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  • West Alabama Narcotics Task Force

    Just hours before sunrise on February 13, 2013, members of the Tuscaloosa Police Department in conjunction with the West Alabama Narcotics Task Force quietly assembled on the campus of the University of Alabama. Around 3:00am doors were being simultaneously knocked down across campus by officers wearing tactical vests and toting military style assault rifles. According to Connor Sheets of al.com, 61 students were taken into custody on drug charges that cold February night. With a few exceptions, the overwhelming majority of these arrests were for relatively small or trace amounts of marijuana. This night in 2013 began a snowball effect of further strained relations between U.A. students and Tuscaloosa P.D. Generally speaking, most students…

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  • Tuscaloosa Physical Environment

    Physical Environment- Based on the places I have travelled Tuscaloosa County, this area offers a wide variety of environments. The county has multiple lakes and parks along with urban and suburban areas as well. Out of 67 counties in Alabama, Tuscaloosa ranks 24th when comparing physical environment. With an air pollution level of 12.7, the county boasts a lower pollution level than the state average. Nonetheless, 18% of the population struggles with severe housing problems, which is 3% higher…

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  • ATS Tuscaloosa Processing Department Case Study

    There are deficiencies within the management team that impacts the store operations and keeps the store from achieving success. ATS Tuscaloosa processing department does not utilize any company procedures consistently to maintain or to meet ATS standards . Inconsistencies within the process is a common premise throughout all departments. Store Management has failed to maintain many of the company guidelines or constitutes the departments accordingly to ATS standard operational procedures (SOP).…

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  • Simon Wedt Analysis

    how the use of force in conjunction with non-violence can be effective. Simon Wendt discusses the importance of an armed black defense organization in Tuscaloosa and Ted Shine discusses the use of assassination as an effective tool in social change. Both authors treat these forceful forms of protest in similar, positive ways, likely due to viewing segregationists as willfully ignorant. Wendt’s article shines a positive light on the black defense organization operating in Tuscaloosa, AL…

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  • Personal Statement: A Career In Journalism

    Though I do not plan to start a career in the field of Journalism, I would consider journalism opportunities as a hobby or part-time job. My interest in journalism sparked while I was a junior in high school. While attending Paul W. Bryant High School, I also attended the Tuscaloosa Center for Technologies for Broadcasting, Television Production 1, and Television Production 2. My instructor, Ms. Winston, made sure I planned on attending college to major in Journalism or a related field. However,…

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  • Dr. Martin Luther King's Beyond Brown: Full History

    have been evidences that the country is more segregated than it was 50 years ago. This fight by the black americans for not just ‘separate and equal’ but desegregation and integration is still a work in progress hoping to get wide acclamation. In this show Now with Alex Wagner, PBS airs the episode, The Re-Segregation of America’s Schools presented by Alex Wagner. She discusses on the comeback of segregation after 60 years of the brown v board of education case. On her show, a visit to…

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  • Successful Mentoring Essay

    Teachers enter the profession with various levels of readiness and continue to learn on the job, especially in the beginning years. However, almost half of all beginning teachers will leave their classroom within the first five years of their teaching career (Phillips & Ingersoll, 2015). One factor contributing to this statistic is that many new teachers are not involved in a formal mentoring program (Grossman & Davis, 2012). This rings true for Tuscaloosa County School System. New teachers…

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  • Narrative Essay About Photography

    “There’s no subject in any of these. It has to have a subject to be interesting,” she would always say about my pictures. Although the class was tough, I took so many photos during my eventual 2 years in photography. With seventh grade over, and summer in full swing, I began to dive into photography. I purchased a brand new camera, a Nikon D5100 DSLR with two lenses. It was with practice and this new camera that I started getting creative. I worked on setting up shots, checking weather, reading…

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  • Office Manager Advantages And Disadvantages

    office manager. While the physician is busy with patients, it is the office manager’s job to ensure that the business side of the practice is running smoothly. An office manager’s responsibility is to oversee the office operations such as financial management, patient communication, overseeing the office staff, medical records management, and scheduling. Gaining a job as an office manager is desirable yet difficult, but with the proper education and experience, it can be achieved. The position…

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  • Gothic Elements In Gothic Literature

    areas that had never been discussed or even thought of before. The use of such Gothic elements is very much prevalent today in stories, poems, books, t.v. shows, and movies. The writers’ who began this movement toward the darker side are given the credit for how much effect Gothic style writing had during these writers time period and still has on today’s culture. Work Cited Thompson. G.R., ed 1974, p.5 “Introduction: Romanticism and the Gothic Tradition, Washington state University…

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