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  • John Moses Brown's Interest In Gun Design

    John Moses Brown is the greatest gun designer compared to eliphalet remington. john browning has shown an interest in gun building when he built his brother a gun for his birthday. When John Moses Browning got his first real hand in designing and fabricating his first gun he was only 10, Browning made it out of an old barrel and some scrap wood laying around the shop. Browning used the gun to go hunting some prairie chickens that were roosting around his house. weather it was a overcharge or the rust in the barrel browning and his brother killed 3 chickens with one shot and that where it began. Jonathan Browning (john moses browning 's father) was one of the original settler that settled in ogden. When Jonathan arrived in ogden utah he open up a gun shop that would later create many revolutionary guns and one of the most talented gun designers in the world. Jonathan Browning was not just an average gunsmith, he has designed and built two…

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  • Haunted Courthouses By John G Browning

    “Haunted Courthouses” By: John G. Browning With the Halloween season approaching, perhaps we should add “courthouse” to the pantheon of traditional scary places. No, not because courthouses can induce bad memories for those who didn’t prevail in their quest for justice. I mean because there are some courthouses that are genuinely scary places – some might even say “haunted.” In a scene straight out of a horror movie, in January 2015 a trial at the Sevier County Courthouse in De Queen,…

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  • The Effect Of Enzymes: Polyphenol Oxidase

    to start the chemical reaction by forcing the substrates into an unstable transition state. In order to make sure the substrates fit, enzymes are able to mold their half-moon shape to fit around the substrates. Changing its shape allows the enzyme to force the substrates closer together in just the right way to allow the electrons to interact (Freeman, 2014). The first experiment was conducted using an enzyme called polyphenol oxidase that was extracted from a potato. This enzyme is…

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  • How Did The Romantic Period Shaped The Victorian Period?

    Elizabeth Barrett Browning praised his poetry in her work and on January 10th, 1845, Robert Browning wrote a letter to her. As a middle-aged woman, Browning didn’t believe she could be the object of a romantic love. In his book about the works of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, H.W. Preston states, “Her sickness caused her to to feel dead to hope of any kind” (18). Robert Browning was six years younger than Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and was filled with energy and good health. In addition to…

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  • Elizabeth Barrett Browning Research Paper

    Elizabeth Engel Mrs. Gann English 4 22 November 2016 Elizabeth Barrett Browning The exciting life of Elizabeth Barrett Browning consisted of many struggles beginning with her childhood all through the time that she passed away. Best known for her poetry, some of her most prominent influences included John Milton and William Shakespeare. From a young age, she was advanced in reading and writing, completing her first book at age twelve ( Editors). The life and work of Elizabeth…

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  • Women In John Stuart Mill's The Subjection Of Women

    In this passionate and informative essay, Mill’s claims that the subordinate position of women in society is the result of a widespread belief in a natural hierarchy. It was a common belief that women were inferior to men because that was the natural, god-intended order. He compares the role of women to that of slaves, and the men to slave owners. John Stuart Mill states that this natural order is not natural at all, but rather enforced by men to serve their own interests. “The subjection of…

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  • Similarities Between Shakespeare And Elizabeth Barrett Browning

    Love is a universal poetic theme. William Shakespeare and Elizabeth Barrett Browning are two poets from different times, and they present their own views of love. They have written two sonnets to express love, which are 'Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?' and 'How do I love thee?'. Love is demonstrated in many ways in their poems, but the way in how they express love is different from each other. Shakespeare uses imagery of summer to compare it to a woman, who is his lover to demonstrate…

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  • Drinking A Dish Of Tea With Sappho Analysis

    construction of harem fantasies and visions of an exotic orient. Although Said frames intercultural contacts between the so-called Orient and Occident as largely unequal, a perspective that does not quite apply to Montagu’s work due to her experience of the Ottoman at the height of it’s power rather than the decline of later centuries, Said’s writing is unquestionably influential in regards to nearly all modern scholarship on the region. For example, Said’s constructions allow a discussion of…

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  • Compare And Contrast Language Techniques In Valentine By Carol Ann Duffy

    In the poems, Valentine by Carol Ann Duffy and Let me describe for you her eyes by Glenn Colquhoun, the writers have used many different language techniques to show their thoughts on relationships. In Valentine, Carol Ann Duffy uses metaphors and personification to communicate her ideas about love. She thinks that love isn’t always good and joyful and can be miserable and heart breaking. In Let me describe for you her eyes, Glenn Colquhoun uses metaphors and similes to let the readers know his…

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  • Analysis Of Browning's Dramatic Monologuess

    The characters portrayed by Browning in his dramatic monologues are various and often rise from the world of the Italian Renaissance. From the artist Fra Lippo Lippi who has become a monk without his will, to Andrea del Sarto, a great painter who has subordinated his art to the demands of an exploitative wife, Browning manages to reveal the true value of art. The pictures of great artists blended with historical detail are embodied in his poems. Vasari’s Lives of the artistsis the source of the…

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