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  • Social Media And The Collapse Of Technology

    The fact is inevitable, technology has taken over this generation by a storm. When looking back just 20 years ago, the world still seemed interested in meeting people in person and kids having fun playing jump rope outside. Though technology has greatly been productive in certain aspects, the underlying matter is the misuse of it. Today, issues arise with technology that leads to distractions with driving, social media and overall just missing out on the important things in life. While it is an enhancement to our global connections, sometimes a person needs to know when to plug off from technology and when to plug in to reality. The road signs are everywhere “do not text and drive”, yet how is that message still being ignored? Many people think they are certified text drivers and give too much reliance on their confidence. When driving on the road, a driver not only has to focus on their route but everyone else who surrounds them. According to Cades, David M PHD, Arndt, Steven R PHD, Kwasniak, Andrew M PHD (2011) “With technology such as Bluetooth accessories, MP3 players, DVD players, GPS systems...These devices provide the opportunity for more distractions from the driving task.”When a driver pulls out a phone to read a text message, the concentration towards the road has gone down extremely, with just once glance at the phone, the car could be swerving to the other lane causing a potential car crash. Not only that but that the driver…

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  • FSA Report: Oasis In Newark, California

    Introduction: The place where I chose to do my FSA Report is called Oasis, located in Newark, California. This site has different departments: Express(Restaurant), Kids play area, Banquet facility and Fitness center. Oasis Kids is a family-oriented place, where friends and families bring their children to this great indoor facility to play indoor games. This is a family-owned business and the departments are handled by various managers. The place offers great indoor activities for both adults…

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  • New Year Celebration Essay

    We tempt you to look beyond the same old ambience and party scene and bid adieu to the current year and celebrate the New Year in one of the world's hottest party destinations. From riotous street parties and fireworks extravaganzas, to marching bands and torchlight processions, here are some of the best New Year's Eve parties from around the world. Bali, Indonesia Bali has been celebrated as the Island of the Gods for centuries. Eat, Love, Pray gives us an eventful glimpse into the heart of…

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  • The Garden Party Symbolism

    Title Here “The Garden Party” is both a coming of age tale and a look at the class disparity in New Zealand at the time. The story follows Laura on the day of her family’s big garden party as she interacts with members of both classes and prepares for the big event. It is no surprise that a short story called “The Garden Party” is full of descriptions of plants and various flowers. However, Katherine Mansfield utilizes them for more than just the setting. Each plant mentioned holds a deeper…

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  • Jealousy: A Short Story

    I had a lot of time on my hands since Michael’s move. I spent most of my time watching movies and sleeping my whole summer away. One afternoon, my friend Rebecca invited me to a pool party, so I decided to check it out. An hour into the party I was getting sort of bored so I sat down under a shady tree and go on my phone. I noticed a guy staring at me from across the pool, I just minded my own business. After a few minutes, the guy came over and sat by me and we just talked and talked for what…

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  • Personal Narrative: Intro By J. Cole Forest Hills Drive

    perks. The drive back to The Waldorf Astoria Resort Boca Raton Resort, from the concert was crazy and I needed to enjoy myself. More J. Cole music played in the background and I knew the party was already in full swing. I was in a great mood and already flirting with half of the guys in my suite that wanted to get me drunk. To my left was a guy, the only person I didn 't recognize in my…

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  • Sisterhood Morale Ideas

    Prizes can be free (e.g., first in line for dinner, special parking spot, special table, etc.) • Inspirational Quotes on Chairs: Have members read them aloud to chapter. • Who 's That Kappa? Make up a bulletin board with baby pictures of different chapter members or Chapter Council members and give a prize to the member who can correctly identify the most women. • Kappa Spotlight: Highlight women in the chapter so other members can get to know them. Ideas for Sisterhood Events: • Roller…

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  • Family Secrets Research Paper

    case. Sometimes there are situations that secrets can be viewed in positive ways. For example, a sweet secret could be kept in order to keep something such as a surprise party and protect the excitement. An essential secret could help to create boundaries and closeness. If everyone has secrets and they are a part of our everyday life, why is it that we feel the need to conceal secrets? Afifi & Olson (2005) state, “that people may choose to not reveal their secrets because they are afraid of…

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  • Divorce Rate Reflection

    't improve. Spiritually I was drifted away from God and my moral foundation. I went to Bishop Ludden and much of the curriculum is focused around Christian morals. All my life I was around these morals going through Catholic school my entire life. I was an active church goer also. After the divorce church didn 't even cross my mind. My mother was the one who always compelled me go and she wasn 't interested in going at the time. I began to feel alone. Not in a sense that I had no friends, but I…

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  • Occupational Takeover: A Case Study

    In the July of 2015, ChloeBeth Soileau and her mother, Kim Soileau were hard at work organizing Kim’s father’s surprise 80th birthday party. No detail had gone unnoticed. The tables, chairs, decorations, barbecue sandwiches, chips, iced tea, and sodas were all in place as each guest arrived. After “Surprise!” was said and “Happy Birthday” was sung, ChloeBeth stayed on her toes making sure all of the guests had what they needed and were having a splendid time. She realized later that evening that…

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