John Moses Brown's Interest In Gun Design

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John Moses Brown is the greatest gun designer compared to eliphalet remington. john browning has shown an interest in gun building when he built his brother a gun for his birthday. When John Moses Browning got his first real hand in designing and fabricating his first gun he was only 10, Browning made it out of an old barrel and some scrap wood laying around the shop. Browning used the gun to go hunting some prairie chickens that were roosting around his house. weather it was a overcharge or the rust in the barrel browning and his brother killed 3 chickens with one shot and that where it began.
Jonathan Browning (john moses browning 's father) was one of the original settler that settled in ogden. When Jonathan arrived in ogden utah he open up a gun shop that would later create many revolutionary guns and one of the most talented gun designers in the world. Jonathan Browning was not just an average gunsmith, he has designed and built two
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Jonathan Browning did not believe in buying barrels from another company so, with the tools he made he would forged his own barrels. Jonathan Browning created his own rifling machine that he would use to rifle the barrels after they were forged. This man was literally a jack of all trades really cared about the craftsmanship of his work and the reliability of his guns. john moses browning was born in 1855 and his brother and soon to be life business partner in 1859. at a very young age of 10 john made his brother a gun that was made from and old barrel laying around the shop and some scrap wood that his father didn 't need anymore. with the gun john made the two of them when out hunting a by luck had killed 3 perry chickens. this is where it all began. with the help of the railroad revolution that greatly help them. the brothers waited patiently for the railroad to be complete so they could traveled get there name

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