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  • Essay On Dance/Movement Therapy

    Dance/movement therapy is a type of therapy that uses movement to help people achieve emotional, mental, physical and social integration. Movement is used as a vehicle for self-expression since it works with the entire person, it integrates movement, creative process, and verbal communication. It is beneficial for the physical and mental health. It can be used to reduce stress, prevent diseases and mood management. It also increased muscular strength, coordination, mobility, and decrease muscular tension. It can be used by everyone. Dance/movement therapy promotes self-awareness, self-esteem, and safe space for the expression of feelings. It was founded between 1960-1970 with the idea that motion and emotions are interconnected. In 1966, the…

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  • Essay On Dance Therapy

    (b) Dance Therapy Another significant value of dance as an art is its use in therapy. For many years, dances have been significantly used in therapy; however, its particular role in therapy is still under study. In many occasions, dance has been used in therapy to facilitate self-awareness, reduces anxiety, enhance body-mind connectivity, enhance self-esteem, maintain or increase mobility, as well as encourage reminiscing. As a therapy treatment, dance method primarily focuses on non-verbal…

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  • Personal Narrative: Dance Movement Therapy

    In addition, living with a stepfather who has muscular nerve damage throughout the entire left side of his body is heartbreaking. When you are used to seeing a man who climbed mountains, ran marathons, and served his country as a Sargent First Class Drill Instructor for the Marines and can no longer do the things he loves is why I am going into Dance Movement Therapy. A few years ago I was privileged enough to aid in teaching dance to others who are not as privileged as me to experience the…

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  • Dance/Movement Therapy Research Paper

    Dance/ Movement Therapy The book “Expressive Therapies” edited by Cathy A. Malchiodi, a licensed clinical mental health counselor, art therapist, and expressive arts therapist, introduces all of the major expressive art therapies. In one of its chapter “Dance/Movement Therapy”, Suzan T. Loman, the director of the Dance/Movement Therapy Program, discusses the outline of dance/movement therapy and introduces different kinds of methods of dance/movement therapy. According the Loman, dance has…

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  • Essay On Ballet Dance Therapy

    Ballet dance therapy creates many benefits to the physically and mentally challenged. Ballet dance therapy is “The psychotherapeutic use of dance and movements to enhance communication of emotions and behaviors and also improve motor ability.” This form of ballet includes many techniques to help the person fight their disability. It involves mirroring the movements of the dance teacher therefore increasing movement vocab, the dance teacher imitating the patient, and touch therapy which includes…

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  • Analysis Of Untying The Knots: Dance Therapy

    Dance therapy is a way to bring families together by letting them express themselves and spend quality time. The journal article is titled Untying the Knots: Dance/movement Therapy with a Family Exposed to Domestic Violence by Christina Devereaux evaluated dance therapy as a primary intervention technique for a family who underwent domestic violence (Devereaux, 2008). The case study members were a mother named Laurie who was 44 years old and her two daughters named Nicole, 12 years old and…

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  • Personal Narrative: Shut Up And Dance

    Shut Up and Dance At the age of three, I walked on stage to perform my very first dance recital. Little did my parents know that I wasn’t there to dance but to fluff up the tutus of my fellow dancers. I was very concerned with the beauty of myself and my classmates. That’s why I made sure to help them look their prettiest. That was my main concern as a young child but as time as gone on, I have grown up. I now care about more things then my dance class or team being pretty. I care about my…

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  • Andrea Rizzo Foundation Case Study

    follow the dream of Andrea Rizzo, who as a child was diagnosed and treated for cancer. Later her dream was to become a dance therapist to share her experience and passion until unfortunately a drunk driver hit her. The Andrea Rizzo Foundation has its own mission and reason as to why it was created: Andréa Rizzo had a love of life that was felt by all who knew her. She was a loving daughter, only child, compassionate friend, dedicated Special Education teacher, gifted dancer and childhood cancer…

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  • The AXIS Dance Company

    November 17, 2015, I had the pleasure of viewing AXIS Dance Company. The show was help at the NJPAC in Newark New Jersey, at 7:30 pm. Prior to viewing the show; I possessed little to know information on the company. This was a new concept for me: I usually like to do a lot of research before I go to see a dance company. I wanted this time to be different. Upon picking a dance company to go see live, I stumbled upon the AXIS Dance Company, I had never heard of this particular dance and their…

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  • Sample Dance Concert Review

    Sixteen weeks filled with endless hours of practice, learning choreography, learning formations and perfecting transitions. Dozens of individual dancers moving in unison as a unit, a family, showcasing our legacy. Twenty years worth of sweat, sacrifice, and vulnerability will be displayed on stage tonight. This was not my first performance or concert, but none were this monumental. The twentieth anniversary of Hypersquad. As the sun begins to set the sky ablaze in shades of red, orange, and…

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