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  • Cedar Point Narrative

    My first time at Cedar Point It was June 6th, 2016, the end of my eighth-grade year at TKMS, I woke up, at 5:30, jumped out of bed, got dressed, ate, and yelled at my mom to get in the car, all by 6:20. But of course we weren’t even close to ready, and we didn’t even need to leave until 7:30. So after reluctantly going back inside, to pack a spare pair of clothes, sunscreen, and our tickets (which we almost forgot), we were finally ready to go and it was already 7:40, “MOM!!!” I yelled panicking, “WE’RE GONNA BE LATE!!!” “We’re fine,” my mom said, “now calm down and say goodbye.” After we had left, and we were on the road, it was almost 8:00. I was not going to be late, to one of the best times of my…

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  • Cedar Point Amusement Park

    Cedar Point amusement park is a place so wonderful and exciting that it is known around the world for its wide array of rides and attractions. Just like the towering roller coasters and thrilling drop tower rides that dominate the skyline and penetrate the sky high above the lakeshore, the park stands out among all others across the globe. The massive hills and loops of winding steel stand for not only a thrill seeker’s dream and marvels of human ingenuity and engineering, but also represent the…

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  • Descriptive Essay On Cedar Point

    and been truly led to believe that Michigan Adventure was the best place in the entire world. A Cedar Point commercial features people with a great force being blown upon their faces contorting their features, whilst powerful music plays in the background. The funny facial expressions from the people, who are presumably on a roller coaster, cause amusement and catch your attention for the rest of the commercial. Footage is then played that shows the rollercoasters at the park while a voiceover…

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  • Roller Coasters Research Paper

    back to Cedar Point. Why do we love to be thrilled on a roller coaster? Annoying gives a reasonable and possible explanation for this. This source is unlike any of the others, not only does it not talk about amusement parks as a whole but it doesn’t discuss family leisure either. It…

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  • Red One Day Narrative

    and then hopped in with Matthew right behind me. Mrs. VanVuuren shut the door and pulled herself into the passenger’s seat. A couple seconds later, my mom came out with the bag of snacks and the movies. She placed the bags between the passenger’s seat and driver’s seat. Then, she came around and hooked up the movies and inserted the Guardians of the Galaxy disc into the movie player. After that, we took off! The drive was 4, 4 1/2 hour drive. On the way we talked, watched movies and played…

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  • The American Amusement Park Industry Summary

    July 2001, Travel & Leisure sec.: T1. Print. Ron Cobb focuses mainly on the grand opening of one of the best roller coasters, not only in Cedar Point, but in the world: Millennium Force. Cobb describes how a single roller coaster attracted hundreds from all over the country that waited in line for multiple hours to ride Millenium Force. Even the park goers that were too nervous to ride, still visited Cedar Point to even just look at it. It sparks interest that many people would literally wait…

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  • How To Describe A Roller Coaster

    The pounding of my heart was inevitable as I looked up at the coaster. Standing 420 feet tall The Top Thrill Dragster was staring me down. Watching it in action was a sight to see. Reaching top speeds of 120 mile per hour was the fastest I would have ever gone in my life by far. I have never had a fear of coasters but this one was a different story. Cedar Point is home to the fastest roller coaster in the world. On this trip this ride was the focal point of the trip. No one realized how…

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  • Physics: The Physics Of Roller Coasters

    tallest point of the roller coaster is the lift hill. This is the element of the ride that builds up the suspense thrill seekers crave. The majority of roller coasters begin with a slow climb up the lift hill. As the coaster climbs it is building up what science refers to as potential energy. “Potential energy is the energy built up and stored that is just waiting to be used.” (The Energy Lair 1) Once the coaster reaches the top of the hill it will begin its downward rush to the bottom. This is…

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  • The Railroad Bridge Legend

    The most exhilarating, terrifying ride of the year is soon going to be opening! The Railroad Bridge is a terrifying ride guaranteed to make you feel the adrenaline coursing through your veins. This ride is based on the urban legend that comes from a railroad bridge on Susco Road in Pennsylvania. In the legend it says it is a bridge where a bride supposedly hung herself, and some say if you put your keys on your car at the sight, you can see the bride in the mirrors. The passengers will…

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  • Dorney Park Research Paper

    Eighth grade students from Central Middle School rushed into Dorney Park merrily, with huge smiles on their faces on June 9th. The trip to Dorney Park in Allentown, PA has always been the field trip all eighth graders look forward to years in advance. Parsippany students have been going to Dorney Park for a field trip in eighth grade for the past sixteen years and it has always been wonderful. Thankfully, June 9th was a gorgeous day in spring, a perfect day to go to Dorney Park. The amusement…

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