Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music

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  • The History Of Country Music

    Music in general has evolved so much over the years. Interesting enough many different genres of music have been added to the world of music. There have also been quite a few new sub-genres created. Even business in the music industry has changed, in the following document as a reader you will explore how country music has gone from traditional country, to what some now refer to as “Modern Country” or “Bro-Country”. The following document will not only focus on the music itself but also how is it has affected the artistry in the craftsmanship of country music as a whole. Traditional country music has had an unmentioned, yet noticeable set of norms and standards throughout the history of country music. Take the lyrics of traditional country…

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  • Mulatu Astatke Boomerang

    hypothesis applied to many different genres of popular music from the continent of Africa. For some African countries and its people, the boomerang was released during the slave trade. Not until slavery was abolished did the boomerang finally return to its origin. For other African countries, the boomerang was flung out much later, during the periods of colonization in the 19th and 20th centuries. Via newly formed travel lanes by European colonizers, the boomerangs were able to explore the…

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  • How Did Country Music Develop

    Emerging from the southern states of the USA, country music was one of the earliest genres in modern American history. The birthplace of country, or early folk music, was in Bristol, Tennessee. This developing style is a mix of folk music from the British Isles, church hymns, and African American blues. By the early 1900s, the recording industry was booming and brought about many new talents. In 1927, Ralph Peer of Victor Records noticed that most musicians had to travel to New York to make…

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  • American Music In The 1930's

    With the rise of popular stars such as Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift, many people think that country music is a new genre. The truth is that country has a long standing tradition in American music, going all the way back to the 1930's. The history of this music is important to understand if someone is curious about how it has become such an immensely popular genre today. When country music first hit the popular music scene in the 1930's, it was in a form known as honky tonk music. The genre…

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  • Middle East Culture Essay

    Middle East has different quality with other music, that music tends to the strong melodies and it also rhythms which very complex. In Middle East the vocalist more use sound that come out from nasal because their more prioritize nasal quality. That is very different than western vocalist, in western more prefer to use chest sound for sing. That all reason happens because of the different of the culture. Like food, music in Middle East also gets influence by religion culture in Middle East. Now…

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  • Country Music Essay

    Music it is more than just noise it has a purpose. Music is here to calm you, entertain you. I will be talking about music and how it affects us and everything else. Music means sounds combined to make a melody that appeals to you. Music effects everything that include movies, dances, and just being with family and friends. How does music effect movies? Have you ever tried to find a movie that doesn’t have any music in it, if you have and you probably didn’t find any? You know why, because it…

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  • Importance Of Culture In Bhutan

    remained isolated from rest of the countries until 1950s and preserved their unique traditions and cultures, the people’s life was very hard and harsh, faced with natural calamities. They lived by working hard to support their family lives and serving local leaders. Rapid development and modernization, the Bhutanese society has gone through many changes and modern lifestyles have made more comfortable life of the people. The modern technology and facilities has also bought numerous changes in…

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  • Music, The Brain, And Ecstasy By Robert Jourdain

    why you always happened to get that one song stuck in your head? Well, those questions have been answered by Robert Jourdain in his nonfiction book Music, the Brain, and Ecstasy. Jourdain begins his book with the simplest aspect of sound, the first puzzle piece of how music became a worldwide sensation that can be seen in basically every culture on Earth. That puzzle piece is hearing, and how our ears have evolved to understand, interpret, and enjoy all different forms of music. He then moves…

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  • Miles Davis Kind Of Blue Analysis

    In modern day, there are all types of music that have stemmed from the very beginning of time and music techniques. Jazz is a genre of music that has changed focus from the strict playing of the music and rhythms to a more free and fun style, giving musicians more freedom to play music how they like and how they choose to when it comes to entertaining audiences. There are two main musicians who are an example of jazz at its finest, and they are Miles Davis and Steve Reich. Miles Davis is an…

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  • Bagirrbarra Song Analysis

    namely “Bagirrburra” created in modern times by Ashley Saltner and Jai Cummings in collaboration with Troy Wyles, an elder of Warrgamay clan. Warrgamay people have lived in areas surrounding Ingham and the Herbert River for centuries (Bottoms 2013, p. 192). The State Library of Queensland (2015) states “Warrgamay is spoken in North Queensland, particularly in the Cardwell region, as well as the Herbert River Catchment”. The song ‘Bagirrbarra’ is a song that is important to Warrgamay indigenous…

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