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  • Celebrity Influence

    Not only do media outlets portray celebrities to young people, but electronics play a part as well; music being the key factor. Music that a celebrity creates also influences a teen’s behavior. If one were to listen to an artist whose music is full of profanity and vulgar language, more than likely that teen will follow what that artist is promoting. For example, a lot of young girls today look up to the musician Nicki Minaj; some even think of her as the hip hop version of Lady Gaga, another well known teen idol. If the teens that look up to her as a role model were to hear one of her songs full of sexually explicit lyrics, then that young girl would think that its okay to do those acts because she wants to be just like her. Artists use music as a portal to reach out to their fans, but what they fail to realize is that some of those fans take their lyrics to the heart. In some of their music, they even talk about how they prefer their women or men to be a certain skin complexion, wear certain labels, or even be a certain size. Just by hearing these preferences, some teens may feel as if they aren’t good enough so they may attempt to change themselves to feel as if they meet their favorite celebrities’ standards. One study reports that at age thirteen, 53% of American girls are "unhappy with their bodies." This…

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  • Importance Of A Celebrity

    What is A Celebrity? Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Oprah Winfrey, Siti Nurhaliza, and P. Ramlee are amongst the names well known by you and me. These famous people are called “celebrities”. A celebrity is a famous person or an individual with a state of being well known . He or she holds a personality that is celebrated by the society by what he or she does. The prominence in his or her doing has made them famous and renowned in the public’s eye. A celebrity could be a singer, an actor, a…

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  • Celebrities In The Media

    The term celebrity carries weight within the societies of the world no matter culture, religion, or race. A celebrity is typically being the spotlight of mainstream media and is showcased to the people of society for their contributions to the world whether it is movies, music, politics, literature, etc. In other words, celebrity is a social status. The book Ruth Hall by Fanny Fern and the movie Rann by Ram Gopal Varma are two specific pieces of work that show two different perspectives of how…

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  • Celebrities Are Annoying People

    Celebrities are annoying people who has to have all the attention on themselves. In my opinion celebrities are not a big deal. They are just people who make a lot of money doing movies and songs. The world makes them a big deal because they come on televisions, radios, and magazines so they must be idolize. Just because they have talent does not mean everyone should give them attention and care about them. Celebrities are not god figures, they are not as important as middle and lower class, and…

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  • Celebrity Phenomenon Essay

    The number of celebrities known by people is greater than before, and despite the lack of physical interaction between the stars and their audiences, the strong emotional connection that audiences feel for the celebrities endures (De Backer, 2012). This emotional connection is what Horton and Wohl (1956; as cited in Theran, Newberg & Gleason, 2010) called as a parasocial interaction, or the one-sided quasi-interaction between an audience and a celebrity. This phenomenon of attachment to media…

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  • Celebrity Obsession Analysis

    Celebrities live in an entirely different world and they summon people’s yearnings to love, admire, copy, and gossip. The public sense a feeling of friendship by the familiar faces we see. The more a person sees certain faces, the more a person’s brain enjoys it. Furthermore, it does not matter if the face is attractive or not, it is known as “the exposure effect.” Individuals have a fixation with status. There are definite human traits that are universally recognized as beautiful such as…

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  • Celebrity Endorsers Influence

    1.0 INTRODUCTION Being popular and attractive, celebrities are often considered as the idol of people. People often follow celebrities’ advice for brands or products recommendation (Hollensen and Schimmelpfennig, 2013). Research findings showed that marketers and companies are willing to pay celebrities in advertising or promotional activities to attract more attention from consumers and stimulate consumption (Fink et al., 2004). Effective celebrity endorsement has many benefits for the brand…

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  • Paid Celebrity Endorsers

    In the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, the stars are famed not just because of their performing arts, but also for their corporal look. Actually, many of them are paid celebrity endorsers for beauty products because their outward show is a huge part of their fame. Anybody would imagine them to have soft skin and ideal features. Still, it may shock quite a few of us to find out that the stars put up with skin difficulties too. Celebrities with acne are plentiful, and here are a few of them. One…

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  • Celebrities: A Swoon-Worthy

    Celebrities – what do they have aside from their good looks and fame and the ability to stare at the camera without feeling awkward? Equally hot family members! These celebrities have brothers or sisters you probably didn’t know even existed and they’re just as attractive as their famous siblings. Here goes. 1. Rachel McAdams From her Regina George to The Notebook days, it’s hard not to love Rachel McAdams and her infectious smile. What’s more to love about her? Her dazzling younger brother,…

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  • Celebrity Endorser Marketing Strategy

    Celebrity endorsement (CE) in advertisement 2.1: INTRODUCTION: Khatri (2006) stated that the latest promotion technique to attract the buyers is the celebrity endorsement. By examining the present market, now it's turned into the want of the advertisers to utilize the different celebrities to relate with their brands to make extraordinary identity of the brand and to do well known his organization's image or product, which results into high expenses use for the organization to utilize…

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