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  • Essay On Hypoxia

    Physiological Effects of Decreased Atmospheric Pressure At lower altitudes such as sea level, the main stimulation for ventilation is carbon dioxide. (7) At high altitudes, hypoxia stimulates ventilation. (7) However, hypoxia only stimulates ventilation when the partial pressure of inspired oxygen is reduced to roughly 13.3kPa, and is at an altitude of 3000m or more. (7) When the inspired partial pressure of oxygen is 13.3kPa, alveolar oxygen pressure is 8kPa. (7) As hypoxia continues to increase, ventilation rises expodentionally. (7) In the lungs, hypoxia acts as a vasoconstrictor in the pulmonary circulation. (7) The vasoconstriction may help with ventilation and perfusion in the lungs. (7) However, the reflex leads to pulmonary hypertension and is associated with pulmonary edema at high altitudes. (7) In regards to the heart, initially at a high altitude, cardiac output increases in relation to physical activity, but will then settle back to sea level values. (7) As cardiac output increases, there is an increase in heart rate, and a decrease in stroke volume. (7) An individual’s maximum obtainable heart rate…

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  • Environmental Hypoxia Essay

    Introduction: Research comparing the effects of environmental hypoxia with that of normoxia provides scientists with important information about the human physiological response with respect to the conditions of rest and exercise. Hypoxia can occur under normobaric or hypobaric conditions; however, normobaric hypoxia will be the focus of this investigation. Naughton et al., state that during hypobaric hypoxia, partial pressure of O2 (PO2) drops and O2 concentrations remain the same; whereas,…

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  • Case Study: COPD

    S. presents signs of right-sided heart failure with peripheral edema, a ventricular gallop, and distended jugular vein. . Hypoxia will lead to the pulmonary hypertension (Copstead & Banasik, 2010, pg.484). To sum all of this up, COPD is a domino effect of abnormal occurrences in a patient’s lungs that will ultimately lead to a patient’s death. 2. How would the consequences of the COPD of R.S. (identified in question 1) differ from those of emphysematous COPD? R.S. is a type B chronic bronchitis…

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  • Nequasset Case Study

    Problem What is the aquatic health of the Nequasset lake tributaries as analyzed through chemical and biological parameters as well as physical habitat assessment? What factors, both natural and human-influenced, contribute (positively or negatively) to the health of the Nequasset lake tributaries? Background Information Weather or not we realize it, as people that (presumably) live in the Bath area, the streams that flow into Nequasset are very important to our survival. They are numerous, and…

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  • Hypoxia Athletic Performance

    Intermittent Hypoxia Enhances Athletic Performance When the body of a human being is exposed to limited oxygen, it has to adapt or find a way to producing the required amount of energy to sustain itself with the little oxygen available. Intermittent hypoxia is an invasive-free, non-drug technique employed to advance performance of human beings and their health by practicing to adapt to low oxygen levels. The athletic performance of an individual is the ability of the particular person to stay…

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  • Hypoxia Reflective Essay

    Christian spirituality? And why do we have ignorant stupidity running the show? There is a condition when a person does not get enough oxygen that is fatal and it is extremely sneaky - Hypoxia. Hypoxia has been the cause for many a tragedy especially in regards to flying. Someone can actually be losing their life and not even know that is occurring. The hypoxia victim will become euphoric, mental and visual sharpness will dissipate, and they drift away without even necessarily seeing any…

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  • Essay On Anoxic Injury

    attention. A lack of consciousness indicates that there is very little to no oxygen getting to the brain and it is unable to perform. Affected Body Systems The most common body system that an anoxic brain injury injures is the brain and nervous system. Anoxic birth injury also involves the respiratory and cardiovascular systems as well. Normally, when all is well, oxygen is able to flow correctly between the heart, lungs and brain. Blood carries nutrients and oxygen-rich blood to all…

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  • Hypoxia Case Study Essay

    unspecified dementia without behavioral disturbances, she was originally hospitalized at Stonewall since September 21, 2016 for atrial fibrillation with a low ventricular response rate, and dyspnea. She has co-morbidities of Parkinson’s disease and Lewy body dementia, and will be discussed first with the inclusion of signs, symptoms, related lab tests, and diagnostic values. She also has a long history of tobacco abuse in the form of smoking. When admitted, her vital signs were as followed: a…

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  • Continuous Oxygen Therapy Case Studies

    1. On presentation, this patient’s overdose has resulted in the following symptoms: bradycardia, bradypnea, hypotension, hypothermia, hypoxia, and non-responsive to pain. For this patient, an endotracheal tube would be placed to protect the airway and start mechanical ventilation, since the patient is having difficulty maintaining spontaneous ventilation. This will also protect the airway from potential aspiration. Continuous oxygen therapy at 100% to help improve the patient’s hypoxia.…

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  • Benefits Of Potassium Channels

    selective advantage under cell-threatening conditions, thereby increasing cell’s survival (Salkoff et al., 2001). The following examples illustrate role of two KCs –highly conserved (focusing on its function under abnormal physiological conditions) and unique (focusing on its contribution to neuronal heterogeneity). 2.2. Hypoxia protection (SLO-2 channel). Highly conserved Slo2 gene encodes SLO-2 (sodium-activated KC, also co-activated by calcium and chloride) found both in muscle and neuronal…

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