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  • Personal Narrative: The Murder Of Gunther

    In order to execute Gunther, we must take the teleporting machine to Gunther’s territory using the secret password that my dad knows because he was part of TNE. Once we arrive at TNE’s territory we start walking towards Gunther’s secret home. Within a few seconds of walking through the muggy jungle we hear sounds. My father grabs my hands and we both jump behind a bush together. Then I hear the roar of an engine coming towards us. My father puts his finger up to his lips to remind me to remain silent. Soon the engine becomes louder. My heartbeat starts to race and sweat starts dripping down my face. The sound of the engine ceases as the vehicle comes to a complete stop in front of our hiding place. I close my eyes and a hand grabs my arm…

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  • The Nibelungenlied: The Epic Of Kriemhild

    a vassal, leading to Brünhilde plotting to murder Siegfried with Hagen to regain her honour and that of the King 's (Cowell 135). It can, therefore, be understood that Siegfried unintentionally arranged his own death, which also led Kriemhild 's need to regain her integrity and honour, which Brünhilde didn 't need to do herself since Hagen did it for her. From this need, she develops a revenge plan in which she "becomes a hero in pursuit of integrity just like a masculine hero" (Cowell 135), yet…

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  • Archer Mayor Case

    publications consultant, history researcher, newspaper writer, medical illustrator, political advance man, lab technician, travel writer, feature writer, scholarly editor, historian, teacher, and photographer turned critically acclaimed author. In addition to the many professions he has held over the years, he has lived on two continents and several countries and speaks Spanish and English. Given his many occupations and wanderlust he is best described as unemployable though he loves to describe…

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  • Women In The Nibelungenlied

    deemed appropriate towards woman. In Sexual violence and rape in the Middle Ages: a critical discourse in premodern German and European literature, the author, Albrecht Classen, argues three main points that signifies the inferiority of female characters in the Nibelungenlied. First, Classen argues that in the Nibelungenlied, males display fear towards the female gender, and the text was not overly concerned with the notion of “courtly love” (34). Thus, men became apprehensive towards the…

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  • Resumption Of Vehicle Control

    Auditory signals in the ranges of 20-20,000 Hz are perceivable, however, the sensitivity of human skin to the frequency of tactile signals are much lower. Generally speaking, human can perceive vibrations in the range of 20 to 1000 Hz, however, maximum sensitivity occurs in the range of 150 to 300 Hz (peak at ~250 Hz) (G. A. Gescheider, Bolanowski, Pope, & Verrillo, 2002; G. A. Gescheider, Bolanowski, & Verrillo, 2004; Gunther & O’Modhrain, 2003). The number of discrete values that can be…

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  • Multimodal Discourse Analysis

    Is language the only means through which meaning can be conveyed? Society is constantly interpreting meanings from advertisements, publications, music, films, gestures and so forth. The ways in which the meaning-makers choose to convey meaning through discourse and texts is not random – It involves choice and selection. Gunther Kress, a professor of semiotics, suggests that language is not the only channel that can be used for meaning-making. This essay discusses the claim ‘choice leads to…

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  • Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation

    those who suffer from mental illness. How it works According to Kirsch and Gilula (2007), Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation works by applying tiny devices known as electrodes to the ear lobes. These devices send various electrical currents through the brain (p.39). Furthermore, the electrical currents allow the brain to enter a state of relaxation, during which the electrical current activity in the brain becomes more regular. During this state of relaxation, harmonic resonance occurs due…

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  • DHP Logistics And DPAS System: Case Study

    balance sheet. Russ stated that within the system, there is a logistic category that could determine who bought the equipment/ who is using the equipment/ and how the asset was paid for. However, there are instances where assets are labeled as GE but are being tracked as RP assets and vice versa. o Frank stated that overhead costs are not being recorded and subsequently reported by the SMA Air Force. o Who is currently reporting what? Who should be reporting it?  There was an agreement as to…

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  • Leaving Grandmaid's Tale Analysis

    voice was more like a scraping against hard wood with a file, and the wound of mouth didn't seem to move. ‘Such a ridiculous-waste of years.” The swollen tongue may have tied to swallow. ‘For us all’” (142 Carr). Geneva is only able to snap out of her fantasy when she is on her last breath because she knew that it wouldn't alter the fantasy she has been living in. Her life was coming to an end, and then, only then did she wake up from her lifelong daydream. She was unable to accept reality until…

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  • Adolf Hitler Quotes

    method of thinking that promoted racial hierarchy made infamous by Adolf Hitler during his reign as Fuehrer or leader of Germany. Hitler was introduced to this way of thinking from reading and hearing speeches from Hans F. K. Günther, a racial theorist who believed in the aryan race being superior to all other humans. This belief is what governed Hitler’s life, as soon as Hitler became Feurer, he used the power of his position to…

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