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  • Martha Duncan Dance Techniques

    such as: Doris Humphrey, Martha graham and Charles Weidman, all of which dispersed into autonomous choreographic works that are recognisable in todays contemporary dance world. Upon reflection, Doris Humphrey and Charles Weidman decided to leave the company in 1928 to pursue their own choreographic journey. They felt that the current exploration they were subjected to was simply not enough. They settled in New York where they became pioneers of the revolutionary dance from known as Modern Dance. She appreciated the colourful and revolutionised flair that she was subjected whilst with Denishawn, but thought that there was a deeper meaning that could be approached and explored. “Doris Humphrey realized the inadequacy of the colorful but superficial Denishawn dances. Seeking a deeper understanding of the movement possibilities of the human body and its universal expressiveness, she created a new vocabulary based on the principle of fall and recovery from gravity.” (Barzel, n.d.) The stray from Denishawn, and adaption of principles, allowed for Doris to become a huge pioneer within the contemporary dance industry. Drawing upon the themes of falling and recovering Humphrey was able to create a new wave of movement and technique that is still performed, practiced and taught to present day. Water Study, Premiered in New York on October 28, 1928 at the Civic Repertory Theater. The piece itself leaves very little room for interpretation as the main focal point was for Doris to…

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  • Jose Limon Essay

    Revolution. After graduating from Lincoln High school, Limon attended UCLA as an art major. He moved to New York City in 1928 to study at the New York school of design. There he was inspired to begin training as a dancer after he attended a dance production by Yvonne Georgi and Harald Kreutzberg. He trained with Charles Weidman and Doris Humphrey at the Humphrey-Weidman Studio and then began dancing for their company professionally. From the 1930's to the 40's, Limon danced with the…

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  • Ted Shawn's Theory Of Dance Culture

    married Ted Shawn as soon as they met. In an other part, she was also exposed to various philosophies that involves religious movements. Indeed, Ruth St Dennis was fascinated with mysticism, as a result, she began to see dance as a root for the expression of spiritual and emotional truths. Shortly after that, the married couple founded the Denishwan company that change the entire course of dance revolution. The charisma of Ruth for her talent to seduce the audience with her exquisite oriental…

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  • Art Of Healing

    The Art of Healing was performed by the Ailey Ⅱ company in the Grand Opera House in Wilmington, which started at 7:30pm on October 28th, 2016. The show started at 7;30 pm and lasted for about one an hour and a half. And it included three dances and two intermissions. The dances were Circular, Sketches of Flames, and Revelations. Circular and Sketches of flames are newly choreographed dances by Jae Man Joo and Bridget L. Moore respectively. While Revelations is was originally choreographed by…

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  • The Art Of Dance: Culture, Spirituality, And Traditions

    Dance may be perceived by some as merely choreography overlaid with music that governs the tempo and overall feel of the piece, however the art of dance is rooted in deeper facets such as culture, ritual, spirituality, and tradition. The culture and traditions that lead to certain dance styles and moves can be traced back somewhat to the economic and political status of the time period and location of the dance. For example, in Mary Wigman’s Hexantanz, or “Witch Dance” (1914), it’s not hard to…

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  • Dance Concert Critique

    Being able to choreograph and perform in dance concert is a very unique and amazing experience. Creating ideas with everyone around you and transforming those ideas into a masterpiece is a process like no other. With everyone’s opinions out in thin air, you can put all of your ideas into one to create something so beautiful. In Modern especially it was really intriguing to watch the whole process of how the dance was created. Since we did originally have a combo to go off of, it was different…

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  • Wigman Dance Analysis

    - Time differences It is clear from the living times of the two great dancers that they lived in different times with Wigman having the peak of her career in the early 40s while Pina was active up to the close of the 20th century and even in the beginning of the 21sst century. The differences create Pina as an image of a modern dancer who found the stage well set without much hindrance. On the other hand, Wigman was among the pioneers who were responsible for setting the stage. It follows that…

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  • Bob Marley's Influence On Contemporary Dance

    The art of contemporary dance was born around the 1980’s and this art referred to the movement of new dancers who did not want to follow strict classical ballet and lyrical dance forms, but instead wanted to explore the concept of revolutionary unconventional movements that were gathered from all dance styles of the world. Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements. Contemporary dances therefore do not use fixed or established movement patterns but…

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  • Dance Reflective Essay

    Learning information on the Limón release and suspension technique and Doris Humphrey’s fall and recovery technique, I was able to implement this into the modern dance course. I allowed my body to give into gravity, but also remembering the use of breath and musicality. I gained knowledge on the changes in history of ballet from the beginning to present day. Knowing ballerinas were required to wear corsets to keep their upper body straight inspired me to imagine I was wearing one during class to…

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  • How Did Martha Contribute To Dance

    Martha was inspired by St. Denis performance at the Mason Opera House and enrolled in an arts oriented junior college and later at the Denishawn School, which was founded by Ruth St. Denis and her husband Ted Shawn to teach techniques world dance. She worked a period of time with Ted Shawn and Martha improved her dancing skills. She is recognized for her first role of an attacked Aztec maiden, “Xochital” and a dance made for her by Shawn. By 1923, eight years after entering Denishawn, she found…

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