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  • Gun Safety In Schools

    are young, they will grow up already knowledgeable of gun violence, thus preventing violence among younger students. These classes would teach students the potential dangers of guns and show how serious and dangerous they are. Furthermore, these classes would teach students to report anything they think is suspicious or wrong to a teacher which would strengthen the teacher-student relationship. This will result in a safe and positive learning environment which is key for student achievement according to a study conducted by Sarah Gronna and another study by Elisabeth Frank and Monica Rosen which highlights the importance of “safe relationships [and] a safe teaching climate” (Frank and Rosen). While there are many supporters of teaching students about gun violence, there is a fair amount of people against it. These debaters see this program as ineffective and they believe gun violence is too much to teach young children about. They also believe that children are going to do what they want to do and if they are told “no” then they are more likely to do it, but this is not always the case. If students are taught and shown through past examples of school shootings, then they will see the dangers of firearms. It is time to show students the seriousness…

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  • Persuasive Summary: Gun Safety And Gun Control

    a movie here or there but how many of you have actually been around them and know anything about them? The answer is only about 4 in 10 people in America actually claim to own a gun. So there is a good chance that people have been around a firearm or at least know someone who has one. That being established how many of them actually have some form of training with said firearm. The answer is not a lot. There are quite a few people that have gotten out of the military that keep firearms as…

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  • Why Gun Safety Is Important

    The second amendment was part of the Bill of Rights that was added to the Constitution on December 15, 1791. This amendment protects the rights of citizens to "bear arms" or own weapons such as guns .The second amendment has raised controversies in the last few years do to massive gun violence ,resulting in many casualties .This acts of violence has raised questions from the public about what is the government doing to protect its citizens .In my point of view the the government should raise…

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  • The Importance Of Gun Safety

    Carissimo “There have been 142 school shootings in the US since the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012, a near average of one a week, according to data compiled by Mass Shooting Tracker.” According to Everytown a site for Gun Safety “there have been at least 94 gun-related deaths and more than 156 people injured”. This needs to stop and there is a solution. The solution would be to arm our teachers with guns and give them training on what to do in a shooter scenario.The teachers will not just…

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  • What Is Gun Safety In Schools Essay

    Gun laws fill enormous gaps that exist in our nation’s federal laws and also help reduce gun violence and keep the citizens safe. Most of the countries that with the strongest gun laws have the lowest gun death rate. The mass shooting in schools in America is done by kids having control over guns. Diane Dimond, a reporter and journalist who published the article “Kids and Guns and Public Safety” argues that to prevent future mass shootings, gun owners need to take personal responsibility. Diane…

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  • Why Is Gun Safety Important

    Gun safety can cut down on accidental shooting that lead to death! Gun safety is a real problem that you can help fix. Today I will be backing this statement uo with gun safety rules, when you should start your kids off and teach them how to use a gun ,and more good rules to always follow. First, gun safety has its rules so no one gets injured or it reduces the possibility to get injured. Backing this up always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.This is a basic and important safety…

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  • The Importance Of Gun Safety In Schools

    Implementing Gun Safety in School Classrooms Seventeen year old Katie Bentley sat in Ms.Newlin’s class just like any other day. Katie had been to multiple schools over the years, but had recently transferred to Monroe. She thought Monroe High was the safest school she had gone to. One day while Katie was in school, she saw a boy with a gun, or at least that’s what she thought. She didn’t tell anyone because she didn’t think gun violence was a big issue, because at all of her other schools she…

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  • Process Essay On Gun Safety Parts

    Glock is that it has no outside safety switch. All the safety parts automatically engage for you. They all work together as well, to make it a safe handgun to own and use. One important part of the gun safety mechanisms is the trigger safety. A glock gun has a 2 part trigger assembly that must be pulled together to make the trigger go back. Both parts have to be pulled at the same time or else the trigger will not move and this creates a safer gun. If the gun is dropped or a stick or something…

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  • What Is The Importance Of Gun Safety At Home

    It is estimated that around 0.7 percent of the fatal incidents that occur in the home involve a firearm. The good news is that most of these firearm incidents can be prevented if people take the proper safety precautions. Below is a list of gun safety tips for the home: Keep The Firearm Pointed In A Safe Direction Many serious injuries or deaths occur when people accidentally discharge their guns. You can keep something like this from happening by keeping the muzzle pointed in a safe…

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  • Gun Safety Essay: Guns And Mental Health

    Guns and Mental Health The mentally ill teenager sits in his room for hours in a row while thoughts saturate his mind like a tidal wave beating at the shore of a deserted island. He has no medicine, but he reaches for the gun his dad gave him for his seventeenth birthday. He hides the gun in his backpack and goes to school. The only recognition he receives is in tomorrow 's newspaper as a "cold-blooded killer." In light of recent school shootings executed by mentally ill people, gun control…

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