happening, as he reluctantly returned to my wife, drawn by the unseen lasso of her commanding voice. This…

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  • Descriptive Essay Gym

    around a box of Quaker Oats granola bars and followed the pack. As my friends and I turned the corner, the rest of the group formed a home base along the side of the gym. “Come on! Let’s go inside of the gym to find a seat.” “I’ll just stay here for now. I kind of don’t want to go inside yet,” I replied. “Why not?” The reasonings I had to not go into the gym were driven by one thought; it was my first karate state tournament. It can’t be, I thought, that bad.…

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  • Personal Narrative: What Makes Me Who I Am

    since grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. Since I don’t remember what it was like to live in California I would like to visit there. Ever since I was little I was into music. I played several different instruments since elementary school. In the fourth grade I learned how to play the violin. I play for the school’s orchestra from the 4th grade to the 8th grade. Being in orchestra made me very happy. I went to concerts and won awards for my playing. Although I don’t play for the school anymore, playing…

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  • The Importance Of Traditional Martial Arts

    In addition to the physical aspects of any martial arts, i.e. combat and self-defense, their spiritual aspects such as meditative practice and healing dimensions are fundamental. The nature and importance of “internal energy” (qi, ki, prana) has been among the many topics,* discussed by serious practitioners. However, the emphasis on the mystical transformation (altering an individual’s customary [what does this word mean here?] experience and self-awareness in the world) associated with the…

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  • Tang Soo Do Essay

    Cho Dan, of how Tang Soo Do philosophy has incorporated itself into my life, and what it means to me to become a part of the Tang Soo Do black belt community. I’ve never been very good at sports. It didn’t seem to matter whether the sport was an individual or team effort; most of my sporting endeavors have been short-lived to say the least. When I was young, I was given a chance to try baseball. I think it was a good idea at the time, but I quickly learned a few things. Namely, that it hurts if…

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  • History Of Taekwondo Essay

    Since the beginning, the formation of taekwondo has evolved with the use of many different techniques and forms. The earliest known form of Taekwondo originated from the Korean martial art Soobak which eventually became known as t’aekyon. In 1955, T’aekyon official became known as modern marital art of Taekwondo (“Taekwondo History”). Although Taekwondo is relatively a new sport in the eyes of Westerners, its origins date back to the early formation of Korea. Archeologist have discovered…

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