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  • Bail And Law To Justice

    BAIL AND ACCESS TO JUSTICE Introduction The granting of bail is guided by the constitution and the criminal procedure code. Bail is granted to arrested persons either at the police station or after one has been charged in a court of law. An arrested person or accused is presumed innocent till proven guilty thus his/her freedom of movement should not unnecessarily be curtailed. Therefore issuance of bail is aimed at ensuring that the accused person attends his trial when required to do so. In my analysis of bail, I have considered it alongside access to justice. Having in mind that justice must not only be done but seen to be done. This topic is indeed of great interest to me given that I have previously had an opportunity (during my judicial…

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  • Bail System Analysis

    and bail systems. In order to identify the failures of the current system, it is necessary to find out how and why they failed in order to guide the reforming process. The articles below do three things to help identify what actions need to take place to reform these systems in a positive way, they show what the system was intended to do, how/why it has failed, and how it can be fixed. Preventive Detention before Trial. (1966). Harvard Law Review, 79(7), 1489-1510. In this Harvard Law Review,…

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  • Bail Bonds Case Study

    procedures in place that have to be followed. Typically, the arrested individual will have a bail amount that has to be paid before you can bring them home. The bail bonds Tampa amount can be paid through a bail bond office since it 's often too much money for an individual to pay in full. The bail bond amount is…

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  • Imagery And Symbolism In Mccarthy's Picturebook Horses

    boys arrive at the jail they are greeted by Blevins, who they later learn has killed three men. When speaking with blevins, Rawlins asks “You told em to hunt us, didn’t you?” which brings to light the lack of trust Rawlins has in Blevins (158). Rawlins blames Blevins for their current situation; no horses which symbolizes freedom for the boys. While in the jail John Grady had a dream where “he himself could run with the horses”, which symbolizes him remembering what he left home to do (161). In…

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  • Incarceration Among Criminals

    If you cannot afford a lawyer, one will be appointed for you if you so desire.” (United States Constitution) Many people in society get arrested for things they did not do because they fit a description of the suspect but is this fair? About 10,000 people in the United States may be wrongfully convicted of serious crimes each year, a new study suggests. This results were based on a survey of 188 judges, prosecuting attorneys, public defender’s sheriffs and police chiefs in Ohio and 41 state…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Filibustering

    the unfortunate story that most poor African-American face with the legal system. Throughout his book, he presents the readers with unfortunate ways innocent individuals are processed through the legal system and ultimately sentenced to the death penalty. One of the instruments he discusses that unfortunately disproportionately affect poor citizens is the implementation of bail. Although the 8th amendment rules against excessive bail, the law in theory does not match its execution because of the…

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  • Criminal Justice Reflection Paper

    circumstance that brought the accused before the magistrate, followed by the magistrate asked a handful of questions and then allowed sufficient deliberation time before giving out a sentence. The time spent varied with complex cases taking 15-25 minutes and minor cases taking under 2 minutes. The majority of cases were adjournment requests to reschedule the accused’s court date, as they needed time to apply for legal aid, which the magistrate granted in most cases (Auburn, Hay and Wilkinson…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Cop

    give her another call? So he said that he’d let me call her again. So after finishing the scan, I called my mother and she told me she already came to the police department and that they wouldn’t let her pay them. She needed to find a bail bond to post bail with. Then she calmly asked me if I hit the officer. After hearing my mother question me that, I started crying dramatically. I couldn’t believe that is what I heard. I was in shock and felt as if I was in a dream. My mother then said that…

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  • Essay On Biological Father

    was my criminal justice disciplinarian. The course was structured around the sixth amendment. Everyone has the right to a free trial. I had to rid my mind of what I now know to be unjust thinking. How can I say that I wanted to pursue a career as an attorney and take an oath to be a standing officer of the law when I was so narrow-minded? I was also battling with my spiritual side. As a Christian I expect God to forgive me for my wrongdoings and pray that I have a second chance. In my eyes I…

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  • What Is My First Impression Essay

    showed up. Destiny explained that the gang of guys wanted to fight and were not leaving until they got to fight someone. The man Destiny was with decided to be the one to fight the other guy. Both of the guys faced each other and the fight started, but the other guy was losing so he pulled out a gun. Everyone ran in a panic towards the house, while people were running somebody called the cops. Nobody knows who it was Destiny said, but the cops started arresting everyone that was there. Destiny…

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