Gun laws in the United States

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  • Gun Control Laws In The United States

    killed in gun related homicides (Zakaria). It has been estimated that there are over 310 million guns in the hands of United States citizens (Krouse). These statistics have rallied many gun-control opponents and proponents to action. Gun control opponents believe that the answer to this problem is to loosen gun control laws to dissuade potential shooters. Gun control proponents believe that the answer is to tighten gun control laws so that a gun is never put into a potential shooter’s hands. The best way to find an answer to this predicament is to compare the United States’ current gun control legislation to that of other countries to see where and how the countries have succeeded and failed in their legislation. One will find that a common middle ground must be reached where guns should be restricted, but not banned outright. Many different countries put restrictions on the sale and possession of firearms…

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  • The Importance Of Gun Laws In The United States

    Imagine the world without mass shootings, homicides, or gang violence. This same world can exist with hunters that collect guns as well as families that own guns for self-defense in households. Most people do not see that there is a strong need for an increase in gun control in the United States. Americans take pride in the pioneering role and the United States’ culture being built on the Second Amendment. This amendment states that Americans have the right to bear arms. The population of firm…

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  • Gun Control Laws In The United States

    In the United States, gun control has been a huge debate. Some people just want to get rid of it altogether, or even just simply leave it the same. Others think that there should be more, and that some places don’t do a good enough job enforcing their gun control policies. These different views show that gun control laws are extremely debatable as both sides have very convincing arguments. According to John Patterson, the director of protective services at Mercyhurst University and a…

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  • The Importance Of Gun Control Laws In The United States

    In the United States, there are high ethical standards that have to be followed in the criminal justice system. To work in law enforcement in the United States, a person of interest has to go through an extensive background check to determine whether they have good moral character which may include a polygraph exam and a psychological exam. “How To Become A Police Officer” by Timothy Roufa updated October 12, 2016 The If so much is demanded of a Police Officer who openly carries a…

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  • Personal Essay: Gun Laws In The United States

    story that has really stuck with me. It was about a man describing the day he bought a gun and left it out on the porch and it did not kill anyone. The man was angry and thought he had the laziest gun in the world. It was barely a short story, really, it was just a few lines, yet every now and again I think myself thinking about it. I remember in the comments people referred to this story as stupid and how it did not make sense. The reason this story stuck with me is because it made a point that…

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  • Stricter Gun Control Laws In The United States

    Gun Control Imagine a world where the people have no say in anything, where we are told what to do, day after day. Well that might be a direction this country heads to if the citizens let the government do as it pleases. The people of the United States have freedoms not seen in any other part of the world but slowly and slowly they are attempted to be yanked from them. A pressing issue on this matter is the ability for the people of this nation to be able to own a firearm or for them to be…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Gun Control Laws In The United States

    Gun control is a very controversial topic in which one’s opinion on said topic is strongly tied with whether they are a republican or democrat. Approximately 31,537 people die each year in the United States in relation to some type of gun violence. If there were to be restrictions on how easy one can acquire a firearm, there would be significantly less deaths in the country. Laws regarding the purchasing of guns should be passed in order to ensure the safety of Americans by which it would be…

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  • Arguments Against Gun Control Laws In The United States

    Gun Control There is no justification for the government to apply restrictions on a citizen who posses a firearm.It is deceptive of government to expect us to believe that criminals will follow gun control laws. There seems to be an underlying motive for gun control laws. Just take one moment to think about it, people would be far more easy to control if they had no means of defence. A minority of public policy debates have been as controlled by misinformation and emotion as the one of gun…

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  • Congress Should Enforce Stronger Gun Control Laws In The United States

    of recent gun shootings and tragedies in our nation, that Congress should enforce stronger gun control laws. However, advocates against new laws present vehement arguments as to why this decision could be detrimental to our nation. The issue of gun control has been an important topic of the United States for decades, but has recently come under great scrutiny. Many people are asking whether guns really are the helpful tool that many of Americans believe they are, or if they are simply just the…

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  • Stricter Gun Laws In The United States

    may be pure, the gun laws that he and his administration have gotten enacted fail to consider the long term effect that they will have. These laws are created on the faulty premise that the amount of gun crimes and gun violence can be drastically decreased by restricting legally obtained firearms. The fallacy of this premise can be easily established by looking at California which has the strictest gun laws in the country and is still home to one of the U.S.’s top 5 most dangerous cities. Making…

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