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  • Hypothermia Argumentative Essay

    Hypothermia is defined as abnormally low body temperature in a warm blooded creature (What is Hypothermia). Hypothermia is a medical condition that can both help and hurt people. Hypothermia has a medical value and can save lives while accidental hypothermia can have catastrophic consequences. Hypothermia may seem like a scary thing that can only hurt you, well, that is not true. Hypothermia can help the human body in multiple ways. In fact, some people would have drowned but they were saved when their metabolic system slowed down, which meant they did not need as breath as much as normal preventing them from drowning because of hypothermia. Doctors can even artificially created during surgery to slow down the metabolic process (Even bears use hypothermia to hibernate) (13). Hypothermia is also hard to spot and treat. In fact, some victims may appear dead, although they are still alive(15). You also have to be careful because if you warm a victim too fast they could die(16). At a certain body temperature you get so cold that you stop shivering(14). A symptom that can cause more stress, is a victim’s blood vessels could dilate, causing…

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  • Targeted Temperature Management Case Study

    The article that I choose was called “Targeted Temperature Management at 33°C versus 36°C after Cardiac Arrest”. The objective of the article was to find at which temperature was it better to induce hypothermia on a patient who had gone into cardiac arrest in an out-of-hospital scenario to prevent neurological damage and the. The researchers hoped that if by inducing hypothermia early on after the cardiac arrest and loss of consciousness there would be little to no brain damage. The researchers…

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  • Nazi Medical Experiments

    prisoners of war (Berger). These men were then subjected to being submerged in a tank filled with iced water where the body would go into a state of hypothermia. After hypothermia was reached the doctors would then try different methods of rewarming the body to see which, if any, would work the best on their troops. Unfortunately, much of this data was destroyed before the Allied troops were able to take over and invade the German concentration camps. Some people believe that the medical and…

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  • Essay On Hypothermia

    Some birds use hypothermia to prepare for migration. A week before birds migrate, the hypothermia process begins. The energy saved during hypothermia reduces the rate of fats used during migration and the reduced the speed of which fats are replenished following migration. Furthermore, Rest-phase hypothermia is used by both birds and mammals. Rest-hypothermia is the drop of temperature that the animal is not active. The difference of birds and mammals is the time of day their body is at rest. At…

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  • The Finest Hours Analysis

    The Finest Hours by Michael J. Tougias and Casey Sherman is the story the brave men who risked their lives to rescue survivors from two sinking tankers. The story describes the struggles the rescue team endured during their missions. The authors went into great detail describing the procedures and methods to save the survivors. The way the authors described the dangerous voyage to reach the tankers, makes you feel like you were there. The rescue teams consisted of brave men, who risked their…

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  • Research Paper On Hypothermia

    Merriam-Webster defines hypothermia as a condition in which the temperature of the body is very low. This condition is a medical emergency that occurs when the body loses more heat than what it is able to produce; hence, the body temperature decreases. The part of the brain called the hypothalamus is responsible for controlling body temperature; therefore, hypothermia is the result of the dysfunction of the hypothalamus. In order for a person to become hypothermic, their body temperature must be…

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  • Hypothermia Research Problem

    Research Problem Inadvertent Hypothermia is a prevalent disease that has been observed to bring about adverse effects. It is a condition in which the body lacks the ability to maintain the optimal temperatures required of the body. It has harmful impacts on the health of individuals that leads to the patients incurring a lot of costs in terms of medical care associated with it. Many of its effects include impaired immune function, cardiac complications, thermal discomfort, and increased…

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  • Hypothermia Case Studies

    We discussed breaking bad news to parents in our feedback session where we talked about how important it is for doctors to be able to break bad news, and that it is a vital skill to have. In my opinion, the conversation with the parents will be to say that there is little hope for survival and no hope for survival without serious handicap in this child as I’ve highlighted above, and that the resuscitation should be abandoned. The process of therapeutic hypothermia involves the baby being cooled…

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  • How To Escape From Alcatraz

    "Escape from Alcatraz" Three smart and experienced criminals face off against one of Americas best prisons. Alcatraz was a brutal prison on an island, motivating Frank Morris and the Anglin brothers, the three inmates, to escape by using a raft of raincoats to get to the mainland. Some say they escaped, but there is much more evidence supporting the fact that they died during their escape. Frank Morris and the Anglin brothers died trying to escape Alcatraz. In order for them to survive,…

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  • Nazi Experiments And Applications Of Nazi Research

    the original experiments, is the application of these findings in modern studies. The use of Nazi research, findings and applications of said research, should be allowed and greatly accepted for the advancement of studies being currently conducted. In fact During World War II the Nazis experimented on the Jewish population that they had imprisoned. The Nazis took millions of Jewish prisoners and performed various experiments on the prisoners including forcing prisoners to drink seawater to see…

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