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  • Openness Theology

    In recent years, new theologies have risen to answer the questions concerning the existence of God and evil. Openness, Love, and Essential Kenosis theologies offer an explanation for evil; however, there are several issues within these theologies which cause concern. Their answer redefines omniscience, teaches that God cannot be a sufficient cause, and stresses the proper way to understand God is only through love. These views have direct implications on the inspiration of Scripture and God’s self-revelations. Although there are other issues of concern, this paper will focus on these areas stated in the thesis. The questions concerning the existence of God and evil are important and in one’s spiritual formation, a person should develop a theology with reasonable answers; however, not at the cost of God’s majesty. The first area of concern with Openness theology is God’s omniscience and foreknowledge. Openness theology teaches that God does…

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  • Process Theology Essay

    usually looked at as something good. It is believed that processes evolve people and all other creation. People have even applied the idea of process to God. Process Theology uses the idea of process and intertwines it with ideas of God and even evil. This philosophy or theology tries to explain God and evil through a more modern take from ideas of Darwinian biology and Einstein’s physics. God is known in the Process theology as everlasting, creative, and even the mastermind behind process. At…

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  • The Progressive Theology Analysis

    "God was in Christ reconciling the world to himself" 2 Corinthians 5:19 "Kingdom of God", according to the interpretation of Christian Tradition and Scripture, was for the Jews particularly as a special message to this group as people of God. The Progressive Theology as liberating experience and the application of the “Kindom” (Kinship, according to Ada Maria Isasi terminology = Family) opens the door for Jesus to people oppressed by suffering, chaos, poverty, prejudice, society and evil. The…

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  • Executive Summary: Theology Of The Workplace

    Executive Summary: Theology of the Workplace During Wayne Grudem’s visit to Biola University in California, he spoke on what is perhaps the least discussed topic among Christians; theology in business. In an amiable manner, Wayne began to introduce point after point of support for his main premise, that, “the bible views work in a positive way” (Gruden, 2014). Wayne uses many biblical references to support that, “God views work as the moral good.” (Grudem, 2014). God Commands us to work. Work…

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  • Process Theology In The Bible

    I am God, and there is no one like Me, Declaring the end from the beginning, (Isaiah 46:9c-10a NASB) Is the God of Process Theology the God of the Bible? This question will be answered in this essay. The God of Scriptures is sovereign (1 Tim. 6:15), immutable (Mal. 3:6), infinite (Jer. 10:10), perfect (Mat. 5:48), and prophetic (Is. 14:24). However, the God of Whitehead’s Process Theology is a source of meaning and reason; it changes and is changed, it is everlasting but imperfect and does not…

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  • Differences In Womanist Theology

    The authority of scripture is not a small matter in spiritual development. The goal of spiritual development is for Christ to be formed within the Christian (Gal. 4:19). This formation within is impossible without the Word of God transforming a person’s heart and mind because the Word is God- breathed (2 Tim. 3:16-17). In opposition to the scriptures, Womanist Theology embraces sin, “[A womanist’s]… universality includes loving men and woman, sexually or nonsexually.” (Williams, 1) Moreover…

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  • Theology Vs Psychology

    Theology and Psychology are closely tied together; however each theory has different views on evil. From a Psychology standpoint, we look at how evil is viewed at as ordinary people performing evil actions, and from a Theology standpoint we look at how God created a perfect universe, but yet we live in a world that is surrounded by evil. Psychology today is not biblically based, whereas Theology is. Integrating Theology and Psychology proves to be valuable since it helps us to understand human…

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  • Functional Theology Essay

    he or she can go about having those needs met. This is called confessional theology. Therefore, if all have a gospel, then they must exercise faith in it. How a person seeks to live out their confessional theology is called their functional theology. A person’s functional theology, if he or she is saved, can say quite a bit about…

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  • Liberation Theology Movement Analysis

    intended to diminish the gap between social classes and provide equality economically. The Liberation Theology Movement affirms freeing of social, political, economic maltreatment as an attempt of salvation. Early 1960s, the church was riding a new wave. The churches began to take…

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  • Analysis Of Oden's Work On Pastoral Theology

    Furthermore, The text outlines a detailed look into the function and application of this crucial spiritual discipline. Perhaps the most practical and enjoyable read thus far is Oden’s work on Pastoral Theology. Oden covers relevant topics such as preaching, the call to ministry, and pastoral care of the dying among others. I particularly enjoyed the chapter on preaching. Oden quotes thinkers such as Calvin, Barth, and Augustine to name a few, to reiterate the importance of the meeting of the…

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