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  • Kaethe Kolwitz: The Manifesto And The Womb

    KAETHE KOLLWITZ: THE MANIFESTO AND THE WOMB Throughout the history of modern art, with few exceptions, the contribution of women in the realm has always been dwarfed by the men. For many people with a deep interest in the Expressionist movement, Kaethe Kollwitz is one of those exceptions. Her prints and illustrations have been hailed for both their complexity in technique and strong emotive renderings of her subjects. Kollwitz is best associated with socialist political leanings and a sympathy towards the working classes that she chooses to manifest in her work like with the Weavers Revolt cycle. With the advent of World War I and the loss of her son, Peter, to the battlefield, we begin to see someone using her art to express the struggle…

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  • No Attachment To Dust Analysis

    Humanity has a tendency to use logic and reason as much as possible to try and explain the world around us. Even in the case of religion, often there are set patterns or explanations, that always follow certain rules. Whether or not these rules comply with other rules from other ideologies isn’t pertinent; the fact remains that they follow their own logic, and that makes people happy. However, there has always been a gap in what logic and reason can explain about humanity, and what we don’t…

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  • Active Volcanoes In Hawaii

    Have you ever dreamed of living in one of the most visited Island in the world, Hawaii? It is one of the most visited islands in the world because it has gorgeous crystal clear beaches and coasts in the world. Not to mention, Hawaii has active volcanoes in which people enjoy because it is one of the few places that people get to see an active volcano up close. However, having a few active volcanoes in Hawaii can be a threat to the island and to the people. It is important to discuss why do…

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  • How To Describe A Roller Coaster

    The pounding of my heart was inevitable as I looked up at the coaster. Standing 420 feet tall The Top Thrill Dragster was staring me down. Watching it in action was a sight to see. Reaching top speeds of 120 mile per hour was the fastest I would have ever gone in my life by far. I have never had a fear of coasters but this one was a different story. Cedar Point is home to the fastest roller coaster in the world. On this trip this ride was the focal point of the trip. No one realized how…

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  • Max Wertheimer, Wolfgang Kohler And Koffka's Theory

    Teaching the clients is a crucial part of nursing. Since I work in the acute rehab unit which is based on extensive teaching. The patients are admitted here after major surgeries like, heart, lung, kidney and liver transplants, injuries from fall, spinal cord injury or recovery after stroke. Before teaching the patients we need to build a trustworthy nurse-patient relationship. It is a communication-based relationship, where nurses are responsible and competent enough to interact, educate, and…

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  • Hamlet Psychological Effects Of Death

    William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, addresses several psychological and sociological issues associated with the death of a loved one. Understanding the psychological effects of losing a loved one can assist in a deeper analytical understanding of why Hamlet behaves the way he does. He faces the death of his dear father in Shakespeare’s tragedy, and throughout the play, the psychological effects of Hamlet losing his beloved father can be diagnosed as depression. Losing a loved one is always difficult…

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  • Enormity Of Death Essay

    From his first breath, mankind is aware that one day, death will come. No man knows the hour nor the day of his demise. Some men want to know the way that they will die, for they wish to avoid it. Little do those men know, that death is insurmountable--it can never be overcome. Death itself can bring any man to his knees in either grief or physical turmoil. Sometimes, even the realization that death will someday overpower fragile humanity—no matter how strong they think they are--is enough to…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Loss Of Love

    The loss of a loved one is an indescribable feeling. So many mixed emotions and pain bottled up in everyone that sometimes it may be hard to even let out into words. Whether it’s a friend, family member, or somebody in the community; it affects everyone differently. The most painful goodbyes are the ones never said and never explained. When my little cousin lost her life to a sudden tragedy a few months ago, my life turned upside down. Sierra was an incredible individual that left a mark on…

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  • Stages Of Loss And Grief Essay

    Stages of Loss and Grief I experienced all the stages put forth by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross; denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance (Jackson-Cherry & Erford, 2014). While experiencing the loss of my grandfather I felt denial, anger and bargaining were intertwined. Then shortly after I accepted his death. However, depression lasted much longer. The depression increased when my father left and I circled back to denial or disbelief that my father would leave us, and anger. Coping…

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  • Summary Of Therese Rando's 'Tasks Of Mourning'

    1. Select either William Worden's "Tasks of Mourning" or Therese Rando's "Six R's" and describe them in your own words. Therese Rando's "Six R's" • Recognize the loss- this is when people can accept the reality of the loss and for some trying to understand the death. Sometimes this is difficult with sudden death/suicide. • React to the separation- to identify and express reactions to the loss. This is not just a reaction to the death of the person, but the secondary loss as well. Secondary…

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