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  • Under The Prophet's Banner Chapter Summary

    Walt states that revolutions exhibit a number of common features. First, a states administrative and coercive capacity must be in a weakened by a combination of internal and external challenges for revolutions to be possible. Key international and intra-national events created permissive conditions favorable for jihadism to develop and flourish. Several key decisive events illustrate this first point. The end of the Ottoman Empire and enactment of the Sykes-Picot agreement broke the empire into secular nations under western influence. This spawned the Muslim Brotherhood a mere four years later in 1928, arguably the first jihadist group seeking the reestablishment of the dissolved Caliphate. Another pivotal event was the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, which energized jihadist fervor and planted the seeds for future globalized efforts. External and internal events meshed with the end of the Cold War dramatically weakening many of the repressive secular regimes that had kept jihadists groups in check. Globalization and social changes ushered in a diffusion of power acting as an enabling tool for the Muslim community and jihadists within these states, further weakening their ability to control narratives and information. The second feature Walt discussed is…

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  • Rise Of Boko Haram In Nigeria

    lethal than the Islamic state (Alvi). The types of attacks include suicide bombings by children, shooting people on the streets, and even bombing mosques. The goals of Boko Haram quickly turned much more extreme than the preliminary ones implemented by Yusef. Some included destabilizing the government, getting rid of western influence, and reestablishing an Islamic caliphate in the northern Nigeria (O 'Neil 774). There are many individual motivations that could explain the extreme actions of…

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  • Essay On How Terrorism Changed America

    authority"(Quran 3:151). If a reasonable person were to read this, they would realize how Islam’s holy scripture speaks of terrorizing the nonbelievers.This shows where the violent nature of Islam, and how there is a direct correlation to terrorism. If Islam is such a peaceful religion, why would a peaceful religion terrorize those against Allah? The current state of the middle east is the best possible example of radical Islam at its finest. Palestinians and Israelis have been fighting since…

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  • Umar Al-Baghdadi Group

    ISI’s leader would become Abu Umar al-Baghdadi and the group had every intention of taking control of the state when coalition forces would eventually withdrawl. These moves were going to be the first steps and intial process of starting a caliphate in the middle east. From 2006-2011, the group suffered signifigant lose due to a combination of lack of local support, US crackdown, capturing of 8,000 members. Even local Sunnis, would carry out attacks on the group assianating members and…

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  • Is Ghazali's Argument Of The Caliphate?

    Imam Abu-Hamid Muhammad ibn Muhammad Al-Ghazali is undoubtedly referred as one of the most influential theologians of Islam, and one of its noblest and original thinkers. He belongs to Tus and was born in 1058 AD, where he later died in 1111. He regenerated in his religious era all the spiritual phases developed by Islam. Islamic thinkers and theologians have various point of views when the character and institutional authority of the caliphate is concerned. Some school of thoughts, for example…

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  • Child Soldiers Argumentative Essay

    Images last week from an ISIS video appearing to show a child executing a hostage were horrific. The very idea of the "cubs of the caliphate," as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria dubs them, is stomach-churning.”) This statement and photos show that the children in the video are no more than 14 years old thus they would not have had enough experience in the world to make the right decision. (captaindarwin ) While some did this do to lack of experience while others did this because they were…

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  • Terrorist Attack On Terrorism And Its Effects On Society

    political, religious, social, or economic aims and beliefs. Groups such as Al Qaeda, and ISIS are a few examples of foreign terrorist organizations that exist in our society today. Al Qaeda’s goal’s “are to drive Americans and American influence out of all Muslim nations, especially Saudi Arabia; destroy Israel; and topple pro-Western dictatorships around the Middle East.” (Hayes) ISIS is aiming to create a territorial presence, stable, large, self-sustaining and constant, which will be based…

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  • What ISIS Really Wants By Nick Robins: Article Analysis

    The United States has been embroiled in a longstanding war for the past decade. Declaring a war against terrorism, President George W. Bush began a crusade to make the world safe. His goal was to eradicate the threat of terrorism from the world. The United States began their crusade with the hunting of Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and Osama Bin Laden. After many years we finally killed the mad man behind the attacks of September Eleventh. Today there is a new organization on the world stage; the…

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  • What Is The Threat Of Isis Inhumane?

    send ground troops into their territory to eliminate them once and for all. Isis began as a branch of another terrorist group known as Al-Qaeda, which was once led by a lunatic named Osama Bin Laden. However, al-Qaeda eventually disavowed Isis because of how diabolic they had become. Isis’s leader is Abu-Bake al-Baghdadi. At one point in time this man was incarcerated in Camp Bucca, a prison in Iraq that was under US control. The keyword is “was” because al-Baghdadi was ultimately released…

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  • The Impact Of Commerce And Technology On Islamic Civilization

    technology, medicine, navigation, astronomy, and other scientific areas were touched by the hand of new discoveries brought forth by the learning centers of the Islamic world. The Islamic caliphates had an economy that was flourishing due to the established trade routes. The procession of people trading through the region also spawned the development of technologies, ideas, and spread the religion of Islam across many different cultures. The amount of trade and scholarship not only allowed for…

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