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  • Between Shades Of Gray Analysis

    A young girl came across an owl and realized that owls could be food too. The will to survive is not always pretty because people will get caught in the crossfire of anger. Between Shades Of Gray has a special place in my heart because after I read this novel I wrote the one and only Ruta Sepetys a letter. To my surprise Ruta wrote me back. Ruta talked about how she also cried while writing the novel she told me that she was overwhelmed by both the brutality and the love of Lina and Andrius. Ruta thanked me for sharing my story and asked me to share this story with others and that is exactly what I have done. I have shared this novel with teachers, friends, grandparents, etc. The reactions from people are relatively similar. Most of the readers didn’t know something this terrible happened and I explain to them that I didn’t either but I am pleased to be able to bring this historical event out into the…

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  • Personal Narrative-Change Is Not Always Bad

    I was expecting for my family not to like it here and having to deal with complaining constantly, but it was the opposite of what I was expecting. After I officially moved to Ft.Myers with my family everything became so perfect that it is kind of unbelievable. My wife loved her new job and my kids would come home telling me about all the new friends they made everyday. My older sons did not get into anymore trouble as far as I know about. Last but not least, the church is growing right before my…

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  • Argumentative Essay On John Piper

    and God. God can intervene in everything Satan establishes. The question are, “Will He rectify the situation”, and “Are we willing to let Him in”? Satan destroys, but why does God also? God is not an impulsive being. He does not just implement a horrific event without having a plan. Everything He does has a purpose. John 13:7 says, “What I am doing, you do not understand now, but you will understand later”. What I do know, is that He takes people from this world so that they can be with Him.…

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  • The Perfect Women In The Nesting Place, By Emily Carroll

    Society often idolizes the idea of the perfect woman, one who is caring, beautiful, and the prime caretaker of children. But trying to become the ideal women can mean giving up one’s individuality and accepting one’s place in society. Emily Carroll protests these female roles by placing two very different female characters with each other. Their direct and indirect interactions challenge the reader’s view of the female role. In her short story, “ The Nesting Place”, Emily Carroll uses specific…

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  • Reflection Of Timing In Joan Didion's 'Goodbye To All That'

    years and identify a place and time at which their lives changed significantly. Whether purposely or accidentally, these are the moments that with our comprehension on how time is ongoing and the collaborating events occurring around us, we are forced to retrospect ourselves and the conditions one lives. Joan Didion’s essay “Goodbye to All That” is a story about her new experiences as a young lady and an adult in New York city. The story began with her arrival to New York and continuous to the…

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  • Personal Narrative: Fifth Child

    to escape from the buzzing chaos of a large family lifestyle. I take my place as the fifth child of my parents. Being the fifth child also means I am the oldest girl and am in the very middle of nine kids. Business and echoing voices are constant at my house. I never seemed to be at rest when in my own home; there was always someone running around. These circumstances caused me to search for new places of serenity. So, with this in mind, I set out in my maroon Jeep and drove, trying to find a…

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  • Narrative Essay: The Perfect Place To Find A Job

    As I sat at home in my lonesome, I began thinking about calling my friends to set up a movie date, but then I quickly realized I had no money to pay for the movies. After the harsh reality hit me, the idea of finally getting a job dawned on me. Suddenly, my phone began to ring and it was my best friend Betsy calling to make plans for the mall tomorrow. “Yes, the mall would be the perfect place to find a job!” I thought to myself. Throughout the night, I slept with extreme excitement as I dreamt…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis: Comparing Humans To Lower Animals

    “This is a beautiful example of the reality that conscious, awake and aware humans have always been here.” (Gardner) Mark Twain has placed everything very straight forward and clear way about what humans do to other humans. I think the major idea in this piece was telling people how these so-called lower animals can leave together when they are totally different species, but humans being the same species can not leave together or to help each other out just for the sake of doing it. Mark Twain…

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  • Domestic Violence Outline

    Stanley Jones. 1.1. Evidence or details 1.2. Evidence or details III. Zariah Knight was then move to Palmetto Place on 10/3/2014-10/7/2014. Zariah complained to her GAL and Palmetto Place staff about a older boy touching her sexually. Zariah Knight was then moved to Ms. Daisy Higgins from 10/7/2014-10/8/2014 where SCDSS admits they know of it being an unsafe environment and under numerous investigations with regards to safety, yet they still place an already traumatized child there. From there…

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  • My Dream To Be A World Traveler

    Do you love traveling? Do you ever want to travel somewhere and forget about your troubles? A place where nobody knows your name. A destination where you can sit back and relax. Just imagine it.. you visiting the Tower of London one day. Then the next you are soaking your feet in coral gardens at Bora Bora. After that, you are sightseeing at Casa Batllo in Barcelona. I always imagine myself in different places and experiencing the many different cultures and architectures worlds have to offer.…

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