Everest Base Camp

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  • Everest Base Camp Trekking: A Case Study

    According to Fox news world's article in 2015, Everest base camp trekking gets about 40,000 Western trekkers every year. Evidently Everest base camp is one of the popular trekking destinations amongst the trekkers. It is a strenuous high altitude trekking in a rugged terrain of Sagarmatha national park. Breathtaking beauty of landscapes, diversity in ecosystem, exotic Sherpa culture, sacred monasteries, and spectacular view of mountains have captivated trekkers around the world since early 30s. Although weather constantly changes up in Himalayas, it is, for both safety and better chance at clear mountain vistas, advised to trek in early winter and spring. Following are top 10 attractions in Everest base camp trek. • Flight…

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  • Mount Everest Case Summary

    Brief Summary of Issues The level of Mount Everest from the sea is about 8,850 feet. This is also termed as the tallest mountain on the planet. The mountain has taken the lives of 148 people until 1996. There were two groups known as Mountain Madness and Adventure Consultants led by Scott Fischer and Rob Hall respectively that joined aspiring to reach the summit. There was high risks involves in the journey that can turn the joys in tragedy (Amer, 2015). This case elaborates the issues of Mount…

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  • Importance Of Summiting Everest

    Summiting Everest commands visions of grandeur and personal heroism for some, but to many sherpas tasked with the greatest workload and the most to lose, Everest represents a hard, economically necessitated risk. In a climbing culture driven by commercialism, sherpas are arguably some of the most experienced and well adapted climbers on Mount Everest, yet have little to no say in addressing the issues of safety or working conditions that are brought on by commercial motives. Initiating…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Into Thin Air

    Mount Everest claimed the life of 3 climbers and 1 Sherpa, still two other climbers are missing — is the risk of death really worth the adventure? Article: Why would someone risk their life to climb a mountain when the odds of surviving may not be in their favor? For survivors, Everest is the ultimate high, but with triumph also come tragedies. And no one understands that more than the families of those who recently died trying to reach that ultimate high. Three dead – two missing In the wake of…

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  • The Deep Movie Analysis

    fictional genre with the uninvolving “Two Guns”, starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg. “Everest”, an account of the tragedy occurred in the famous Nepalese mountain in the spring of 1996, also presents a strong cast, including Jason Clarke, Jake Gyllenhaal, Josh Brolin, John Hawkes, Keira Knightley, Robin Wright, and Emily Watson. Screenwriters William Nicholson and Simon Beaufoy try to assemble the different pieces in a mix of family drama, human competition, and survival epic, but in…

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  • Equivalence Point Lab Report

    solution should be a faint pink color. If the color is too dark of a pink that means that it is overly titrated. The independent variable is the amount of base being added to the solution. The dependant variable is the indicator. The constant variable is the acid which is in the flask. When the solid acid dissolves to form ions, 1 mole of H+ ions are produced for every mole of acid being used. Molarity is used to calculate moles per liter of solution. The most dangerous part of this lab is…

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  • Synthesis Of Zno Nanostructures Lab Report

    Therefore, the structural and optical characterization of prepared samples was carried out by using these instruments. 3.2 Synthesis of ZnO Nanostructures ZnO nanoparticles were prepared by using the following reagents : Starch solution Zinc nitrate hexahydrate {Zn〖(NO_3)〗_2 .6 H_2 O} Sodium hydroxide { NaOH) Freshly prepared ammonia solution. In order to prepare 0.01M of ZnO nanoparticles, the following steps were followed: The 0.01 M of Sodium hydroxide { NaOH}…

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  • Phenolphthalein Chemistry Lab Report

    The reaction of phenolphthalein reacting with sodium hydroxide consists of C20H14O4+ NaOH → NaKC8H4O4 (aq)+ H2O(l) Phenolphthalein is used as an indicator in this reaction because it changes color when a solution reaches a pH of around eight, or in other words the endpoint of a solution. It also allows us to see a physical change, thus resulting in a more accurate measure of how much was titrated. Citric acid is a weak acid, making it best titrated by using a strong base, such as sodium…

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  • Common Carp Fish Case Study

    3.2. Chemical quality parameters and pH value:- 3.2.1. Chemical quality properties, pH values and total plate count (TPC):- Total volatile basic -nitrogen (TVB-N), the peroxide value (PV), pH and total plate count (TPC) are good index to determine the freshness and quality of fishes and their products. Data presented in Table (4) show the values of TVB-N, PV,…

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  • Freezing Salt Water Hypothesis

    Freezing salt-water experiment Contents: Contents, introduction and literature review on page 1. Aim, hypothesis, variables, risk assessment, materials and method on page 2. Results on page 3. Discussion and conclusion on page 4. Introduction: I have decided to do my SRP on salt water freezing because our planet is 71% water and about 96.5% of it is in the ocean which it is salt water so this is why I was interested in seeing how much salt, depresses the water from freezing. Literature…

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