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  • Event Planning

    Event planning is the psychological organization of ideas or activities to achieve a desired goal. It involves creativity, talent and skill using forecasted scenarios that develop a clear perspective of how one should predict what the future will look like; and has been one of the most emerging industries of the 21st Century. In this annotated bibliography, I will present six resources that support the three top trends in the area of event planning. The prerequisite for researching and ultimately determining factors of creativity and human development, event-driven marketing strategies, and innovation are what’s trending in event planning today. The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes and the University of Mary University…

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  • M3 Event Planning

    In order to organise a large event such as the Rhythm & Vines Music festival, the event coordinators have to carefully construct a plan which ensures that they have enough resources to accommodate and supervise the influx of people at their festival. To have a successful event, one must create the perfect plan to ensure that the festival returns annually and does not go out of business. The most crucial process of the event is the process of planning and decision making, particularly because if…

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  • Planning An Event Analysis

    Who doesn’t love a good party? I’m sure we all do, but have you ever stopped to think about how it all comes together? There will come a time when you will be asked to plan a party or event, whether it be a milestone birthday, wedding, and/or annual function. This essay will provide the necessary tools to do so. As President of a cultural based sorority, I had my fair share of planning events. The process can be time consuming and frustrating, but with attention to detail, organization of…

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  • Rockland Event Planning Process

    Industry research Event planning is summed up as the process of managing a project. These projects can range anywhere from a meeting to a party. In my company I would like to focus my attention on the party aspect of event planning. In Rockland and the surrounding area there is no other company competing for an event planning business and this is the perfect opportunity. The event planning industry is growing at large rates and there is a 44% increase of employment in this decade. Customers I…

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  • Event Planning Case Study

    . What experiences, if any, have you had doing event planning for individuals or organizations? -I have been in many student organizations such as my school 's past GSA, literary magazine, and art club, and helped in planning a multitude of events spanning from creating contests for students to be able to interact with the organization to full on events wiht food, music, and different tables filled with activities for people to enjoy. I mostly have worked in partnership with at least of a…

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  • Special Event Planning

    managers in nearly every industry encounter special event planning. “Special events revolve around a specific purpose for the company or client, such as introduction of a new product or celebration of reaching a company goal. They might be held to thank, recognize, and sell to the company’s clients or customers” (Institute for Career Research, 2005, p. 11). Many different techniques can be used to plan and host special events, and managers must be flexible in the methods they use in order to…

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  • Event Planning Process Analysis

    Although, there is so many ways you can plan an event or function. There is nothing like planning and preparing for the best time of your life. To plan the perfect party, holiday, birthday, or road trip is a fun process that involves figuring out a budget, setting a date, time, and location, and finding out who all will be attending. I will be providing you with some information that can help and guide you to just that. Keeping a checklist is the best way to plan a party. The first step is to…

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  • Career In Event Planning Essay

    people may think of event management as a degree in party planning, it is gaining credibility as a legitimate career. The Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council created event management standards which also led to the definition of exactly what an event is (Robertson, 2015). An event is “a social form that organizes interaction in a distinctive way” or the “gathering of three or more people who agree to assemble for a purpose ostensibly related to the functioning of an organization or group”…

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  • Planning An Event Research Paper

    Definition of Event Objectives The main objectives and goals should be the first thing to be considered when planning any event. It is important to know what and how the event is deemed successful. Objectives of any event can range from gaining business and sales, celebrating special occasions, raising awareness for a particular issue, educating others or even raising funds. The objectives of any event should be of a SMART one; as in specific, measurable, actionable, reasonable and…

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  • Occupational Takeover: A Case Study

    that what she had done that day was much like the work of an event planner. Because she had so enjoyed every moment of planning for and coordinating her grandfather’s surprise party, she decided this was the job for her. Aspiring event planners, like ChloeBeth,…

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