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  • Summary: The Effects Of The Third Ecumenical Council

    Its purpose was to resolve a dispute between Cyril of Alexandria and Nestorius about the nature of Mary and whether or not she should be declared Theotokos (Simonetti, 2006, 808). Nestorius opposed the term because “whenever the sacred scriptures speak of Our Lord’s activity, they never speak of the birth and suffering of the divinity, but of the humanity of Christ. That is why the most accurate way of speaking about the Holy Virgin is Christ-bearer, not God-bearer” (Fouad, 2010). He emphasized that Christ had independent divine and human natures going so far as to suggest “that they were two persons loosely united” (Nestorian, 2016). Cyril was a staunch opponent to Nestorius and responded to his dual nature position by affirming that in the incarnation, while retaining their respective characteristics, “the two natures [were] brought together in true union, there is of both one Christ…

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  • Mary, The Mother Of God

    ancient images of Mary are along the walls of the Catacomb of Priscilla in Rome, Italy (Dictionary: Marian Art). Mary, in early Christian art, was illustrated in three manners: a mother, an empress, or someone in prayer. Images such that depicted Mary as a being of great status conformed the people into placing her above secular rulers (Madonna, Religious). For Christians, these images provide insight on how Mary tops the list of intercessors; through her, we can obtain a better relationship…

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  • Brief Summary: The Black Madonnas Of Europe

    The Black Madonnas of Europe The Mother Mary is an image of purity and beauty. She is an aspiration for women all around the world. As the Mother of Christ, she sacrificed in order to do the will of God, but today’s ideals have influenced people into thinking that the angelic nature of the Mother Mary must mean that she was white, and therefore, Christ was white. Just recently have the Black Madonnas of Europe became a large controversy. Racism has caused a stir in all aspects of society. …

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  • Renaissance And Byzantine Art Essay

    Byzantine and the Renaissance are two major periods in the history of art. During this time different forms of art were influence by religion. During these eras, artist produce pieces of art that represented Christ, the Virgin Mary, or the Saints. These masterpieces reflected the ideas and artistic thoughts that were evolved during these time periods. This essay will compare and contrast two masterpieces (Virgin (Theotokos and Child between Saints Theodore and George and The Maestà, Museo…

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  • Alexander Mosaic Analysis

    symbolic and powerful, conveying strength and courage. Meanwhile, the two similar images of a man between beasts are known from Scandinavia. Overall, my observations weren’t very close. I did think the purse was very expensive but I didn’t think the geometrical objects symbolized strength and courage. This artwork is important because it shows the richest kind of wealth of that time period and strength. Theotokos mosaic I think the Theotokos…

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  • Apollinaris Relation To God

    stay, the logos would be trapped in human sin, therefore salvation would be unattainable. This entangled union of divine and human into one nature led both Apollinaris and Cyril to subscribe to an aspect of Christology known as communicatio idiomatum or communication of attributes. In other words, what can be said about the divine logos can also be said about the human logos and vice versa. For if the logos was both divine and human in one united nature, then any statement regarding the…

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  • St. Basilo Cathedral Research Paper

    unique and alike to the Cathedral. Now only used as a museum and once a year for service, the glorious structure sits as a tourist attraction for all who want to visit. As stated earlier, the Cathedral consists of nine different churches on one foundation. The interior of the building is set up almost as a maze, with windy staircases and low arches that create the feeling. Saint Basil the Blessed can be visited on the lowest floor, where he lies in a silver casket. There is a Garden at the…

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  • Essay Comparing The Renaissance And The Middle Ages

    similar and different in many ways. Giotto’s and Gospel’s works were both traditional Byzantine style artworks that used styles that predated the fall of Rome. This style began to evolve into humanism as was reflected in Martini and da Vinci’s works. Religion was a common theme used throughout these two periods. Towards the end of the Middle Ages and the beginning of the Renaissance, artists began finding subjects of non-religious tone as you can see with da Vinci’s work. The Renaissance…

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  • Schism In Christianity

    not the Mother of God. This follows Plato’s pattern of thought, that imperfect worldly things were created by a higher being, and thus could not produce higher beings themselves. Deduced, Nestorius hypothesized that Christ could be God or man, depending on the status of Jesus pre/post crucifixion and resurrection. In retaliation, St. Cyril of Alexandria refuted that if Jesus had not been consistently God, his death and resurrection would have been in vain of our sins. In his letters to…

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  • Sola Scriptura In To Kill A Mockingbird

    he wasted pages adding information to the Bible. A commentary that follows along the lines of Church authority is the Orthodox Study Bible. This suggests that women “do not talk during liturgy,” but are permitted to do other things like prophecy. This application suggests that women should not be talking publicly or making side comments, but other actions are permitted. They take the restrictions in 1 Tim to suggest that women should be kept from the office of bishop, but may serve as deacons…

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