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  • Ballet: The Risks And Effects Of Ballet

    The Risks and Effects of Ballet Ballet is an artistic dance which involves elegant movements, precise steps, and fancy gestures. With the use of pointe shoes, leotards, and determination, ballet dancers perform exquisite performances. However, before all the performances go on, difficult practices push these dancers to achieve very high standards. Ballet dancers practice until they believe they have reached perfection. Many times, this willpower causes dancers to go through terrible injuries and pain. Ballet dancers expect perfection and push through these injuries. This then leads to long term injuries and negative psychological effects. Although there are some benefits to practicing ballet, the risks outweigh the benefits because…

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  • Ballet History

    The PowerPoint eight sheds a light on my knowledge and understanding about ballet. I am totally astonished to learn in the “History of Ballet” video that King Louis XIV was the father of this kind of art form. That is probably why I always feel and view ballet as one of the most graceful and classy types of dance. Even though ballet is typical and unique with five basic steps or positions that were invented by King Louis XIV and still applied till today, it has a wide variety of aspects and has…

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  • Ballet Injury

    Ballet is beautiful, challenging, and full of joy. But did you know it can keep you fit and reduce injuries? At The Ridgefield School of Dance in Ridgefield, CT, they offer ballet, jazz, lyrical, and tap dancing lessons for those ages five and over. Taught by experienced professional dancers, their state-of-the-art dance classes spread ability, grace, and strength to their students. It’s no secret that ballet is a skill that requires discipline. Most who learn, though, find the skill brings…

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  • Urban Ballet

    I attended the performance entitled, Urban Ballet, at the Houston City Dance Studio. The studio is located near the Heights of Downtown Houston. Unbeknown to me, the show I saw on Saturday was their last performance. It consists of assorted styles of dance depicting the struggles of being an African-American using the music of Tupac. The Houston City Dance Studio is a nonprofit dance school and performing arts organization offering classes in ballet, jazz, tap, and modern dance. It was founded…

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  • Evolution Of Ballet

    When you think of ballet the many things that comes to mind is tutus and pointe shoes. Although many people don't know the true history and origin of ballet it's safe to say that ballet has become a style dance that is well know around the world from all walks of life. Ballet is an art form which is evolving and changing with the years to come. Ballet began in the 15th century Italian Renaissance courts. The term “Ballet” comes from the italian word ‘ballare” which translates to “to dance”.…

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  • Ballet Dance History

    The word “Ballet” itself is French in origin, ballet is a classical dance form with flowing patterns to create expression through movement. It’s a form of art just like how artists express themselves through paintings, ballet dancers show passion through dancing. Over the years ballet has changed in every way. In the early 1400’s an Italian man named Domenico described theatrical dances called Balletto. Luxurious pageants of music and dance would be done, women and men both would attend these…

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  • Essay On Ballet Dance

    a strong connection to ballet. When I was in elementary school my mom put me in ballet classes because she saw my connection to ballet. I loved ballet and I enjoyed learning the movements. Unfortunately, as I grew older I suffered from severe stage fright, so I stopped dancing. Although I did not stop admiring ballet, I decorated my room in a ballerina theme, I went and watched many performances as well. From my admiration of ballet, I have learned a lot about the history, types of ballets,…

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  • Ballet Dance Critique

    Article Review The beauty and elegance of a ballet dancer is achieved with years of technical training. Like with any sport, to be great, a ballet dancer must train with the expectation that his or her efforts will help one to achieve excellence. Ballet dance is competitive. Without proper technical training, the odds of making it as a professional dancer are little to none. It is due to this small window of opportunity that ballet dancers are willing to put their bodies through strenuous and…

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  • Gender Stereotypes And Masks In Ballet

    Ballet Did you know that in 1672 all parts in ballet were performed by male dancers in wigs and masks to make them look like female so they could play both roles? Very few women were allowed to perform because the males thought they weren’t good enough now, most men have lost interest in ballet and it’s mostly girls performing. Point shoes are the main part of the ballerinas outfit. Female ballerinas wear knee length tutus to show of points and curves. They also wear leotards, and usually…

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  • Ballet Sweat And Tears Summary

    This video “Ballet, Sweat, and Tears” highlights dancers who study ballet at the Vaganova Ballet Academy. One of the thing that I notice is that these young girls spend many hours in hard training and endless castings to show off their perfect form and their talent. Since childhood they give their lives to a professional path through the ballet academies. They are shut away from their own family and friends. These girls don’t have any personal time, their days are given over to endless practice…

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