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  • Embracing Cultural Differences: Personal Statement

    Personal Statement 1) General Statement Embracing cultural differences can stimulate our minds in ways that challenge us to understand the world from different perspectives. Captivating young minds to become knowledgeable about other ways of living, as well as improving cultural awareness, is essential to dissolve the artificial barriers that separate us. It would be a privilege to play a part in such an important affair. My interest in Japan was aroused in 2014 when a friend introduced me to a YouTube channel focused on Japanese culture. The channel’s presenter was a JET programme participant who still lives in Japan. From that point onwards, I developed a curiosity towards Japan, which has consequently led to an admiration for Japanese culture. A particular aspect of Japanese culture that has intrigued me is the etiquette and mannerisms displayed within society. This sets Japan apart from all the other countries that I have visited. I travelled to Japan for two weeks in the summer of 2016 in order to obtain a first-hand perspective of the culture that I had become so deeply fascinated by. In addition, I wanted to have an opportunity to visit Japan to confirm my desire to apply for the JET programme. During my trip, I was captivated not only by the respect and etiquette displayed but also the smoothness and efficiency of everything that I experienced. All of my expectations were exceeded and I was left with a sense of wonder, and a desire to further immerse myself in the…

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  • Languages Of Another Language

    supposed to sound similar to two “S’s” (SS, or esstsett), and in the german alphabet “V” sound similar to the letter “F” and “W” sounds like the letter “V”. Japanese is written in two different writing systems, neither alphabetic. The kanji system derived from the Chinese, it uses characters that correspond directly to words that were pronounced either in Japanese or as they would be in Chinese, but most of the character are Homonyms, words that sound similar and written the same way, or they…

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  • Toyota's Case Study: Semantic Field And Hypyym

    Initially called Toyeda, it was changed after a contest for a better-sounding name. The new name was written in katakana with eight strokes, a number that is considered lucky in Japanese culture. For these reasons "Toyota" was chosen as the company's name. CAMRY: the name That comes from the Japanese word kanmuri for Crown. It’s an apt name for the car, which as the best-selling car in America for 12 years straight, really can claim to be a jewel in Toyota’s crown. However, when it comes to…

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  • Compare And Contrast Hong Kong And Chinese Culture

    (KOICHI ,2010) Japanese have used Chinese characters in writing system for a long time, there are differences between Japanese and Chinese language culture. Apart from using Chinese character, Japan also use Hiragana and Katakana to write. To compare with Japan, Hong Kong people mainly use Chinese characters for writing. Pronunciations of Japanese and Chinese are also different, some Japanese single words enunciate polysyllabic, Chinese words only enunciate monosyllabic, in particular, Chinese…

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  • Imperialism And Globalization

    languages. A statistic data from statistata.com proved that around 80% of English speakers are not native speakers. It confirms that English is learned by many other countries. A survey from Department of Statistics, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Republic of Singapore (2015) proved that 36.9% of the residences over 5 years speak English. Back in 2010, it was only 32.3%. Meanwhile, the population divisions of Singapore are Chinese 74.3%, Malays 13.3%, Indians 9.1%, and others 2.3% (DSMTIRS,…

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  • Age, Orthography, And Language Maturity

    and morphological, issues and ages is just a consequence of human biology. This issue of age is often just a consequence of longitudinal study and when the participants are mentally and physically healthy. An exemplary study by Akamatsu (1998) details the orthographic effects of Japanese L1 on reading in English L2. In this case, the L2 is only English as a foreign language (EFL). The main issue in this study is the duration of two Japanese orthographies, not the age. For example, Kanji…

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  • Ainu In Japanese Culture

    relatively complex, it belongs to which language family, is inconclusive at present academia. Some scholars think that it belongs to the Austronesian languages, some scholars think it belongs to the ancient Asia and human language, which is a separate language. Because there is no text, Ainu language is used to write Japanese kana letters, in recent years, often use the Latin alphabet for writing, but the Ainu have not formed their own national unified standard language. [4] Ainu speech is…

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  • Japan Vs Cambodia

    and is a parliamentary democracy with an upper and a lower chamber. The parliament is known as the National Diet. According to the 1946 Constitution, the Emperor is “the symbol of the state and unity of the people”. Japan has 47 prefectures. Prefectural governors, as well as city, town, and village mayors are all elected (Japan, 2016). According to The CIA World Factbook 2016, he largest ethnic minority in Japan is Japanese 98.5%. Other significant ethnic minorities are the Chinese and Korean.…

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  • The Importance Of Nonverbal Communication In Intercultural Communication

    Chinese language is one of first associations with China, which only confirms how big impact language has all over the world. The language of East Asia is divided into three language traditions, namely Japanese Chinese and Korean. What make the biggest obstacle is not the language itself but the writing system (Holcombre 2011: 16). Although those languages could hardly be more different from each other what unifies them is fact that they use writing systems which cannot be compared to any…

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