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  • Essay On Spring Break

    What 's the craziest thing you have done over spring break? It was a beautiful spring day, warm and humid with a cool slow wind, sunny the perfect day and it could only get better. It was the day that we had our trip to the lake planed. All of us got off work and we grouped up at my house. We all decided that we would take my car just for the experience, it is a very fast car that turns heads everywhere. The car is all blacked out with crazy rainbow headlights and ridiculously loud exhaust, not to forget it is a 10 second track car. So with that settled we threw everything in the trunk and we headed off, we drove the entire way there with the windows down so we could feel the warm summer breeze in our face, and the sun on our skin. It was the…

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  • Description Of The Groundhog Day

    laid my hand on Carl shoulder and said to him, “Way to go, Carl.” Carl replied with a smile, “Thank You, Chelsea!” Cindy said, “Come on guys, we don’t have time for this. Let’s go inside.” Paul and James said grinning, “Yes, let’s go Chelsea.” Carl finished opening the gate. We walked into the zoo together, holding each other’s hands in a chain fashion. Carl told us not to make any additional noise because the noise would scare the animals. As we continue walking, we passed by many of the…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Having Twins

    Not all people are lucky enough to cherish two babies at once. Havings twins is one of the greatest gifts of all that could be given to any parent no matter what the situation is. Whether they have struggled for years to have a child or it happened by chance. Love is the greatest gift of all. There might be a lot of ups and downs with twins, but by the Grace of God, it will be a gift that most people would give anything to receive or adore. Everyone is alone at a point in time,but being a twin…

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  • Hoa Monologue

    At first glance, it is easy to notice a similar pattern of Manh introducing the word ‘sympathise’ in extract 1 where he initiates extensive long turn to explain the meaning of the word ‘criticise’ (line 148-158). After finishing his explanation, Manh turns to seek for the students’ confirmation by asking, “get what I mean?” in line 158. However the students’ confirmation is not convincing enough, which leads to Manh reinstating and initiating another adjacency pair in line 160. The second time…

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  • What Ever Happened To Baby Jane: Movie Analysis

    Robert Aldrich’s What Ever Happened to Baby Jane is a 1962 psychological thriller. It is the story of the twisted dynamic of two siblings. Bette Davis plays Baby Jane Hudson, an aging actress who holds her paraplegic sister Blanche (Joan Crawford) captive in an old mansion. Throughout the film, Jane’s bitterness towards her sister sister escalates and even turns into torture and violence. While the film’s plot undoubtedly keeps the audience hanging on the edge of their seat, it 's the film’s…

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  • Teaming Activity: Reflection Essay

    sent a photo of it to my other teammates so that they would know that we had another design to think about. Had we had more time I would have discussed this design with my teammates and had them help me create the prototype. Our third and final meeting was in the testing room. It was here where we tested out our different designs, landing on the one that combined the two initial designs. Once we had decided to use the design, we made the prototype more secure. Our first attempt at testing our…

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  • Lord Of The Flies Behavioural Analysis

    Jack uses this asset to his advantage, the mask acts as a shield to hide his emotions and true feelings, this is part of the reason he turns savage because he didn’t do any of the heinous acts, the mask did. I think Jack wasn’t sure if he wanted to be rescued but when his hands got a new grasp on his found power he didn’t want to be rescued anymore and that’s the what didn’t change about Jack, he always wanted power and when he finally got it, he used it to his advantage, which changed him.…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Way Of Skiing

    Who am I? I have been called many things; a bumbling buffoon, a sleepy sailor, or even a hairy hippy. I am so much more than these mere titles. I am a sponge to the world that deposits its ideas into me. I am a filter that chooses which ideas I want to follow. I am a melting pot that takes these ideas and turns them into one unique view of the world, my view. One thing that I have observed from my many years of skiing is that bowing to fear is not the way I want to live. I learned this when I…

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  • My Brother: A Short Story: Youngest Brother

    across my face, and a sniffle follows. You turn, uprooting yourself from a position you never wanted to leave, and take me into the hallway. As my gaze breaks, I see the others. One brother slouched in a chair, the other parallel, and doing the same. Dad...Dad is nowhere. He is not off to the side, where I pictured him, nor outside, nor in any of the other rooms. You take my hand, and walk me to another room. There is only one place she wants to be, but she is with me. I hold her close, and we…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Cop

    parked car. I noticed that it was a cop that I passed. At that second that was then the cop turns around to follow me to the end of beamer. Instantly I thought the cop was running my license plate because they continue to follow without signaling me. Once the street light turn green, that was when the cop turns on their siren, signaling me to pull over. So then I pulled over into a gas station in front of me. The cop gets out of her car and asks for my license. So I gave it to her, she glanced…

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