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  • Personal Narrative: Lessons Learned In Life

    There are many lessons to be learned in life, lessons which are learned through conversations, mishaps, and great experiences. One experience I had was a little bit of all three. It was a conversation, started wrong, but nevertheless ended up being a great experience in which I learned an important lesson, that there are times to give up, and times to not give up, and sometimes even though giving up might seem like the right option, not giving up can lead to great success. My senior year of High school was hectic. Not only did I have the stress that comes from school work, I also started working too, to hopefully get some experience, and also, have some change in my pocket. I had landed a pretty sweet job at an Insurance company named All…

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  • A Summary Of Timmy's Story

    Once there was a little boy who lived in the countryside with his mother. Every weekend the little boy’s grandfather would come to visit the little boy. One weekend while the little boy and his grandfather were talking, the little boy wanted a story. He wanted a story that told about why things are. So his grandfather told him a story about why it floods. The story went a little something like this: “Once upon a time there was a boy named Timmy. Timmy lived in the big city with his parents. The…

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  • The Museum 'Utopian Thought'

    what drew me towards it. However, I was not the only one. Two other people around me watched as I took my steps, back and forward, and looked at me with curiosity, and quite possibly a bit of judgement. As they came nearer to the painting, and the words became visible to them as well, they seemed to join me in appreciating the illusion. Edward Said wrote a piece titled “States” in which he used pictures to strengthen his words. While Said’s main focus was the opposite of Hannock’s, it had the…

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  • Reflective Essay On Health And Social Care Needs Analysis

    Whether it be going to the Leavenworth High School football games to support her boyfriend or going camping almost every weekend during the summer, we always find a way to see each other. We even just recently went to Walt Disney World together for our 16th birthdays. She gets along with my parents and uncles a little bit too well, they all just consider her a part of the family now. Surprisingly, we never fight at all. We just say we got any hate we could ever have for each other out in 6th…

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  • The Importance Of Childhood Memory

    Remember the first time in your childhood where you finally achieved something on your own? Relying solely on what one may have been previously taught. Using that knowledge to guide you through the obstacles in the way like a navigator uses maps to direct the captain. Thrilled with excitement showing off to maybe your siblings or friends. One might feel a little bit invincible. The days to follow one might walk around with their head a little higher than before. Finally being able to accomplish…

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  • Literary Analysis Of Everyday Use By Alice Walker

    The mother had very little education, so Wangero would read to her, feeding her lies and other folks’ habits to make her change the way that she lived. Wangero told her mom that where ever they chose to live she would come and visit but she will not bring her friends (p. 80). As the story progress, Wangero approached her mother’s house and told her mother that she is no longer known as Dee. Although, the name was passed down in throughout the family, she wanted no parts of that name anymore. She…

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  • Humorous Wedding-Personal Narrative

    high school where we just had a bag of flour, you actually have to take care of it!” “Ugh” “It's so like you to pick out all the negative of the situation” “It's the facts Merica” “I know but it will all be perfect watch!” “Whatever you say” I stated “As long as I can be the Aunt” After I let Travis in on all the big things happening with America being pregnant and all, even though I knew he was snooping in on our conversation, I realized I never told America I got married behind her and…

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  • What Does It Mean To Be Still A Child Essay

    I still get emotional thinking about it. I mean being a tiny child in a football stadium not know where your parents are is a little frightening. How could my parents have felt if someone else stopped me and took me. I mean hopefully I wasn’t that stupid to get drawn in by the cheesy “I have a puppy in my van, do you want to pet him?” attraction, yet still I could have gotten kidnapped. ABDUCTION. I could have gotten- nope we’ll stop right there. Now that I actually have a phone and portable…

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  • Enrique: A Fictional Narrative

    beautiful eyes and hair, everything about her gave him butterflies. He was too scared to tell her about his fiery, passionate emotions of love towards her. Until one day he got the courage to tell her and ask her out. He was so nervous, his palms were sweaty, his knees weak, arms were heavy, he wanted to tell her already, but he was afraid that the effect would be deadly. He pushed all his thoughts to the side and approached her. His heart was pumping faster than a hummingbird 's. He told her…

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  • Narrative Essay About Kapa

    That was a mistake. After I walked for about twenty minutes, I realized that I got lost in the jungle. There was nobody, but only trees and mosquitos around me. I could not even see the sky. I was so afraid because although I walked for a while, I felt like I came back to the same place where I started. The trail that I thought I was following disappeared, and I only could see vines in front of me. I knew the jungle was small, and there is no snake or any scary animals, but I thought what if I…

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