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  • John Moses Brown's Interest In Gun Design

    Jonathan Browning did not believe in buying barrels from another company so, with the tools he made he would forged his own barrels. Jonathan Browning created his own rifling machine that he would use to rifle the barrels after they were forged. This man was literally a jack of all trades really cared about the craftsmanship of his work and the reliability of his guns. john moses browning was born in 1855 and his brother and soon to be life business partner in 1859. at a very young age of 10 john made his brother a gun that was made from and old barrel laying around the shop and some scrap wood that his father didn 't need anymore. with the gun john made the two of them when out hunting a by luck had killed 3 perry chickens. this is where it all began. with the help of the railroad revolution that greatly help them. the brothers waited patiently for the railroad to be complete so they could traveled get there…

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  • Glock 17 Case Study Answers

    9x19 / Safe Action DIMENSIONS • LENGTH: 204 mm / 8.03 in. • WIDTH: 30.00 mm / 1.18 in. • LENGTH BETWEEN SIGHTS: 165 mm / 6.49 in. • HEIGHT: 138 mm / 5.43 in. • BARREL HEIGHT: 32 mm / 1.26 in. • BARREL LENGTH: 114 mm / 4.48 in. WEIGHTS • UNLOADED:…

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  • Weapons In The 19th Century

    This new weapon helped introduce the cylindrical bullet. The rifle was similar to the musket in appearance but completely different in technique and make. The Baker rifle was developed in the 1700’s but not produced until the 1830’s. The Baker rifle was made in both London and in Birmingham but would sometimes differ depending on where it was made. In the Baker rifle, shallow grooves were cut inside the barrel so that when the bullet was shot out it would spin at a greater speed making the shot…

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  • Handlers In Sweden

    11:00am MWF Europe As of 2006 Sweden was barely below Switzerland in guns per capita with 31.6 guns per 100 people, which equivalates to a little more than 3 million guns in the country. Even though Sweden is a very “gun secure” country where there are a lot of regulations and laws for the Swedish, guns are mostly used for hunting and just shooting at a range. There is almost no need for any sort of AR-15s or specialized conceal carry handguns. Hopefully, choosing this market…

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  • Evolution Of Gun Actions Essay

    could make a spark with metal and certain rocks and do away with the wick and replace it with a gear system to form a better trigger to get more reliable shots out of the weapon. Unfortunately these guns were hard to fix and cost a lot and did not work the best so the matchlock remained popular during its time. (Supica) (Firearms history) The next guns are flintlock which you all should know were some of the first guns in America. The flintlock held a flint in the hammer and when the trigger…

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  • The Importance Of Gun Control In The US

    A Target Worth Aiming At With an average of 4.3 million firearms being added to the United States each year, gun control is one of the most rapidly growing problems in our nation. The right to bear arms was the 2nd amendment in our Constitution; so obviously to our forefathers this has been a very important ideal since the beginning of our nation. Without implementing some sort of law in the coming years, all citizens will soon be in danger. According to the National Institute of Justice,…

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  • Counter Arguments Against Gun Control

    Gun control With recent events causing tragedy and sadness, violent acts and massacres caused by guns. This has raised the issue of gun control in this nation and for the society wellbeing for the future. There is now a strong fight to obtain stronger gun control laws in this society than ever before. But always there is counter arguments to the Gun control act, American citizen that are pro-Gun and Pro freedom will always fight any laws that would band a gun. Because banning a gun won’t…

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  • The Importance Of Cleaning The Gun

    Guns are a big part of our lifestyle, and as gun owners, we should know how to properly take them apart and clean them safely. We should know how to take care of our guns so that they function correctly. Cleaning our guns insures that they do not malfunction and injure the person shooting the gun. Never cleaning a gun can gum up the firing mechanism make it misfire. Practicing these steps will keep the user out of harm 's way, and the people around them. The gun we will be taking apart and…

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  • Essay On Guns Pros And Cons

    Some people have guns for hunting, some people have guns for recreational purposes and some people have guns for safety. Hillary Clinton talks a lot about guns and it has been said that if she is elected, then she will abolish the second amendment. Society benefits from firearms in the hands of responsible citizens and efforts to keep firearms away from these citizens do more harm than good. Hillary Clinton should not be elected President of the United States. Hillary Clinton is against guns…

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  • Remington Gun Research Paper

    his farm after he and his father moved there in 1816 (“Eliphalet” para. 1). To help build his farm equipment, he constructed a forge and blacksmithing shop (“Remington Arms Company, Inc.” para. 2). Blacksmithing and mechanical repair were some things that Eliphalet did on his farm (“Eliphalet” para. 1).Remington was twenty-three when he decided he wanted a gun of his own to use for hunting (McLaughlin para. 12). However, Eliphalet forged a rifle from scrap metal in his own blacksmithing shop…

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