Dance Concert Critique

Being able to choreograph and perform in dance concert is a very unique and amazing experience. Creating ideas with everyone around you and transforming those ideas into a masterpiece is a process like no other. With everyone’s opinions out in thin air, you can put all of your ideas into one to create something so beautiful. In Modern especially it was really intriguing to watch the whole process of how the dance was created. Since we did originally have a combo to go off of, it was different watching all the different groups create a combo over the steps but just in a different format. Being able to perform a piece that is so special to you is something that I really like about dance concert. I really loved coming together as a class and seeing everyone’s ideas. During the choreographic process of …show more content…
All the dancers that participated in it all had their own personal stories that they could relate to which made the dance so special. Everyone was truly happy to be performing and telling the story. Another thing that really worked well with the dance was all the different parts throughout the dance along with the formations. Never did I once get bored and drift off into space while that dance was on stage. The choreography was so dynamic and unique that you never knew what to watch because everything that was going on was so beautiful. Some things that could have been better about the piece was really committing to the movement along with the facial expressions. I felt that some people in the dancers were not very confident in the movement that they were doing. Along with the dancing some of them did not commit to the facials. For example if they were to be portraying that they were lost without God they just had a blank look on their face rather than a lost look. Then when they finally found the right path some of them just had an awkward smile on rather than a pleasant uplifting

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