Why Do I Love These People Analysis

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Part A
In the book Why Do I Love These People? by Po Bronson, he tells the story of nineteen families that each faced different challenges which they were able to overcome. The introduction explains how much time it took for Bronson to complete the book and the reasoning behind why the book was written. Originally he knew that he wanted the families’ stories to teach his readers a lesson, so he spent years completing the book making sure the stories he chose were unforgettable.
The book was written over the time span of a few years but was completed fairly recent. What time period the book was written in is clear in the way the author nonchalantly discusses divorce. The concept of divorce is not a new one and holds different meanings for different
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The audience would have a hopeful or emotional attitude throughout the book because of the different amazing stories that the book holds. Each had the purpose to teach the reader a lesson and it keeps the reader interested in using the emotional ties of family and relatives.
The audience would question the author and especially question whether his family approved of the subject matter in the book. As he states early on, “My wife was excited. “She is not easily threatened. But the family I came from is not so laid-back, to put it mildly. I could sense that they were dreading what I might write” (Bronson 20). The reader gets an understanding of the author and his background.
The main idea of the book was to explain family, love, and hardships. He states that some people are born into a family where they do not get to experience love or learn what that feeling is. The book discusses dysfunctional families and how to overcome the hardships of life as a unit. It revolves around the idea of family and the general belief that a family should always be there for one another, but it has circumstances where estrangement can occur because of different

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