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  • Milwaukee Eviction Court Case Study

    He conducted the survey in Milwaukee Eviction Court, through in in-person questionnaires of tenants who appeared in eviction court between January and February 201 (Eviction and Reproduction 95). 1,328 evictions were filed, but tenants only appeared in 378 cases and of those, 251 were interviewed (66.4% response rate) (Eviction and Reproduction 95). They were asked about their current residences (rent, number of bedrooms, etc.), outcome of their hearing (evicted, dismissed, postponed, etc.), and their demographic information (Eviction and Reproduction 95). Of that 251, 105 people provided Summons and Complaint forms, which provided high quality data about the reasons for eviction, a roster for all individuals within households, and other information…

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  • An Analysis Of Evicted By Matthew Desmond

    health problems, eviction, and at times even death. The property owners are wealthy and thrive off profits made by those less fortunate, yet do minimal maintenance to preserve their rental units. The families residing in the rentals cope with roach infestations, poor plumbing, and broken windows. Desmond conveys the stories of various individuals in a way that creates understanding and concern. He shows the readers that poverty, coupled with eviction, is a real threat to many people…

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  • Evicted Book Reflection

    Snow was unquestionably the most painful evidence for such eruption. Kamala asked her father to stay with her babies so she could join Lamar’s card game, but one of them knocked over a lamp and started the fire. The fire killed Kamala’s youngest daughter who was only eight months old. She screamed, amid fire, “My baby! My baby!” Losing one is hard enough, and yet this was her second one. The pain was more painful than a thousand knives stabbed in her heart. Grace Potter and The Nocturnals’s…

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  • Leadership Development: A Case Study

    particularly in the displacement of poor communities by richer outsiders. However, the process is also seen as a positive sign of development, making way for new investments in buildings, increased economic activity, and, often a decrease in crime (Grant, 2003). Landlord harassment: The process in which building owners or landlords attempt to force tenants to exit their apartments or surrender their tenant rights. This process takes many forms and it is typically used by landlords and building…

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  • Analysis Of Eviction

    In his book Eviction, Matthew Desmond writes a nonfiction analysis of one of the poorest neighborhoods in Milwaukee, WI, specifically focusing on the strains that rent places on low income families, as well as their landlords. In the Prologue, Desmond draws the reader's’ attention to the fact that the “majority of poor renting families in America spend over half their income on housing, and at least one in four dedicates over 70 percent to paying the rent and keeping the lights on” (4). When…

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  • Eviction And Poverty

    In the year 2015, it was estimated that 2.7 million faced eviction in the United States. In addition, More than 20 million renters, over half of all renters in the U.S., spent at least 30 percent of their income on rent making them cost burdened (Marr, 2017). These are merely estimates since there is no national database on evictions currently (Marr, 2017). Matthew Desmond’s Evicted took on the challenge of conveying this epidemic to the American public. Evicted gets to the heart of the housing…

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  • Eviction At Home

    The way that this need effected these populations is that it had groups of people get together to create affordable housing and shelter for these individuals and families. The hardship of having expensive housing leads to evictions. “Eviction is a leading cause of homelessness, especially for families with children” (http://www.irp.wisc.edu/publications/fastfocus/pdfs/FF22-2015.pdf). Having to move from one place to another can also be harsh on the children because they need to get used to a new…

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  • Forcible Eviction Essay

    FORUM: Human Rights Sub-Commission ISSUE: The Right to Adequate Housing and Protection from Forcible Eviction SUBMITTED BY: Tuvalu THE HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION, Emphasizing on the implementation of a number of Articles associated with organs of the United Nations and that forcible eviction violates of the given Articles; Noting with deep concern that forcible eviction has results having close results to mass wrongdoings such as exodus, expulsion or evacuation of indigenous groups and other such…

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  • Matthew Desmond's Eviction Sparknotes

    areas cannot be helped. But, In Matthew Desmond’s Evicted, he elaborates his main focus which is to express that evictions are a cause, not a consequence of poverty. He highlights the recurring theme of how families with single mothers face a daily onslaught of hardships and discrimination. This affects many different aspects of their children’s lives. Single-mother families experience discrimination…

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  • Constructive Eviction Research Paper

    Constructive Eviction and the Implied Warranty of Habitability Steve has several causes of action. This particular jurisdiction recognizes constructive eviction which “occurs when residential rental property is in such disrepair or when a condition exists on the property that makes it extremely impossible or difficult to live there. The property is then said to be “uninhabitable”. (Constructive Eviction, n.d.). Because of implied warranty of habitability that requires landlords to keep their…

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