Gulf War

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  • What Is The Cause Of The Gulf War Of 1990

    Throughout the years there have been countless wars, leaving behind many casualties. The causes of these wars all vary, whether it is monetary gain, dominance and power, or control of resources. Regardless of the cause, the result of a war may end on a good note like it did for Kuwait in The First Gulf War of 1990. The Gulf War of 1990 provides, in large amount, an important piece of historical context for the 20th century. While the war was gruesome, the historical importance behind it has left a mark on all the surviving soldiers who fought in the war. The United States and its allies helped Kuwait defeat Iraq and its leader, Saddam Hussein. Hussein fails to gain dominance when the United States and surrounding neighbors join the fight, causing…

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  • Environmental And Economic Effects Of The Persian Gulf War

    The Persian Gulf War began on August 2nd, 1990 when Iraq invaded Kuwait. Iraq ended up against a coalition of about 30 Nations, led by the United States and mandated by the United Nations to liberate Kuwait. The invasion was met with immediate economic sanctions by the United Nations against Iraq. The war progressed, and eventually Iraq was defeated. My uncle, Mark Sunderland, served in the Persian Gulf War. He served for 21 years in the Air Force and retired as a Master Sergeant. Also, Shelly…

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  • Leadership And Logistics: Sustainment Essentials Of The Persian Gulf War

    Leadership and Logistics: Sustaining the Battle Leadership and Logistics: Sustaining the Battle Michael Miles Excelsior College Leadership and Logistics: Sustaining the Battle One of my initial experiences in the Army was deploying to the Persian Gulf for Operation Desert Shield/ Desert Storm. During that deployment, I was assigned to the 7th Transportation Group, 24th Transportation Battalion, who was responsible for off loading the merchant marine ships and transportation…

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  • The Impacts Of The Gulf War And The Iraq War

    only country affected. The invasion created a global conflict, which lasts to this day. Many people thought that wars are a thing of the past and there is no place for them in the modern society of the 20th society. Were those war necessary? Would the Middle East would resolve their problems on their own, without the interference from the United States and United Nation? When no one knows what it is about, it is probably about money. In the case of the Gulf War, money and oil were main…

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  • Gulf War Influence On American Patriotism

    Gulf War Influence on American Patriotism The early 1990s was a time of economic prosperity for America. During the Gulf War, which lasted form 1990-1991, America earned a small profit due to the fact that the United Kingdom, an ally of the United States during the war, paid for most of the war expenditures while the war was occurring. With little money being put towards the war and American exports being high, America progressed economically during the Gulf War. The help of the United…

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  • The Gulf Of Tonkin Involvement In The Vietnam War

    The gulf of Tonkin incident helped cause greater involvement in the Vietnam War for the United States. In the Gulf of Tonkin incident, North Vietnamese torpedo boats attacked the USS Maddox in the Gulf of Tonkin, off of Vietnam coast, in a couple of attacks on August 2 and 4, of 1964. The USS Turner Joy also reported being attacked on August 4, 1964. The Tonkin incident was the source for the Tonkin Gulf Resolution, which committed major American forces to the war in Vietnam. After time had…

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  • The Roles Of Al Qaeda And The Gulf War

    Members pledged an oath of allegiance, the bayat, not only to the group but also to bin Laden himself. He and his group opposed all aspects the United States. Not only was the United States of conflicting religion and in support of other “infidel” groups and countries, al Qaeda strongly opposed the United States’ involvement in the Gulf War and supsequents occupations. Bin Laden used passages from the Quran, the holy book of the Islam religion, to justify his attacks. For example, in his letter…

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  • Political, Social And Political Differences Between Iraq And Iraq

    In 1990, within the Gulf region, political, social and economic tensions were high due to the differing islamic denominations in neighboring nations. By far the largest of these denominations of Islam was Sunni and Shi’a. Differing theological beliefs had created a volatile geopolitical landscape between Iraq and Kuwait. When Iraq came under a new regime and traditional beliefs had become increasingly common, a distaste for the largely Shi’a Kuwait developed, leading to the invasion of Kuwait.…

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  • The Tinderbox Analysis

    Egypt, eager to retaliate against Israel for its actions in the Six Day War, would set in motion a series of events which would bring to the battlefield the newly developed “oil weapon”. In October 1973 Egyptian and Syrian forces rushed into Israel, overwhelmed its defensive forces and continued their march inland. After assessing the severity of their situation, Israel pled to the U.S. for help. Despite being threatened with an oil embargo (oil weapn) by Middle Eastern nations if it…

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  • Battle Of 73rd Easting Analysis

    Battle of 73rd Easting U.S. Armed Forces Cold War training on state of the art future weapon systems was tested. The Iraqi Army including the famed Iraqi Republican Guard were a battle hardened veteran force, feared by both political and military allies and foes. The United States entered the Gulf War with the liberation of the Kuwaiti nation as their primary goal. The United States Armed Forces demonstrated that superior training, innovative battle tactics, and quick decision-making would…

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