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  • Are Humans Selfish Essay

    As people are put in a group, they are told to cooperate together. In the group all participants are told to equally cooperate and everyone will receive pay. But if one does not cooperate then the one who did recieves a lower pay while the lazy one gets more money. Of course almost everytime the outcome was that one did not cooperate. This just goes to show that it is in fact human nature to chose the outcome in life that will benefit us more, justifying the claim that we are selfesh and rude. We truly are…

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  • College Admissions Essay: What Makes Me Socially Invisible?

    Being immersed in playing video games is not something I exactly regret because it sparked appreciation and love for technology outside of its entertainment applications that I will never die. I aspire to study computer science independently first and foremost and pursue a degree in it because technology has had such a strong influence on me. Everytime I see major technology companies such as Apple, Microsoft, or Samsung open up new innovate tech to the public I always become even more inspired…

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  • Compulsive Disorder: A Short Story

    My story begins like everyone else, I was born. When my parents got married, they were both young. Mom was 21 and dad was just 19. I was born one year later. Dad was in the Air Force and mom was just that, a stay-at-home mom. I don’t remember much about anything while growing up, just little moments. Mostly to do with my own activities; Playing in the mud, playing with our dog or cat, just basically kids stuff you would expect. Growing up, I was very much an introvert. Unfortunately, it was…

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  • An Obstacle In My Life Essay

    Life has plenty of ups and downs along the way. Some can be permanent such as losing both of your arms or becoming paralyzed due to a snow tubing accident. Others can be colossal but temporary, such as, the heartbreak losing a family member, or having to wear skin wraps due to a fire. All of us will have an obstacle whether it’s big or small, or lasts a long time or a little while. My obstacle was not permanent, but it was a course that lasted 3 years. The most challenging obstacle I have had in…

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  • Insanity: A Short Story

    Everytime i close my eyes i dream that you're still here. Everytime i go to sleep i scream that you're still here. Or i have a nightmare. As you fade right behind my eyes that demon gives me a feeling so familiar. I can't stop it now… Oh… i can't believe this is happening to me again. The shake of my heart is rusting. My thrive for peace is slumping. I hope that soon i'll wake up. I've had enough… my paradise, is stripped and i'm weak, you'll never care, how much it hurts me. Everytime i close…

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  • Licorysie-Personal Narrative

    Stop wasting your time here practicing so many hours, and go make yourself useful somewhere else.” Each time her coach, would say that she would think, I don’t care what he says, I am going to reach it to nationals, win nationals, win a spot on the Olympic team and win the gold medal. Everytime he would say those determined words to her, she would work even harder and better than anybody else. Three hard and hurtful weeks passed as Katie would try even harder to win first place in all her…

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  • The Importance Of Music

    A lot of times, fast paced music makes me more motivated to do things. So, I guess it depends on what is going on. I know Kelly Clarkson has some songs that I really liked and make a person feel empowered when down. My mother passed away last year and to this day I still think of her everytime I hear certain songs. Some of these songs we chose to have played at her funeral. For example, Martina McBride’s “In My Daughter’s Eyes” was a song that always reminded me of my mom and I thought it…

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  • Compare And Contrast Essay On Dogs Vs Cats

    couches clothes and many other things, one time I had a cat and when i came home cotton was everywhere and you don’t wanna get to attached to the cat because if the cat does that and your parents find out BAM the cats out. My second reason is everytime they need a bath they always claw you, get out and track water all through the house and that makes everyone…

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  • Ice Show Narrative

    memoir Don’t fall, don’t fall, don’t fall. These words run through my head everytime I step on the ice. Skating has been an important aspectof my life for as long as I can remember. When I was in kindergarten, I went to my first Ice show. The theme was Fire and Ice, I remember being amazed at all the skaters doing these huge jumps and fast spins. The costumes were so bright and colorful; with righnstones on them that sparkled like fresh cut diamonds. But my favorite part was when the…

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  • Odenigbo Character Analysis

    no choice but to surrender, as even their leader, ran away in the pretext of finding help abroad. Biafra surrenders to Nigeria. Adichie writes from the perspective of the Igbo people and has been successful in doing so, one of the reasons being the author herself belonging to an Igbo family. She grew up in Biafra and lost both her grandfathers to the Nigeria-Biafra war. A major part of her research for this book comes from her parents’ stories on their experiences from the war. With the…

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