Between Shades Of Gray Analysis

Historical fiction. A two letter word a genre that wasn’t my style. I decided to read Between Shades Of Gray written by Ruta Sepetys, because of all the miraculous books reviews I have read on good reads. At first, I was worried, I’m the type of girl that reads books that are meant to teach a lesson, books that will change my life, I thought to myself how will Between Shades Of Gray change me? I have never been more amiss about a genre in my life. Between Shades Of Gray ultimately made me into a better and more well rounded person. Here is why.
Between Shades Of Gray is following around fifteen year old Lina who is a Lithuanian girl in the year 1941. Lina was enthusiastic about many things including but not limited to painting, drawing,
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A young girl came across an owl and realized that owls could be food too. The will to survive is not always pretty because people will get caught in the crossfire of anger. Between Shades Of Gray has a special place in my heart because after I read this novel I wrote the one and only Ruta Sepetys a letter. To my surprise Ruta wrote me back. Ruta talked about how she also cried while writing the novel she told me that she was overwhelmed by both the brutality and the love of Lina and Andrius. Ruta thanked me for sharing my story and asked me to share this story with others and that is exactly what I have done.
I have shared this novel with teachers, friends, grandparents, etc. The reactions from people are relatively similar. Most of the readers didn’t know something this terrible happened and I explain to them that I didn’t either but I am pleased to be able to bring this historical event out into the
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Because the topic is so sensitive it had to take a writer as brilliant as Ruta to bring it to life. Ruta wrote this novel with a perfect amount of gentleness. Because the story is true Ruta had to do her research to give the novel the justice it deserved. This was easy for Ruta because she is also Lithuanian and has had relatives go through this experience to give her accurate information about the topic. Sepetys resides in Michigan with her family of artists, and music lovers. Between Shades of Gray is an award-winning novel.
Along with a great storyline Between Shades Of Gray is packed full of great messages such as, People will always want more no matter how much they have, and that it is important to have people surrounding you. This book taught me how to be a better person because I have realized that other people are more important than myself. I will go out of my way to help a person in need like Andrius did for Lina when she was in need of food.
The selflessness that I have seen in Between Shades Of Gray should not only follow me but should follow the world. All of the characters in this novel had faith and I believe hope is what Ruta wants all of her readers to bring into this world after having read Between Shades Of

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