Argumentative Essay On John Piper

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I believe that God enacted or allowed the tornado to kill all who died in the natural disaster. My belief aligns with John Piper’s excerpt. God may have enacted the tornado, or He may have allowed Satan to cause it. Satan creates havoc in an attempt to steal your joy, diminish hope and stir up doubt. “If God loved me, why would He do this”? “How am I going to get through this, when I have nothing”? Satan uses different things to drive a wedge between us and God. God can intervene in everything Satan establishes. The question are, “Will He rectify the situation”, and “Are we willing to let Him in”? Satan destroys, but why does God also? God is not an impulsive being. He does not just implement a horrific event without having a plan. Everything He does has a purpose. John 13:7 says, “What I am doing, you do not understand now, but you will understand later”. What I do know, is that He takes people from this world so that they can be with Him.
Why does he take the children and the nonbelievers? That is the conundrum. How could God take a child away from a mother and father? He is supposed to be this symbol of perfect love when in all actuality He seems to just inflict pain on the people He created. That assertion is a fallacy. He is not this odious being. God is perfect and does not want pain to be experienced. Sometimes the only way to
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Satan is the one who’s intent is to punish and cause people to blame God. I believe God’s severe punishment will occur during the Rapture. I do not believe that God punishes a group of people for the sins of a nation. This was an occurrence in the Old Testament, but today we are under a new covenant. Jesus Christ died so that we can be saved. He will punish the individuals for their own transgressions. Punishment is not the reason behind a natural disaster. Instead, God uses tragedies to reveal Himself. He makes beauty out of the

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