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  • Buddhism Research Paper

    Buddhism was first spread to Korea in 372, a period which there had three kingdoms on the Korean peninsula, they were Goguryeo (37 BC-AD 668), Baekje (18 BC-AD 660) and Silla (57 BC-935 AD). There were many reasons for the approval of the three kingdoms, but the acceptance and respect of Buddhism not only represents a religious event or advent philosophy, but also it was a decision which had huge cultural, political and social ramifications for the three kingdoms. For example, the sutras and manuscripts brought Chinese calligraphy, arts and techniques, cultivation of ethic thoughts, stories of good behaviors to the peninsula. As Kim Sung-woo states that, for Goguryeo and Baekje, Buddhism could be interpreted as an imported advance culture which relate to China, this is also the reason why the royal families were the main patron of Buddhism(2007,pp11). For Silla, some indigenous belief was engrained in the time, but under the concern of protecting the state and bringing the people together spiritually, Buddhism was introduced as a way of comforting military insecurity in society as well. Therefore, Buddhist temple and monastery were built numerously in Korea during the time(2007,pp11). However, alone with various cultural and commercial exchange with China since ancient history, some non-Buddhist thinking was introduced to Korea in earlier time, such as Taoist related elements, geomancy (fengshui). Fengshui (translated as pungsu in Korean) is an essential architectural factor…

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  • Korea Cultural Influence

    Significant Major Influences through Art Over the years, art has been a factor of cultural influence through trade routes and systems between cities. Many artifacts have been traded, gifted and found in countries that relate to similar works in another. In Ancient China, the first of Buddhists receptacles have dated back to the late fourth century, and in about three centuries later, the same relics have been found in Korea. These receptacles are Buddhist Reliquaries, or more specifically…

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