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  • Modern Dance History

    Three Artists: Throughout this mass world of dance, there are many extraordinary choreographers, dancers, artists, and innovators that impact young artists. Sometimes we tend to forget the different eras of dance. For example, the early to mid twentieth century, 1960s-1980s, and of course the twenty-first century. It is important to understand the evolution of how modern dance evolved. It provides us a history and background, so we can grasp a better understanding on what it is we are learning or performing. In the earlier days, modern was just modern and then it molded into postmodern and finally, postmodern contemporary. Choreographers like Martha Graham, Alvin Ailey, and David Parsons have impacted the way modern has changed by their movement,…

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  • Alvin Ailey: Modern Dance

    Saki Hinaga Dance 100 Theory Outline Argumentative Research Statement: The purpose of this project is to show summary of how Alvin Ailey popularized modern dance around the world in 20th century. This project will focus on how his thought and works motivated African American people for their dreams and influenced people as not only a dancer but also a humanist. Theoretical Approach Argument: The theoretical approach in this research of this project is race and culture. In the Mid 20th…

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  • Modern Dance Research Paper

    structure of ballet would you consider the early onset of modern dance relative to feminist ideals? Please support your thoughts based on the required textbook reading and any outside research you may have investigated. I would not consider the early onset of modern dance relative to feminist ideals because in the textbook said that “Isadora was teaching ballroom dancing to Californians in need of social polish.” That is mean that people can dance and they do not have to get a permission to…

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  • Modern Dance Performance Analysis

    Two modern dance masters of the twentieth century, Merce Cunningham (1919 - 2009) and Alvin Ailey (1931 - 1989) both deceased and both from entirely different backgrounds, created genius compositions of movement and interpretation as exhibited on stage through their chosen art, modern dance. Suite for Five by Merce Cunningham (1956) and Revelations by Alvin Ailey (1960) were considered to be some of their greatest compositions and although the pieces were created and performed within four years…

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  • Martha Graham Influence On Modern Dance

    In the wake of the 20th century, a canon known as modern dance emerged. Dissatisfied with the shallow characteristics that ballet embodied, dancers began searching for a more meaningful form of movement. Not often receiving the public attention and appreciation that dance styles require to earn artistic respect, modern dance was perpetually pushed away from art culture (Foulkes). It lacked the strictness of curriculum, which held ballet in such high esteem. I am going to discuss one of, if not…

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  • Alvin Ailey's Legacy In Modern Dance

    Alvin Ailey’s Legacy in Modern Dance Alvin Ailey was one of the greatest choreographers of his time and his legacy still lives on through his techniques and his preeminent dance company. Despite racial issues growing up, he overcame them by building a successful career based on expressing his emotions of the life he lived as a child. After graduating high school, he learned from one of the greatest modern choreographers who came before him, later landed a job on Broadway, and then created his…

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  • Martha Graham's Influence On Modern Dance

    Graham’s lifetime, the world profound dancer and choreographer redefined modern dance as it was seen at this time. Graham was born in Allegheny, Pennsylvania, on May 11, 1894. Graham was identified as a pioneer and innovator of modern dance in this era as she rebelled against other creator’s of modern dance. Her influence on modern dance can be seen through the codified system of technique she created. This is likewise perceived through Graham developing choreographies using unique themes such…

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  • Martha Graham: The Mother Of Modern Dance

    If you are wondering who one of the most influential dancers of the 20th century was, as well as the person who is considered to be the “mother of modern dance”, then you need to take a look at Martha Graham. Graham was born in Pennsylvania on May 11, 1894, but it wasn’t until she was 17 that she really got into studying dance fully. After watching Ruth St. Denis perform, Graham was inspired to learn to do the same, and begged her parents to allow her the luxury of taking classes.…

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  • The Post Modern Dance Movement

    American dance is defined by the manifestations of central and Western Africa and European aesthetic. It is built on the idea that dance is a platform for self-expression thus it is bound to change and develop based on the needs, interests, personalities and desires of the dancers. Likewise, the social and political issues rampant in society play a significant role in its evolution. It began as a revolt against the confining rules of the society and over the years, rebellion has become one of…

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  • Modern Dance Observation Report

    I had the ability to observe the Modern Dance class here on the Montgomery campus. It was taught within a theater black box with desks on risers against the walls and mirrors along the front. The class only had six students, all who looked like college-level beginners varying from newly into college and adults. Overall the girls do not really talk a lot, but they all seem engaged in learning what Professor Nirider has to say. They act as a very close-knit group, always willing to help another…

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