Modern Standard Arabic

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  • The Tower Of Babel: The First Universal Language

    Arab speaking community and their experience in standardizing their language. The problem was addressed with the creation of Modern Standard Arabic. This language is universally used “across the Middle East, North Africa, [and the] Horn of Africa” (Thompson). In addition it is “one of the official six languages of the United Nations” (Thompson). This language is based on Classical Arabic, which is used in the Quran and early Islamic literature, but the similarities end there. Modern Standard Arabic is the official business and social language of the Arab world, but elements of the different dialects still exist within the individual communities. These dialects are never used outside of the given community. In other words, there is never confusion between the different dialects and the Modern Standard Arabic. They are never mixed. The essay “Authority and American Usage” by David Foster Wallace states that everybody is “…fluent in more than one major English dialect and in several sub-dialects and are probably at least passable in countless others. Which dialect you choose to use depends, of course, on whom you’re addressing” (Wallace 101). Isn’t the statement by Wallace a reflection of what is occurring in the Arab speaking world with Modern Standard Arabic? Many would argue that Standardization of English can be achieved using the Modern Standard Arabic model. The belief that vibrant cultural heritages would be hindered is not true. Each individual culture will be…

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  • Standard Arabic Essay

    Arabic has been called the language of Adam and Eve, making it one of the oldest written languages in human history. In its modern form, Arabic is spoken by 422 million individuals worldwide, making it the fifth most commonly utilized language. Central Semitic in classification, it developed from a Proto-Semitic predecessor and has evolved significantly with time. Today, based purely on linguistic grounds, one could argue that Arabic is in fact not one distinct language, but is several because…

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  • The Shifting Meanings Of Our Evolving Modern Language

    In other words, we have a different way from the previous generations, but so will the coming generations have a different way from us. John McWhorter in his interview on the podcast "The Shifting Meanings of Our Evolving Modern Language," comments on this and explains that a word is not something that is, but rather a process. An inevitable process of morphing. He says: "language is something that always change. It is not that it will change in a way that it will have new words for new things,…

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  • Saudi Arabian Culture: Bedouin Traditions

    Introduction Saudi Arabian culture is well enriched and shaped by the Bedouin traditions and Islamic heritage. Their values and traditions are rooted in the Arab customs and Islam teachings which are learned at a tender age from the Quran. The passage of these beliefs from one generation to another has been accomplished through family and school teachings. Essentially, the customs generally expressed include hospitality and dress code, which are evident in the modern world. Islamic beliefs and…

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  • Calligraphy In Islamic Culture

    So significant, in fact, calligraphy has begun to gain popularity again in modern times. The ancient art form is "undergoing something of a renaissance" (Parry, First 50) in Middle Eastern countries. Average citizens today are turning to calligraphic art "as a way of rediscovering their roots" (Parry, Calligraphy 54). The "tremendous upsurge in public interest in...calligraphy" (54) has even led to the exhibition of traditional and contemporary calligraphic works by 45 Islamic artists in…

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  • Galvanized Nails, Quality Control And Green Chemistry Summary

    policies and green chemistry policies. Green Chemistry is the practice of chemistry in an environmentally safe way to prevent pollution. We used green chemistry to minimize the amount of waste we were to be creating. We ended up creating waste from degalvanizing nails. There was a 6 molar solution of hydrochloric acid that stripped the zinc on the nails. Nails are dipped in zinc to prevent rusting. The amount of zinc placed on these nails has to comply with industry standards. A high standard…

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  • ASTM Standards: Consensus Standards For Systems, Services, Materials And Product

    ASTM STANDARDS Short introduction – ASTM standards are consensus standards for systems, services, materials and products. ‘ASTM International’ is one of the largest voluntary standard developing organization in the world. It is a non-profit organization that provides a forum for the development and publication of international voluntary standards. There are approximately 12,575 ASTM standards that operate globally. TESTING ASTM STANDARDS- Scope- There test methods help in the determining of…

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  • Influential Factors In Rameck's The Pact

    is an inspiring book about three young men rising from the streets and fulfilling a dream to become doctors. Their experiences and emotions educate teachers about the daily struggles students face, while also helping teachers comprehend Standards Two and Three of the New Jersey Professional Standards for Teachers. This is especially true when considering the three young men’s assets and liabilities that contributed to their learning, such as such as their individual experiences, family, and…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Business Laws

    far more profitable than an honest one. Although laws about murder may not be as serious as a laws about embezzlement, the same idea applies here. Without businesses having a standard that they must adhere to, it would be far easier and more profitable to live a life of corruption. Sure it 's easy to believe that many people have too good of a conscious to commit harmful acts, but if these acts still occur while there are tremendous consequences on the table then it would only make sense that…

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  • Drone Warfare Argumentative Essay

    warfare takes its place. In order to win, one must fight with asymmetric means. Why should America risk its citizens to go “courageously” and politely kill an extremist who does not think twice about hiding behind a women and her child? McManus also believes that the CIA should release a list of names, so the public can know and judge whether the extremist should hold target status or not. One question: why? Secrecy holds great importance in many aspects of war – protection of methods, tactics,…

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