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  • Essay On Thermoregulation

    Thermoregulation is the process of regulating the internal body temperature of animals within a certain range. Endotherms, such as mammals and birds, thermoregulate internally by generating heat from metabolic processes and are able to keep their body temperature high and relatively constant, adapting to the environment to maintain homeostasis. This type of thermoregulation requires a high metabolic rate, that enables organisms to be more physically active without having to rely on the environment, hence increases evolutionary fitness. Ectotherms, such as reptiles and fish obtain heat from the environment and hence have a slower metabolism and can tolerate fluctuations in their internal temperature. Ectotherms thermoregulate by adjusting their behaviour, for example, laying in the sun or submerging themselves in water (Mrowka & Reuter 2016; Griebeler 2013; Grady et al. 2014; Reece et al. 2015). There is evidence to support both types of thermoregulation occurred in…

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  • Homeostasis: Body Temperature Analysis

    Homeostasis is defined as the means by which the internal atmosphere of the human body remains balanced regardless of the numerous changes within the environment (Mastrangelo, 2013). One of the most remarkable attributes of homeostatic control is body temperature regulation. Thermoregulation is controlled by the autonomic nervous system (ANS), which is a vastly complex, multifaceted neural system that sustains the internal homeostasis of the human body (Chawla, 2013). Within the ANS, is the…

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  • Thermal Comfort Essay

    There are many definitions of thermal comfort, which depends on the aims and expectations of those who defined it (Chappells, and Shove, 2004). Jiao (2010) stated that, the rate at which human body gain and lose energy, and also the state of comfort is satisfactory once all heat flow in and out of the body are in equilibrium. Also, (ASHRAE 2004), described it as “the state of mind that expresses satisfaction with the surrounding environment.” This definition highlights subjective and…

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  • Thermoregulation In Diapsids

    Discuss the role of thermoregulation in tetrapods as an adaptation for life on land. [6] Enzymes serve as catalysts for chemical reactions in the body, and they function more efficiently within select temperature ranges. As such, it is advantageous for vertebrates to maintain a body temperature that is consistently within this ideal range. Thermoregulation is the maintenance of this ideal body temperature range. Aquatic habitats are naturally thermoregulatory due to the ability of water to…

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  • Hypothermia Argumentative Essay

    When Ohil woke up in a crowded hospital room, he wondered where he was. He remembered nothing about how he got there, or who the people around him were. Then he remembered as he drifted off to sleep. He he happily skied down a mountainside when part of one of his skis broke off. He looked down to see what happened and part of the ski was decimated. He went tumbling down the mountain, only to hit a snow covered boulder. He flew into the air in a pandemonium of limbs and skiing equipment when he…

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  • Targeted Temperature Management Case Study

    The article that I choose was called “Targeted Temperature Management at 33°C versus 36°C after Cardiac Arrest”. The objective of the article was to find at which temperature was it better to induce hypothermia on a patient who had gone into cardiac arrest in an out-of-hospital scenario to prevent neurological damage and the. The researchers hoped that if by inducing hypothermia early on after the cardiac arrest and loss of consciousness there would be little to no brain damage. The researchers…

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  • Body Heat Loss Essay

    Therefore, if these responses and behavioral mechanisms such as seeking shade in the heat, are able to restore the balance in the body temperature, it is detected by the thermoreceptors and relayed back to the thermoregulatory centre. But in a prolonged exposure to high environmental temperature, body temperature cannot be restored by negative feedback control because the mechanisms of homeostasis become over-whelmed, then the normal biochemical and physiological balance in the body is lost.…

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  • Essay On Hypothermia

    Endothermy has a lot of benefits and costs compared to ectotherms. Endotherms depend on their bodies metabolism to produce enough heat to raise their body temperature. Endotherms balance heat production with heat loss. Each endotherm has a range of environmental temperatures that keeps its body stable and it does this by regulating the heat loss and heat production. They regulate their body heat by vaping their metabolic rate and change its rate of heat loss by adjusting their insulation.…

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  • Thermoregulatory Smootherms

    Introduction As homeotherms, humans have the ability to control thermoregulatory mechanisms: physiological processes that are critical to maintaining core temperature within a very narrow limit. Although peripheral temperature fluctuates regularly & often largely in response to ambient temperature, core temperature must be maintained within a tight window in order for the human body to function properly. Throughout the course of circadian rhythm, the body’s core temperature can fluctuate by up…

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  • Thermoregulation In A Lizard Essay

    Introduction Several lizard species inhabit the University of Arizona’s Joseph Wood Krutch Gardens and interact with their environment in different ways. One such way is thermoregulation, which is influenced by body size and environmental temperature. Lizards are ectotherms, meaning they do not self-maintain internal body temperatures; instead, they are the same temperature as the surrounding environment. A rule that explains body mass and temperature correlations, called Bergmann’s rule,…

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