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  • Katha Pollitt Creationism

    Why in today's world is Creationism still a major point of debate? From a scientific standpoint, the theory of evolution has been proved time and time again, yet, the fight still rages on. In Katha Pollitt’s argumental piece titled “What’s the Matter with Creationism?” she attempts to explore this continual issue and how it is affecting Americans today in the classroom and later in adult life. She claims that the high percentage of those who believe in creationism or some form of it are a direct indication of the public school system's failings. Pollitt builds her credibility and argument with numerous facts, but fails to garner much of an emotional appeal through her biased argument and biting tone. She begins her opening paragraph with a summary about the results of a recent Gallup poll on American’s belief in evolution. The results clearly categorize a near majority of American’s as believing in creationism or some form of it. However, according to Pollitt, this isn’t the worst part. The most shocking result of the survey was that the percentage of college graduate creationists were exactly equal to the number of creationist believers in the…

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  • Media Effects On Adults Analysis

    Media's Effects: Child to Adult In today's culture young girls all across the world are growing up in very different situations; yet, one thing is always a constant, men being the superior. Katha Pollitt, an award- winning writer for magazines such as The Nation and New York Times, discusses how this divide between men and women shown by the media is critical in the upbringing of today’s youth. From princesses always needing saved to the cute little bunny with pink bows in the background these…

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  • Smurfette Principle Analysis

    Since 1991 when The Smurfette Principle was written a lot of things have changed; mostly for the better. Movies, shows, politics, and the workforce have become a lot more female centered. However, there is always room for improvement in any area; I feel we are leaps and bounds ahead of how things used to be. Today I will thoroughly explain how things have changed for the better, for the female sex since Katha Pollitt’s essay was written over twenty years ago. As a mother of a preschool-aged…

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  • Deanna Allred: Rhetorical Analysis

    When we were assigned to write a rhetorical analysis, the purpose was to analyze without our emotions. Being the over-achiever I am, I chose the article that I would find the most difficulty remaining objective over – “What’s the Matter with Creationism?” by Katha Pollitt. I did not agree with her stance and the way she explained her argument made me angry. I knew that I could let my emotions override my logic while analyzing her essay, but I did not let that happen. I chose that article because…

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  • Katha Pollitt Abortion No More Apologies Summary

    She expresses that abortion is a social good. Pollitt explains that legalizing abortion saved women from death, injury, and potential arrest. Legalization of abortion also allows women to commit to furthering their education which is extremely important in today’s society. Pollitt acknowledges the fact that many pro-lifers are religion driven and feel like baby’s lives are in imminent danger. If a woman is forced to carry a baby, she enters a terrifying loss of control over her own fate. It is…

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  • Why Boys Don T Play With Dolls, By Katha Pollitt

    to this day. Although feminism and woman’s rights have come so far in the past years, there is still more progress to be made and the sexist labels do not only happen to women. Having gender stereotypes, that begin when we are young, creates the platform for many of these sexist issues that women, as well as men, are still facing. The article “Why Boys Don’t Play with Dolls” written by Katha Pollitt expresses the ideas of male and female stereotypes along with feminism. She beings by…

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  • Natchiketa Upanishad Analysis

    When reading and studying the Upanishads I recognized the shifting influence that the principles of the text has had upon me through my experience of time. Specifically in the Katha Upanishad, Natchiketa’s interactions gave me insight into my own with Yama, Lord of death. I can recall standing at my Cha Cha Nancy’s home where my great-grandmother rested quietly. Her paper thin skin was withered like the sides of a wind shaped mountain and she lay with her eyes closed, arms crossed, on a…

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  • Katha Pollitt's Argumentative Analysis

    In the January 1995 issue of The Nation, Katha Pollitt writes an article entitle, "It Takes Two: A Modest Proposal for Holding Fathers Equally Accountable." In her essay, she attacks Newt Gingrich's current Personal Responsibility Act (PRA) saying that this act only recognizes the responsibility of mothers on welfare and the actions needed to be taken against them. Pollitt argues that the fathers of these children on welfare be held equally accountable by the legislature. To summarize the…

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  • Pollitt's Essay 'Why Boys Don T Play With Dolls'

    In the essay, Why Boys don’t play with Dolls, by Katha Pollitt, the ethical issue of children being forced to follow roles that our society has based on gender. Pollitt’s essay was written 22 years ago, so the essay was written about how gender stereotyping was being handled back in 1995. Pollitt mentioned how NOW (National Organization of Women) was organized 28 years before she wrote her essay, and how, after almost three decades after the organization was formed, our society had not done much…

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  • Katha Pollitt's Analysis

    There must be a problem with society and the entertainment industry when there are people like Katha Pollitt that care so strongly about just a single essay like The Smurfette Principle, but it’s not quite as bad as she makes it out to be. She starts the essay by giving her child The Little Mermaid, and even though Ariel looks just like the other princess, she is active, brave and also the heroine of the story. This is not a common happening in movies because she states that only 9 out of the…

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