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  • National Rifle Association Analysis

    One of the biggest advocates of protecting the second amendment is the National Rifle Association. The Encyclopedia of Interest Groups and Lobbyist in the United States reports that the NRA consists of over 3 million members nationwide (pg. 532) The NRA was founded in 1871 with the purpose of training the National Guard to be sharpshooters as well teaching its other members how to shoot (pg. 532). The first president of the organization was one of the Civil War Generals of the Union, Ambrose Burnside(pg. 532) In 1905, congress passed Public Law 149 which the NRA to purchase military surpluses and administer them to rifle clubs that they sponsored (pg. 532). Today the NRA is a national organization and has club members in all 50 states, making…

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  • Case Study: The National Rifle Association

    Introduction The National Rifle Association has diversity amongst the members from different backgrounds, ethnic cultures, and lifestyles. With nearly five million members nationwide, the NRA is able to rally their members together by one common idea, the freedom to bear arms under the second amendment. With our nation going through changes, the members of the NRA have also prepared for what lies ahead. Membership The types of people that join the NRA all have their purposes, many being life…

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  • You Ll Make Your Shoe Out Analysis

    Cartoon: “YOU’LL SHOOT YOUR EYE OUT...” In the illustration “YOU’LL SHOOT YOUR EYE OUT...”, written by Adam Zyglis and published by the Buffalo News in 2012, he rhetorically argues that America has an irresponsible gun culture. The illustrator establishes ethos to Americans by portraying an American classic in cinema from a native point of view. His choice of drawing Ralphie Parker from the film A Christmas Story holding an assault rifle is a form of pathos rhetoric. Since most Americans have…

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  • Gun Training Persuasive Essay

    Do you feel safe leaving your home knowing that anyone you see may have a firearm on them and may not have the right training? This is currently a growing problem in America. Too many people of the age of 18 in Iowa can just walk into a sporting goods store and buy a shotgun or rifle. Do you want people not suited to use a firearm get one that easily? People without the right gun training can be a danger to everyone around them including themselves. No one will be able to tell what they really…

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  • Hunting By Richard Connell Character Analysis

    “They were no match at all for a hunter with his wits about him, and a high-powered rifle” (Connel 6). The most dangerous game is a tale about a man named Rainsford, who gets thrown overboard by a rogue wave. He swims to a nearby shore, knowing that there were people there. He meets General Zaroff who, at first sight, seemed a harmless man intrigued by hunting. But as the story continues, it becomes clear to the reader that he is not a harmless man. Rainsford was a hunter on his way to Rio for…

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  • John Moses Brown's Interest In Gun Design

    Jonathan Browning did not believe in buying barrels from another company so, with the tools he made he would forged his own barrels. Jonathan Browning created his own rifling machine that he would use to rifle the barrels after they were forged. This man was literally a jack of all trades really cared about the craftsmanship of his work and the reliability of his guns. john moses browning was born in 1855 and his brother and soon to be life business partner in 1859. at a very young age of 10…

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  • Persuasive Essay: Why Are Guns Are Good?

    all very good reasons of why guns are good and why you should own one. Some people think guns should be banned completely but hopefully after this speech you are not one of those people. So how bout we get to how guns can be used for entertainment. Guns have many uses of entertainment but when I think of it only a few pop into my mind. These are rifles shotguns and pistols. Rifle shooting…

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  • Hunting Optics Essay

    FACTORS TO CONSIDER WHEN BUYING HUNTING OPTICS Hunting optics are essential accessories to ensure shooting accuracy for rifle shooters and hunters. There many quite many different options for hunters: scopes, binoculars, range finders or monoculars. They can be really expensive, so make sure you know where and how to choose the best product you need. For example, reading rifle scope reviews is a good way to start if you want to get to know about this type of hunting optics. Before going into…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Gun Laws

    The body style of an assault rifle is small and compact but has many features. These guns are usually metal, have an extending stock so it is more comfortable for the operator, and these firearms can have special sights attached. An assault rifle will look “mean” compared to regular shotguns or hunting rifles because the assault rifle is made to scare people by just looking at it. Also, an assault rifle will do much more damage to its target than other guns. A bullet from a pistol or shotgun…

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  • Why Do Guns Harm People?

    people were killed by guns in the united states. Meanwhile, in America 2011, there were 478,400 incidents of firearm-related violence (whether used or just threatened) and 11,101 homicides, for a rate of 1 homicide per 43 incidents. As statistics show guns do harm people in many ways, but what happens and the government gets what they want and ban guns? What factors allowed any of these people to go and get a gun in the first place. Now so you know I am an avid second amendment advocate but to…

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