Gulf of Mexico

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  • The Dead Zone In The Gulf Of Mexico

    walking down the street, and you suddenly lose your breath, you find it impossible to breathe, now you're slowly suffocating and your oxygen has been completely depleted. If this were to happen it would be a terrible scenario and it's a reality for some fish and other marine life in the Gulf of Mexico. The area in the Gulf of Mexico that is noted for oxygen depletion is called the “dead zone”. A dead zone, also known as a hypoxia zone, is an area with little to no dissolved oxygen in the water. It is believed that these areas are depleted of oxygen because of the pollution in the runoff delivered by the mighty Mississippi River. A fair amount of this pollution comes from fertilizer runoff from Midwestern farms that leach into…

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  • Why The BP Oil Spill In The Gulf Of Mexico

    Intro: On April 20th of 2010, the BP oil spill occurred in the Gulf of Mexico. Eleven people who were aboard the Deepwater Horizon rig were killed on that day due to the explosion (BP Oil Spill, 2015). Aside from the danger from the initial sinking of the oil rig, the oil that entered the environment after the explosion aroused suspicion of being dangerous as well. The issue that is present due to the leak is that the oil which was released into the ocean is harmful to the environment. The issue…

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  • Gulf Of Mexico Essay

    From extensive water pollution, America has managed to create an environment that isn’t liveable for marine animal life. This has created short and long-term effects on the ecosystem in the Gulf of Mexico. The hypoxic waters of the Gulf of Mexico dead zone are a short-term effect in its own. The waters in the gulf are perfect condition for phytoplankton blooms. As the conditions are good for the plankton, they grow in large number covering the surface providing food for algae. The remains of…

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  • Oil Drilling In The Gulf Of Mexico

    Oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico must be stopped.Oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico is horrible for lots of people and animals.It hurts are loving environment,are animals,and it hurts the wallet of the U.S. This drilling is killing are beautiful coral reefs.In this paper one is going to see how bad these horrible oil rigs are running are earth. Oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico killies harmless little animals.The oil has killed birds,rare fish,and fish that people commerical fish for that we…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Gulf Of Mexico

    The Gulf of Mexico was dark, calm and blue and looked particularly warm. At the high speeds of the clean white boat I could barely see it.We were zooming! The anticipation was gnawing at me I couldn't wait. Based on the Copper Canyon adventures brochure that looked very cheesy the pictures of the environment looked insane and the ziplines even superior. A small mist of water that felt like one of those cheap fans you used on a hot sunny day during baseball games. The mist sprung onto my face…

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  • The BP Oil Spill In The Gulf Of Mexico

    The BP oil spill that occurred in the Gulf of Mexico released 3.19 million barrels of oil creating both environmental and economic damage to surrounding areas. The effects of the oil spill mainly impacted Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, and Florida. The stakeholders affected by the oil spill were the environment, wildlife, fisherman, the oil industry and tourist-driven businesses and communities. Directly following the spill, BP set up The Gulf Coast Claims Facility (GCCF) which was…

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  • Great Invisible Documentary Essay

    the 11 men will never be forgotten. The film has some inside details on the accident, the oil rig’s chief engineer shot Footage alongside a interview with him since the spill, and the change in his voice was dramatic. The explosion still haunts the lives of those most intimately affected, though the story has long ago faded from the front page. The film gives a inside look at the oil industry, "The Great Invisible" is the first documentary feature to go beyond the media coverage to examine the…

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  • Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Case Study

    The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill was a tragic mishap on BP’s behalf, killing several rig workers and having many other outreaching effects. The amount of crude oil that was spilled into the Gulf of Mexico over the course of approximately three months was 4.9 million barrels of oil and to go along with that, 2 million gallons of chemical dispersants to the Gulf. A major group of crude oil, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) was discovered along the northern shorelines of the Gulf of Mexico. …

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  • Essay On The Bp Oil Spill

    place in the Gulf of Mexico, beginning on April 20, 2010. The BP owned Transocean- operated Macondo Prospect exploded and sunk. Oil spilled from this oil rig for 87 days until it was contained on July 15, 2010 but not official sealed until September 19, 2010. The United States Government predicted that about 4.9 million barrels of oil was spilled and that is about 210 million gallons. The oil spread around 2,500 to 68,000 square miles. There was a tremendous response to protect beaches,…

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  • The Positive And Negative Aspects Of Hurricane Katrina

    A hurricane is an intense storm with very high winds. It is characterized by how fast its winds speeds are and how bad the storm is (“Hurricane.”). There were four category 5 Hurricanes in 2005, the most that were in record for an Atlantic hurricane season, and Hurricane Katrina was one of them. Hurricane Katrina was a very disastrous event that occurred in New Orleans. The hurricane was a very effective one but not as effective as Hurricane Sandy. Hurricane Katrina did various amounts of damage…

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