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  • David Graeber Debt Summary

    Money became a sort of standard used to measure or compare debts but also a mean settle them. This is how I 'd like to introduce the so-called Axial Age. Graeber uses this name given by the German philosopher Karl Jaspers to the period between 800 BC and 600 AD that was marked by strong changes in most societies. Coinage became an enduring and efficient method until war times, money as coinage became a very useful and widespread tool to pay soldiers on far away campaigns, thus eliminating the need for an additional army to feed and supply them thus Bullion arose as an article of war, not as a more effective way to settle…

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  • Karl Jaspers In The Film Conspiracy, By Frank Pierson

    passing of time; the different atrocities of the society from its defining origin to the obstacles that life may give have heavily burdened him or her. Karl Jaspers himself has experienced the unfairness a life can give, situations that could cripple you down in one corner. He is a German in his own right as determined by his DNA. He is a renowned psychologist turned philosopher who teaches at the University of Heidelberg. His change of heart to be a philosopher has three eminent reasons and…

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  • Karl Jaspers And The White Rose Movement: An Analysis

    complied. We are more likely to conform then to rebel to someone who is an authority figure with high status, when dealing with group pressure, and when there are rewards and punishments involved. (Myers, p.198, 2013). Those who did comply, were only being “good citizens”. Should they have been accountable for their actions, or do they get a pass for obeying the law? For those who did not comply and rebelled against the law, are they bad people for not being good citizens? Honestly, what defines…

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  • Ecstasy And Lottery By Jeanette Winterson Analysis

    development after the assassination, of late former president John F. Kennedy. Skyway is predicated on artist’s personal life events and, some mundane pop culture of 1950’s and 60’s. Skyway is predicated on Rauschenberg’s interests, his sexuality, and life moments. For instance: on the bottom extreme right of the painting in Skyway, Rauschenberg portrays a woman facing her bare back looking at a mirror. Alongside, the woman to her left and right side, there are washed out shape of two men. The…

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  • Jasper Johns Flag

    Modern Art, many works of art by particular artists featured. One specific work, placed right at the beginning of the exhibit, was by artist Jasper Johns called Flag. Flag is a piece associated with Johns’ theme of repetition in his artworks as well as influenced by personal and historical contexts. Flag was made between 1954-55 with encaustic, oil, and collage on fabric mounted on plywood in three panels. The formal aspects combined created a flag with red, white, and blue which are the…

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  • Pop Art Analysis

    Pop art is an artistic technique that portrays to a viewer a sense of being in a particular era (Osterwold, 6). This is due to the inspiration that the artists drew from popular culture. In order to evaluate this artistic movement it will be necessary to first look at the pre-pop era. This era occurred during the 1950s. During this time, two prominent artists, Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg, stepped outside the dominant technique of abstract expressionism. Both of them drew inspiration…

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  • Ecotourism In Chaimonix

    This would promote ecotourism which has been successfully completed in Jasper national park located in Canada’s Rocky Mountains. The National Park Consists of over 11 000 square kilometers largely protected from by Canada’s Federal Government. The National Park Act protects and strictly regulates development to protect Canada’s wildlife. In Jasper only 3% of the land has been developed. Amongst the Development are the town of Jasper, and the Marmot Basin ski area. The advantage of this proposal…

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  • Debt By David Graeber Summary

    money. By contrast, Ancient Egypt avoided interest-bearing debt. Egypt was more centralized than Mesopotamia. The pharaoh was the benevolent, maven god. The state and temple bureaucracies had superfluous influence. To specify, there was a ubiquitous set of taxes and a continual distribution of allotments, wages, and payments from the state. Generally speaking, there was a plethora of money as a means of account. Furthermore, the basic unit was the Deben, also known as measure. Notably, it refers…

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  • Karl Popper Criticism Of Falsificationism

    Falsificationism Karl Popper asserts that the scientific status of a theory is derived from that theories potential for refutation. Theories outlining experimental results that (if observed) could refute the theory are classified as scientific. Theories that lack this content are classified as pseudoscience. Popper uses this distinction to preface his scientific view: falsificationism. Under this view, science exists as a system through which we can logically falsify theories. This stands as…

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  • The Bourgeois And Marxism In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

    influence Shelley’s characters actions. Revolutionary German economist, Karl Marx, wrote heavily on the issue of communism and the issue between social classes similarly to the roles played by the protagonist and the antagonist in the novel. Despite the irony of the characters overcoming their social standards, Marx 's’ influences did not fail to be recognized. The harshness of not only the societies but the conditions they live with as well, are heavy indications that there is a separation…

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