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  • The Tower Of Babel: The First Universal Language

    speaking community and their experience in standardizing their language. The problem was addressed with the creation of Modern Standard Arabic. This language is universally used “across the Middle East, North Africa, [and the] Horn of Africa” (Thompson). In addition it is “one of the official six languages of the United Nations” (Thompson). This language is based on Classical Arabic, which is used in the Quran and early Islamic literature, but the similarities end there. Modern Standard Arabic is the official business and social language of the Arab world, but elements of the different dialects still exist within the individual communities. These dialects are never used outside of the given community. In other words, there is never confusion between the different dialects and the Modern Standard Arabic. They are never mixed. The essay “Authority and American Usage” by David Foster Wallace states that everybody is “…fluent in more than one major English dialect and in several sub-dialects and are probably at least passable in countless others. Which dialect you choose to use depends, of course, on whom you’re addressing” (Wallace 101). Isn’t the statement by Wallace a reflection of what is occurring in the Arab speaking world with Modern Standard Arabic? Many would argue that Standardization of English can be achieved using the Modern Standard Arabic model. The belief that vibrant cultural heritages would be hindered is not true. Each individual culture will be maintained in…

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  • Multiple Different Instruments Used In Zajal Music

    In Zajal music, there are multiple different instruments including the voice. The chorus of men and women who recite the verses of poetry back are known as the Reddadi. There are two main instruments used in zajal music. The derbake is a percussion instrument of Arabic origin used throughout the Middle East. This instruments’ base is made of wood or metal generally and has a patch of goat leather strung across the top. In order to use this instrument, it is placed between the thighs or under the…

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  • Perso-Islamic History

    dynastic regions that sought to defray the orthodox traditions of installing a Arabic descendent of Muhammad to govern the Persian peoples. In some ways, the local Samanid government was primarily Sunni, but the government was very tolerant of Buyid Twelver Shias that were in close regional proximity. These regional dynasties defined the important role of religious tolerance and the flexible policies of Sunni traditions that favored localized rulers as a challenge to the traditional orthodoxy of…

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  • Calligraphy In Islamic Culture

    to unite Muslims because everyone must learn the Arabic language to participate in prayers and recitations. Introduction Islamic calligraphy is considered to have developed into an art during the time of Ali ibn Abi Talib, the fourth caliph and the son-in-law of Muhammad (Schimmel, Islamic 3). Not only a religious leader, Ali ibn Abi Talib was a great calligrapher and artist. The use and importance of Islamic calligraphy grew rapidly after his extensive development of the art. Muslims…

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  • Drone Warfare Argumentative Essay

    Rubble collapses under the feet of children as they examine the wreckage, fire and smoke scatter throughout the area, mothers beckon their children to come inside, and shock stretches across the faces of natives. Why and what for? Uses of military drones have faced many fiery debates in recent times. Articles and open letters, some with biased information about the reality of drone warfare and its effects, recently started causing uproar, despite years of drone usage in the military. Doyle…

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  • Transnationalism Theory

    Transnationality is an effective conceptual framework that helps to better understand the presence, attitudes, and identity complications of Muslim youth and their parents. Bradatan et al., (2010) point out that transnationals operate cognitively and emotionally within the domains of two worlds and have an attachment to both places. Transnationalism and the sense of diaspora that apply well to Muslim migrants in the States is mainly ascribed to their spiritual connection to their home countries…

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  • Malala Yousafzai Rhetorical Analysis

    Imagine being a woman in the Middle East. Getting married before you even hit puberty, having to wear a veil, being severely punished for little things, and being a slave to your home. The mistreatment of women in the Middle East has been going on for a very long time in countries all over the Middle East. From the Jirga and the ba’ad to the misuse of the veil, middle eastern women have constantly been oppressed by the patriarchal government in place in many countries in the Middle East. As the…

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  • The Failure Of War In The Middle East

    World War Two broke out in the Middle East soon after conflict arose in Europe during the Fall of 1939. The main theater of war in the Middle East was the Western Desert that buffered Italian Libya and British Egypt. Conflict also arose with rebellion in Iraq as consequence of growing western resentment, and in Syria and Lebanon after French defeat and capitulation to the Nazis. After Britain lost its longtime ally, France, they were left standing alone in the Middle East as the last defense…

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  • Middle Eastern Music Essay

    The first is the frame drum, which exists in lots of shapes and has different names depending on the region. Also, this instrument is usually made of wood and sheepskin. The other instrument is the Riq. It is a type of frame drum, but it is made of fish skin. Even though I am an Arab, the Arabic names for these instruments are not familiar to me. That is mainly because the place where I grew up they use other names for the exact same instruments. However, no matter what name is given to the…

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  • Shang Dynasty Essay

    The late Shang dynasty left many oracle bones from the process of divination. These bones show the needs and concerns of the ruler and can therefore be used to gain insights to the history, worldview, and social structure of the Shang dynasty. However, in using the oracle bone inscriptions as a method to study the late Shang dynasty, some limitations exist. The documents portray the history and worldview of the Shang dynasty by showing their religious beliefs. Many of the divination charges…

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