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  • Classroom Management Reflection

    mastery on the assignment in Module 1. Module 1 content was readings from the IRIS website. The content I read related to classroom behavior problems that an educator would encounter and strategies that could be used. After reading the IRIS module I was able to complete the assignment for module 1 with ease. The assignment questions were well written that I was able to complete with the material I had just read from IRIS module. 2. Reflect and discuss how the content in Module 2 prepared you to demonstrate mastery on the assignment in Module 2. Writing a reflection was the assignment for module 2. There were some articles to read for this assignment. However, the articles focused on one main point: classroom management. While I was reading…

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  • Module 3 Module 1 Analysis

    others. For example, Module 2: Introduction to Flanders seemed to be shorter in length than any other of my other discussions up until that point. I struggled to find the words to analyze Giovanni Arnolfini and his Bride. My discussions before this one consisted of nearly 200 words and my discussion for this particular analyzation of this piece barley had 100 words. Another one of these discussions I struggled to make 100 words for was Module 2: From Flanders to Florence. I think Module 2 itself…

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  • Diversity Module Outline

    Outline 9 Events for Diversity Module 1. Gaining attention a. Module begins with diverse people faces showing on the computer screen b. The words Diversity Training appears at the top of the screen c. Module continues with showing different languages saying hello d. Screen prompts students to enter their name and employee number e. Record name and employee number and track each screen student completes in case they end the session before completing the training module f. Welcome message…

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  • Flat Plate Collector Essay

    other irradiance, G, is I_l (G)=(G/G_0 ) I_l (G_0) 2 Voc Voc, the open circuit voltage, is the voltage measured with an open circuit. It is measured with the module in full sunlight using a voltmeter attached to the positive and negative leads of the module. On the I-V curve, this is the point where the curve crosses 0 amps. This is the maximum voltage that the module can produce on a sunny day…

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  • Solar Energy Papers

    Running a typical hot water heaters will cost over four hundred dollars a year. Solar hot water heaters consist of a solar module on a rooftop with the most sunlight (Springer). In that module are tubes that collect the solar energy of the sun to heat up the cold water. The now hot water travels to an insulated holding tank that can hold in heat and keep out the cold. Another solar hot water heater can have a booster that runs off of electricity that warms the water before traveling to the roof…

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  • Module 40 Themes

    Myers, D. & DeWall, N. (2015) use Module 40 to describe stress and the illnesses that accompany it. I will use Module 40 to further describe three out of the five themes linked to a scriptural view of the way humans are, given by Moes and Tellinghuisen (2014). These three themes are: Humans Are Broken, in Need of Redemption; Humans Are Embodied; and Humans Are Responsible Limited Agents. Myers, D. & DeWall, N. (2015) don’t mention the need of redemption in their textbook, but the theme that…

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  • Solar Energy System Advantages And Disadvantages

    individual PV cell is usually small, typically producing about 1 or 2 watts of power. To boost the power output of PV cells, they are connected together to form larger units called modules. Modules, in turn, can be connected to form even larger units called arrays, which can be interconnected to produce more power, and so on. In this way, PV systems can be built to meet almost any electric power need, small or large. Cells: Semiconductor device…

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  • Reading Module Essay

    2.0 Reading 2.1 Introduction The purpose of the Reading module is to gauge your capacity to read and answer questions about passages. There are 3 passages, and after each passage there are 12 to 14 questions giving a total of 39 questions. There are usually 600 to 700 words in each passage. You have 60 minutes to complete this module. 2.2 Skills Required 1 You need to be able to scan for details. 2 You have to use clues associated with context to comprehend the meaning of words. 3 To be…

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  • How Photovoltaics Work Summary

    electricity with the use of photovoltaic cells/modules, also called solar cells/modules. One spaceship, called the ISS, uses decades old solar cells which convert 14% of the sun’s energy into electricity which shows its (the Sun’s light) strength, but the main question spaceship builders want to know is “Where is the edge of sunlight?”, aka where does the solar energy fall off so much that it is no longer useful to harness. Another path of research that researchers are exploring is the use of…

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  • Wind Energy: The Future Of Renewable Energy

    In 1839, a French physicist Edmund Becquerel proposed that few materials have the ability to produce electricity when exposed to sunlight. But Albert Einstein explained the photoelectric effect and the nature of light in 1905. Photoelectric effect state that when photons or sunlight strikes to a metal surface flow of electrons will take place. Later photoelectric effect became the basic principle for the technology of photovoltaic power generation. The first PV module was manufactured by Bell…

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